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Friday, January 18, 2019, 7:06 PM

By now you're probably well-aware that this year's Peak Prosperity annual seminar is being held in beautiful northern California's wine country from April 26-28, 2019.

And yes, of course, Chris and I think the experience delivered at these seminars is life-enhancing and highly valuable -- and we strongly recommend you join us this year.

But as the producers of the event, we're obviously biased as heck.

So rather than hearing more from us, why not hear from actual Peak Prosperity members who've attended the seminar before? What do they think?

Is it a worthwhile investment? What can you expect?

Well, we asked several PPers who went last year to share their thoughs with you. Each submitted a short video clip, which we've stiched together into this brief montage (I give a minute-and-a-half's worth of context, and then the tribe clips start):

OK, so if that doesn't inspire you to seriously consider coming to this year's seminar, I got nothin' left. That's the best shot I've got.

To learn more about the event, as well as how to register, visit the fancy microsite we've created for this year's seminar by clicking this big blue button:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Early Bird price discount expires on midnight, Jan 31. That's less than two weeks away now.

And, seats for the seminar have been selling swiftly since registration opened earlier this month. As of today, Friday January 18th, we are now 82% full.

Seats sold out very early last year. We had a number of disappointed folks who didn't act in time and missed out.

We don't want that to happen to you -- so register soon if you're planning to come. (Also, acting now will enable you to lock in the lower Early Bird discounted ticket price)

We hope we see you in April!

Adam & Chris

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Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Online)
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Tremendous Thanks To Those In This Video

It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there on video.

I think this is especially true amongst those in the PP community, which is predominantly comprised of folks with an ISTJ Myers-Briggs personality profile. Introverts don't enjoy calling attention to themselves.

Which is a big reason I'm so grateful to these folks in the above video, who were willing to film themselves when we sent out the request to past seminar attendees asking them to share their perspective on the experience.

Just one more example of the awesome character and supportiveness of those in the Peak Prosperity tribe. You ask and they deliver!

Thanks, guys!!

(And in case anyone is wondering: no, we didn't provide any sort of script or talking points to these folks. While pleasingly positive and suprisingly complementary, the material in each of their video clips was 100% their own. All we did was stitch things together into a nice sequence.)

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Sebastopol or Bust!

Very much looking forward to the Sebastopol Peak Prosperity conference which will be the third one I have attended there.  I particularly liked all the guest speakers that are available at Sebastopol which have typically not been available at the Rowe seminars.  Also the Sebastopol area makes for some good vacationing/sightseeing before or after the seminar.  If you have been to Rowe, I highly recommend you check out the Sebastopol conference as it is quite a bit different (and better IMO) and generally much easier to get to with many more accommodation options.   Can't wait to reconnect with all the PP friends and sharing experiences with them…this truly is the one time of the year when we can all discuss these issues openly.  Also, there has been some discussion lately at the site about potential alternative living areas outside the US as a backup plan, a retirement option, or just a vacation spot for getting refreshed and reconnecting with nature.   If anyone has questions about Costa Rica as a potential retirement site let me know as I too am actively looking at investments in that area (or if you have other locations that fit that description I would be interested to hear about them too so all options are considered).  See you in Sebastopol!

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