Will You Be Joining Us In New Orleans?

This intimate summit is coming up fast
Thursday, October 12, 2017, 8:49 PM
The upcoming Peak Prosperity Summit in New Orleans is just 2 weeks away.
Will you be joining us there?
As a reminder, the summit will take place on Friday, Oct 27th 2017 from 10am-4pm. It will be located in a private room at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, located at 2 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. Lunch will be provided.
The discussion will be primarily focused on our forecasts for the economy and the financial markets, with special emphasis on the biggest threats that could trigger a correction, as well as the key indicators we are watching most closely. But we'll surely wander into the energy story a bit, as well as address key topics of resilient living.
Though we'll be sharing a good deal of charts and data, the format will be conversational and allow for audience questions/priorities to shape the direction of the discussion. So bring your most burning questions!
The cost to participate in this private summit is $200 per person. You can make payment via this link:
Here's a quick word from Chris on what to expect:

We look forward to meeting you!

~ Adam & Chris

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CleanEnergyFan's picture
Status: Bronze Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 29 2012
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Looking forward to New Orleans

Adam, great to hear that you and your family and neighbors have come through the fires OK.  That looks a lot scarier than the flooding we had here in Houston.  Looking forward to reconnecting with some of the PP family again.  The rest of the Investment Conference looks interesting too and it's great you and Chris are both are on that agenda as well.  Looking forward to hearing Robert Kiyosaki and the others.  See you there.

cmartenson's picture
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It's going to be a rich presentation and discussion

I've got a lot on my plate to talk about with everyone that shows up.

Her's a photo overview of what I am assembling.

Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to talk openly and frankly about where we are in this story and what to do about it.

Phil Williams's picture
Phil Williams
Status: Gold Member (Offline)
Joined: Oct 14 2009
Posts: 337
Plans for the NE?

Chris and Adam,

Are you guys planning a summit in the NE? Pennsylvania would be great, near Hershey, hint hint.


Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
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No, But....

We don't have one in the Northeast on the books for anytime soon yet, Phil -- except of course for the Nov Advanced PP seminar course at Rowe.

Over the next few months, we've got a busy schedule of trips to New Orleans, Florida, Germany and Colombia 


I'm working on producing our first West Coast-based PP seminar next spring. I'm shooting for early May up here in northern California, likely in my hometown of Sebastopol. Wine Country is stunningly beautiful at that time of year, there are lots of local experts to tap and possible field trips we can take (e.g., Singing Frogs Farm is right down the road), and in the wake of the recent fires, holding the seminar here would help the local economy.

For years and years, I've heard the disgruntlement from west coasters wishing we'd do something closer to them. Well, now y'all may just get your wish.

I'll put up a post soon describing my plans and asking for an indication of interest from the community. But folks reading this can feel free to let me know what they think.




AKGrannyWGrit's picture
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Joined: Feb 6 2011
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Just Asking

Any chance your loyal members who are not able to attend can get a few highlights of the summit?

Certainly not all the juicy details but ..... maybe throw us a bone to gnaw on?

Never hurts to ask!


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