Chris in Chicago on Sept 22nd

Come see Chris speak (it's free)
Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 6:13 PM

Live in the Chicago area? Come meet Chris (and me) at the Chicago Hard Assets Investment Conference on Saturday, Sept 22.

The event is free to all and will take place at the McCormick Place Hyatt, in downtown Chicago.

Chris will be at the 2012 Chicago Hard Assets Conference on Saturday Sept 22nd, presenting:

We'll be making time after both the workshop and presentation to mingle with anyone who's interested in talking with us. If you're at the event, please come up and introduce yourself.

There will be a number of other notable speakers there. In particular, we're interested to meet with Bart Chilton, if possible, to discuss the CFTC's prioritizations for safeguarding pricing within the commodities markets (because we're having difficulty understanding what they are!)

More details about the event, plus registration, can be found by clicking here.

Hope we might see you there!


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Respectfully given but... addition to Chris's trip to California (featured in the last podcast), and his trip to Chicago is a world out there of  Draghi and Bernanke at Jackson Hole, and the lead up to the Fed meeting. The German Constitutional decision, Spain's incredible flight of currency, and I for one hope that these topics get the respect they deserve as they are happening now.

I understand that Europe has been talked to death but things are happening. I have read many opinions and I would like to hear just a wee bit more of Chris's thoughts frankly. 

I am also interested as to what the tea leaves are saying with regards to the almost alert report Chris gave about a month ago. How he sees the when/if now or if he sees a print from the Fed now or later based on the numbers and recent events. I guess I am looking at perhaps some update to that report.

My feelings are still that the FED needs cover as Chris has suggested, that December would be the best time perhaps to print as OIL and FOOD are denting the pocket books of the consumer now, and with QE3 it would just add to the prices of Oil and Food as they will just go higher into a very serious food shortage (as Chris showed in his great works on the food problem facing our country in his last essay). Political issues are still serious. Forward guidence in many companies are dropping, and if a Recession seems likely.

Certainly an update on Chris's thoughts shouldn't be difficult to pen.

Respectfully Given


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Figures I've got a wedding in Ohio that weekend.  Any other Chicago travel on the schedule?

Any fellow Chicagoans reading this: be sure to check out "Chicago Urban Resilience" in the groups section...


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Adam Taggart
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This is the only Chicago trip on the calendar right now. We'll be sorry to miss meeting you :(


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So I should be there before 7 AM CST to see Chris and then at the end of the day??  What will be going on the rest of the day?  

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Adam Taggart
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Sat Sept 22

lynnke -

The Chicago Hard Assets Investment Conference has keynotes, panels and workshops happening throughout the day.

Here's Saturday's schedule, from their website:

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Sat Sept 22

Great to have the opportunity to meet a part of Peak Prosperity community in Chicago. Looking forward for the event. Will be there at least for the morning.  

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Ohhh! This event has ended. I Love Chicago!

Ohhh! This event has ended. I Love Chicago!

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