Watch Episode #1 Of Our Real Estate Investing Series

The case for investing for safety & profit
Sunday, February 10, 2019, 3:02 PM

Yesterday, we aired the first live episode of our webinar series on Real Estate Investing.

This first episode, making the case for real estate as an investment vehicle for building wealth and inflation-adjusting income, is free to all. 

Here's the replay video, if you didn't have the chance to watch the event live:

Get 20% Off Episode #2

At the end of this webinar, we mentioned that the next episode will cost $50 to register for.

BUT, we're making it available at a 20% discount ($40) for the next 48-hours. So act quickly to lock in your discount (expires at midnight on 2/11).

Click the button below to register for webinar #2 in this series: The 4-Step Process To Real Estate Investing


Additional Resources

Within this first webinar, several important resources offered by The Real Estate Guys were mentioned.

Here are links to each, for those who want to learn more:

Meet Robert & Russ In Person

And last, we want to remind folks that you can meet Russ & Robert in person at Peak Prosperity's annual seminar in Sebastopol, CA on April 26-28, 2019. They'll be among the faculty presenters there.

To learn more about the seminar, as well as how to register for it, click the blue button below (just be aware there are only 9 seats left at this point!)



We sincerely hope you found value in this first webinar in our new series. 

Real Estate is an important vehicle for building wealth and enjoying inflation-adjusting income. And it's certainly a realm that you need to understand well before entering as an investor.

In closing, we'd just like to share with you this wonderful bit of feedback we received yesterday from one of the audience members who watched this webinar:

"I was able to participate in the first RE webinar sponsored by PP and The Real Estate Guys, and it was really outstanding:  a very informative and valuable two-hours.  While this first one was provided at no charge to participants, the cost for future webinars is a very modest $50 for content that others pay hundred$ for.  Having unlimited access to the slides and recorded sessions for re-viewing and to share with others, AND the 20% discount off of future PP RE webinars makes this an awesome deal!  Many thanks to Chris, Adam and The Real Estate Guys Russ and Robert, for pulling this together for the PP tribe. :)"

We love feedback like this and will keep doing our best to earn your praise.

We look forward to seeing you inside webinar #2 on Feb 23rd!

Adam & Chris

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Webinar #2 replay video

Since a few of you have asked:

Yes, everyone who registers for webinar #2 will received a replay video once the event is over.

So even if you can't watch live on the 23rd, you'll be able to watch the replay video as many times as you like :)

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