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Announcing The Next Peak Prosperity Summits

A 3-city kickoff, plus an online version
Friday, November 24, 2017, 11:26 PM

Last month in New Orleans, we held a pilot for a new idea we'd been cooking up: the Peak Prosperity Summit.

In this intimate 6-hour discussion, we primarily focused on our forecasts for the economy and the financial markets, with special emphasis on the biggest threats that could trigger a correction, as well as the key indicators we are watching most closely. Updates on the Energy & Environment sides of the story were also addressed, as well as were key questions on topics of resilient living.

The feedback we received from this first Summit's attendees was pretty much universally positive. Folks really seemed to appreciate drinking from the data "fire hose", as well as being able to ask questions related to personal concerns or decisions they were wrestling with. Here's just one of the comments we received:

I was fortunate to be one of the participants at the first Summit held in New Orleans this past month.  All I can say is that meeting and listening to Chris and Adam present in real time was a real treat.  I would recommend it to all of our "tribe".  I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging both Adam and Chris were to all of us participants .  Not only was it a great opportunity meeting face to face with the Peak Prosperity Leaders, but also meeting "like minded" folks from all over and hearing their stories and interests...

Given this successful launch, we wanted to gauge the level of interest within the Peak Prosperity community for having us hold similar regional Summits in the future. If high, we also wanted to know which cities folks would like us to target next.

Our First City Summits

Well, we asked... and you certainly answered.

Nearly 200 readers have taken our survey so far. Folks are definitely interested in participating in this new format, with a full two-thirds of respondents saying they would 'likely' or 'definitely' attend a Summit in their preferred city.

Demand is robust across a wide selection of regions, but the three cities that received the most requests are all in the Pacific Northwest: San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. So that's where we're going to start. It helps substantially that they're all geographically close to each other.

Provided we receive a minimum of 15 registered participants per location, Chris and I will commit holding a Summit in each of these cities between January 19-21, 2018.

So if you live in traveling distance and are interested in joining us, please sign up by clicking one of the blue buttons below:

Friday, January 19, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST

Saturday, January 20, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST
Sunday, January 21, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST
If we're indeed able to get enough participants to hold those Summits, we'll then focus on scheduling additional ones in other cities. (Right now, Denver, CO, Columbus, OH, Boston, MA, and Philadelphia, PA are the next leaders in our survey results. If you haven't voted yet, please click here to do so.)

For Those In All Other Locations

If you live far from these cities, or if you're located outside of the US, you're not out of luck. 

We've received a lot of feedback from folks like you, requesting that we attempt holding an online version of the Summit. I've spent the past few days testing software and am happy to say that we've found a way to do it using our current webinar platform.

Not only will it allow for easy presentation of all the data and charts, as well as allow folks to ask specific questions of Chris and me, but it will also allow us to selectively use participants' webcams to enable face-to-face interaction, too. And at the end of the experience, you'll receive an archive video of the full event, which you can replay and review as many times as you like.

Additional good news is that we can pilot an online Summit much sooner than the regional ones. So, provided we get 15 participants, we're planning to hold our first online Summit on Saturday, December 9, 2017, from 11am-5pm EST.

If you'd like to participate in that, please click the blue button below:

Saturday, December 9, 2017 -- 11am-5pm EST

We're thrilled to see so much enthusiasm for this new format, which allows us to dive deep into the data (which we love) and interact more personally with our audience (which we love even more). We're committed to pulling out all the stops to make it an excellent expansion of the Peak Prosperity experience.
Here's hoping to see you at a Summit soon!

~ Adam

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Canadiana's picture
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: Jun 1 2012
Posts: 1
Come to Canada

Please come to Canada, the land of delusion.

SagerXX's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Online)
Joined: Feb 11 2009
Posts: 2261
If you can get to one of these, GO!

Having been to one of these gatherings back in the day, I cannot recommend strongly enough to anyone in this community:  if you *can* get there, GET THERE.  

Beyond the information and education aspects, you will be doing your heart and soul a world of good to sit in a room full of people who get it.  People who are just as confused, sad, angry, lonely, overwhelmed, and frustrated as you.  It will be a healing experience to have your understanding of the state of things confirmed, to not be the weirdo doomer outsider for once, even if only for a short time.  

You'll leave healthier and energized and ready to do the next thing(s).  And unless your experience is very different from mine, you will also make friends/contacts that will endure regardless of intervening physical difference.

Go.  Go.  GO.

Viva -- Sager

Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3248
Much Appreciated, Sager

Sager -- your endorsement is much appreciated! And I couldn't agree more with your emphasis on the value of being in a room full of other like-minded critically-thinking fellow PPers.

Hope we get to see you in person at a Summit or similar event soon!


Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3248
Seattle Summit filling up quickly

As an FYI, we'll be capping participation at these Summits in order to keep them intimate enough for Chris and me to be able to personally interact with each attendee.

We haven't yet finalized what the final cap on seats will be, but it won't be higher than 30. And it could be closer to 20. 

10 seats for the Seattle Summit have already been booked so far. It's great to see such immediate enthusiasm there!

But if you live in the region and are planning to attend the Summit, act soon while seats are still available...



SagerXX's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Online)
Joined: Feb 11 2009
Posts: 2261
Adam Taggart wrote: Hope we
Adam Taggart wrote:

Hope we get to see you in person at a Summit or similar event soon!


Would love to attend, but it would have to be in the 808!...

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