Important Info Regarding Today's Webinar

How to watch it
Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 9:51 PM

Our End Of Money webinar -- featuring David Stockman, Axel Merk and G. Edward Griffin -- is happening today from Noon-3pm EST.

If you have already registered for the webinar, instructions + a url for accessing it have been emailed to you.

IMPORTANT: for most of you, this email was sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. Please check that email account first if you believe you have yet to receive the webinar access instructions from us.

If you *still* can't find the emailed instructions, please contact us here. We'll respond swiftly with guidance.

For those who have registered but won't be able to watch live, don't worry. An email will be sent out to all registrants immediately following the conclusion of the webinar, with a link to a replay video of the event which you can watch & re-watch as often as you like.

See you on the webinar!


Adam & Chris

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Replay webinar

I got the link to the webinar, but there does not seem to be a way to skip ahead.  ie no navigation controls other than to stop/start.  I wanted to review a few things in the latter half and did not want to re-listen to the first parts.    Am I missing something ?


Excellent material by the way - confirmed a lot of what I am already doing is spot on!

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Adam Taggart
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How to Fast-Forward

Scott -

So glad to hear you found the webinar valuable. And congrats on being already well-positioned!

Yes, there is a way to advance/rewind the replay video. When you launch it, go down to the bottom right corner and click it. This will launch the video again, this time in YouTube. Then you can jump ahead/move back within the video as much as you like.


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Play webinar

Webinar does not appear to be available for viewing.  Full disclosure: never signed up, didn't understand that it would not be posted following its conclusion. Am I missing the viewing option, missing the importance of registration, or perhaps both?

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Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3279
If you missed the webinar...

We'll be announcing this more broadly on the site shortly: for those who missed registering for the live webinar but would still like to see it, we're making access available to a video of the full 3-hour event for $75.

If you're interested, email us here and we'll send over the details for gaining access.


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