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More On 'Being' (Free Webinar)

Monday May 22 @ 4pm ET/1pm PT
Monday, May 15, 2017, 9:48 PM

In our work here at, we focus on three main elements: Knowing, Doing and Being.

Most of our analysis and guidance focus on Knowing (what is the data telling us?) and Doing (what steps should we take to prepare?). The Crash Course video series is a classic example of 'Knowing' content; and our book Prosper! and its accompanying What Should I Do? guide are good examples of 'Doing'.

On Friday, we released a new report from Chris, How To Save Ourselves, that focused instead on the 'Being' (in a future defined by the Three E's, how do I bring out my best self?). In it, he delves into this more existential territory much more directly than he has in the past.

The response to the piece has been pretty overwhelmingly positive and appreciative. So, in response to that interest from the community, we're offering a free 1-hour webinar following up on the topic. 

On this coming Monday, May 22 at 4pm EST, Chris and Becca will hop online to expound on key practices that can help each of us navigate how we want to "be" in the arriving future. And they'll leave ample time for live audience Q&A.

If the time of the webinar is inconvenient for you, don't worry. Everyone who registers for it will receive a link to an archive video of the webinar after it's completed, which you can then replay to your hearts content.

If this of interest to you, register now for this free webinar by clicking on the blue button below:

PS -- and for those who haven't yet registered for our upcoming June 7th webinar "The End Of Money", which focuses on how the central banks are putting the global economy in grave risk, you can do so by clicking here.
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New_Life's picture
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Great Initiative!

Looking forward to it, appreciate you organising. :)

Mohammed Mast's picture
Mohammed Mast
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Kali Yuga

We are living in the Kali Yuga, one of the 4 ages of Hinduism. Of the 4 ages it is the darkest.

The following link gives 15 signs of the Kali Yuga.

LesPhelps's picture
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Sounds like a timely webinar.

I ran across these pearls whilst studying meditation.

"Life is a living room, not a waiting room."

Put another way:

"When you get there, you find out there is no there, there."



New_Life's picture
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Apologies, I missed the webinar (last minute work demands)

Will it be shared out as a recording?

Edit: Found it, really appreciate you hosting this...

Many thanks


Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
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Here's the recording of the webinar

Yes! Here's the recording of the webinar:

Thanks to all those who participated!

pinecarr's picture
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Great addition to the content you provide

Chris, Becca and Adam, I really enjoyed the webinar.  There's just something very rich and engaging about getting to hear AND see you interacting on topics of interest "in person".  It does feel like a more personal/intimate engagement, and adds another layer of depth to your content.   

Great addition!

ruairi2k's picture
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Wonderful, wonderful webinar.

Wonderful, wonderful webinar. Thank you for this work PP! In appreciation from the UK...

Quercus bicolor's picture
Quercus bicolor
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Chris thanks for the hologram metaphor (or maybe just truth!) and the camera-kicking enthusiasm it elicited.

I know time was short for you on the webinar, so you didn't go into more detail on it.  I feel called to add more ..

Not only is it a 4-d full-surround high-resolution experience, both in time and space - but there is also smell and taste and touch, awareness or our bodies and emotions, thoughts that range from mundane to totally wild, and the awareness that underlies it all...  and we get to interact with the hologram and co-create it's future path with a bunch of other beings that are similar to us or not so similar...  And ... all of those experiences are finely integrated into a seamless whole.

Beyond this, our bodies and minds have been co-evolving with the hologram and the other beings for a few billion years so that we are finely tuned to have all of our needs (physical, emotional, etc.) met by the hologram in ways that are mysterious, richly adventurous and ultimately deeply satisfying.  Finally, while we have limited influence on the outer hologram, the real journey is discovering just how malleable our inner world is and learn how to creatively shape that world in ways that is both in balance with the outer world and deeply fulfilling to us and to the other beings who interact with us.

I certainly couldn't imagine a better experience that that!

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