Join Us In New Orleans -- Oct 27th

For a day of deep discussion on the future of the economy
Thursday, September 21, 2017, 1:17 PM

For those who have ever wanted to get unfettered access to Chris for a day -- read on.

As we mentioned in our recent podcast with Brien Lundin, Chris and I will be attending the New Orleans Investment Conference next month from October 25-28th.

Which has given me an idea. We frequently receive requests from readers looking to meet up in person with us, at a venue where we can address directly the questions they care most about.

So, for those who can get themselves to New Orleans next month, I'm arranging a private location where Chris and I will hold an intimate Peak Prosperity summit.

Held from 10am-4pm on Friday, October 27th, we'll focus largely on our forecasts for the economy and the financial markets -- but will have plenty of flexibility to address any other topics and personal questions as prioritized by the attendees. Lunch will be served. Cost to attend: $200 per person.

While this will be a data-rich day's worth of discussion (charts will be plentiful), we're planning on this being much more of a roundtable group dialog rather than us simply speaking at you for six hours. Our goal is for this experience to be as informative, fun and highly-personal as possible.

Here's a quick word from Chris on what to expect:

For those interested in learning more about participating in this summit, please let us know by clicking the blue button below and we'll send you more details:

NOTE: This summit is a separate event from the New Orleans Investment Conference and is not affiliated with it. That said, you may want to consider also attending the NOIC while you're in town. It's packed full with excellent speakers.

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Thursday or Friday?

Adam, Per avove, "Held from 10am-4pm on Thursday, October 27th" I show October 27th as Friday.  We talking Thursday or Friday?  Friday doesn't work for me, but Thursday could.  Thanks in advance.

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Adam Taggart
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oppmsu wrote:

 We talking Thursday or Friday?

The summit will be on Friday, Oct 27th.

Ugh. Bad typo on my part. (now fixed in original post above)

Thanks for catching it. We're sorry to hear that's the day which won't work for you.

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Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3210
A Word From Chris

Here's a quick video from Chris about our upcoming summit in New Orleans (also now embedded in the original post above):

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