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The Peak Prosperity Annual Weekend Seminar: Apr 6-9

2017 may be our last year to prepare before crisis
Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 10:40 PM
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It's time.

The can can no longer be kicked farther down the road without painful consequence. The piper is asking for his payment, and it's a big bill. The chickens are returning to roost, and man, are they angry.

Whichever analogy you prefer, the message is the same: there’s no more time left to ignore the growing instability all around us. To remain in our comfortable cocoons of denial, deluding ourselves that "everything is fine". To plod along, living two lives, stumbling through our daily routines while knowing deep down that we should be urgently focused on an entirely difference set of priorities.

I mean, you can feel it, right?  The near panic in some people. The hopelessness and resignation in others. Maybe even you find yourself experiencing these same feelings from time to time. I know I do.

Humanity is entering an era it has never lived through before: accelerating global change up the steepening portion of the exponential curve. This is the part in the story when events speed up dramatically. And actions matter -- a lot.

Can anyone do anything about this? Wait, let me be more specific: Can you do anything about this?


It all starts with adopting new, more accurate narratives that inspire behavior better-suited for the times we're entering. The change needs to begin within you. And within me. Within each of us individually, and hopefully someday, within all of us together.

To begin this process, we need to take a few key steps here.

The first is to find each other, look ourselves in the eyes and admit the truth: Something big is happening. This coming change will unfold over years, decades likely,   creating greater disruption to our current ‘way of life’ the more time goes on. Being in connection with like-minded folks who realize that, plan for it, and focus on building a sustainable future will be a key success factor.

So this is a call to ‘our tribe’ – the people who can both stare our harsh reality squarely in the face and yet move ahead with positivity. Those who cannot go on, and yet will go on. We’re unusual in that respect, and the world needs us more than ever.

Now is the time for us to gather together: forming bonds, assembling the tribe, aligning our intentions, sharing insights, and offering our support to one another. It's amazing how nourishing it feels to be in the company of kindred minds, especially when most of us routinely feel alone and isolated regarding our concerns for the future. The goodwill and supportive energy we get from connecting with our 'tribe' make a huge positive difference in helping us take constructive steps in our own lives, as well as being in service those who live around us.

The second step we need to take is to continue working on deepening our own personal resilience.  If you've read our book Prosper!, you know that the framework we use for measuring resilience has 8 Forms of Capital, each of which is important to develop fully. Some involve money, but most do not.  A few cannot be bought at any price, they must be developed by other means. Adam, my wife Becca and I can (and often do) attest that this framework has made our own lives richer, more fulfilling, enjoyable and happier. And it will do the same for you.

The final step begins with changing our story. Society's current driving narratives is that it needs exponential economic growth, despite existing on a finite planet. Well, any of us who took 3rd-grade math knows that plan will end badly. Growth for its own sake eventually becomes anti-life. It’s the same ideology as cancer.

If we care on any level about the human experiment on this planet, or even just our own welfare and that of our progeny, not only can we do better than that, we must do better than that.

So Join Us In April!

It’s time to begin signing up for our intimate annual seminar in pastoral Rowe, Massachusetts. This year, it runs from Thursday April 6 through Sunday April 9.

If you haven't attended before, it's our most unique event of the year because it offers you a chance to disconnect from the outer world and connect very deeply with your hosts -- me, my wife Becca, and Adam -- and, just as importantly, with each other.

Sure we’ve got amazing content and a well-oiled seminar that gets rave reviews. But the real magic simply happens because you all show up and begin cross-pollinating with one another. It's unlike any other weekend experience I've ever been to (and I get invited to a lot).

My favorite part will be meeting you, learning what your personal situation is, and what progress you hope to make in your life. It always is.

And for those of you who have come before, especially our regular returners, this year is going to be one for the record books, I can already tell. 2017 has all the hallmarks of a blow-off start that you expect to see before the wheels come off. 

It’s Time

Nobody knows when our nested set of global financial bubbles will finally burst. But when they do, it will be terrifying for many. The losses will be staggering.

But more important than money, the earth’s ecosystems are showing signs of extreme distress. And we’re in the final stages before a serious energy crisis dismantles our current ‘way of life.’

So it’s time to find a new way of life. One better suited and less vulnerable to these coming disruptions. We need to do this now, because the time and resources still exist to do this now. If we delay until crisis arrives, our options will be vastly more limited.

It’s simply time.

Our Request

If at all possible, everybody attending this seminar should have already watch The Crash Course (at least the Accelerated version) and have read Prosper!.  We ask this so that we don’t have to spend time covering fundamental basics that have already been laboriously presented to the Peak Prosperity audience.

We also ask that you give advance thought to the biggest insights you hope to gain from the weekend, as well as your top priorities for improving your personal resilience. Filling out our self-assessment will be a helpful resource in doing that.

Just come prepared. That's our ‘ask.’

We hope to see you there.



Feedback From Past Rowe Attendees

Here's a write-up from a former Peak Prosperity staff member, after she attended Rowe:

A First-Hand Account of The Peak Prosperity Seminar

Have you ever wondered what happens at one of our Peak Prosperity weekend seminars? Every year, Chris and the Peak Prosperity team host two weekend-long retreats to explore topics related to the Crash Course, up close and personal. So what are these retreats like?

It takes an exceptional group of people to come together to discuss these kinds of topics. The people at this seminar were diverse and impressive, and this is typical at our seminars. I was humbled by the courage of several conference attendees who were at the very beginning of their journeys. Some were what we lovingly call “reluctant spouses,” and some were folks who simply heard of the conference and felt called to attend, having never even encountered our website or any of our other material. Some were seasoned members of our online community, with a few who were recognized almost as celebrities as the result of their many written posts on the site. Some were very young – like the precocious 12-year-old who came all the way from Mexico with his dad and promised us he’d use what he learned to make a difference in the world. There was an energetic young couple on the brink of post-college life. There were middle-aged parents wanting to help ensure a good world for their kids to grow into, and folks who were approaching or already in retirement and concerned about their remaining years. There were even some people there who had attended a previous conference and came back again with family members, neighbors, or friends.

Naturally, I was impressed by those who been “prepping” for years in various ways, or who are longtime activists in their communities, or who have turned their professional focus over to supporting sustainable living for others. Several attendees shared impressive stories of the ways in which they have helped to significantly increase the resilience of their communities. But I was equally impressed by those who arrived on Friday night knowing only that they yearned to make a change in their lives, not yet sure what their first step might be. By Sunday afternoon, I am quite sure those folks had a plan of action and a sense of relief in knowing that they truly are not alone on this journey.

Read her full recap here

But don't just take our word for it. Here are comments from past seminar attendees:

"I was deeply impressed with Chris, Becca, and Adam during this weekend. They have obviously put a lot of thought into the curriculum and done their own work. The exercises had an organic feel of having been worked from the inside out by them before being shared with us.

"The sense of openness, transparency in the workshop participants was immediate and, I believe, was catalyzed by the clear minds of Chris and Becca who come from a place of love not fear. I came away with a clear action plan and a deeper sense of peace in a world with imminent change upon us."   - Debra

"The opportunity to meet Chris, Becca, and Adam face to face was invaluable. An unexpected result of our time together was the opportunity to meet with other concerned individuals and share ideas.  Moving forward from the workshop I felt empowered with the knowledge that I don't have to do this alone. There is a growing community here, and we are poised to guide each other into a truly prosperous future."  - Nan

"This was my second Rowe conference with Chris and Becca.  In addition, having a reluctant spouse and being surrounded by generally closed minded family and community, being among an enlightened and enthusiastic group provided me with a huge morale boost to keep me moving in the right direction."  - Daniel

"Chris and Becca's seminar was a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience. One might imagine a lot of negativity at an event on this topic, and we did discuss each other's fears and concerns, but I left feeling a great deal better about the future.  Before the seminar I felt like I had no one I could talk to about our predicament, but that isolation just melted away as we formed our own little community at the seminar."  - Jamie

"Attending the Crash Course seminar was life-changing for me.I highly recommend attending the Crash Course or related seminars to anyone who is interested in learning about the changes that are currently unfolding around the world, and how to adapt to them (even and especially those who think they already have all the information they need about this)."  - Heather

"This is an engaging, down-to-earth, and practical program. As late as it seems, we are all still "early adopters" in preparing for a very different future. That means most of our families and friends don't understand what we see coming, and it's great to be in a group of intelligent people who "get it." It's also a treat to hear Becca's story of having to help process things as a spouse, and to see how they work as a couple in the art of sharing a difficult message with the world. The delivery is as important as the content. Bravo!"  - Doug

"As to the Crash Course presentation recently delivered at Rowe, let me say I have been referring to it as perhaps the best workshop that I have ever attended.  I really found the whole experience fantastic."  - Mark

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Annual Seminar

Hi Chris,

Is there any chance of getting the seminars recorded, so those of us not living in the United States can watch a DVD/download an .mp4 etc after the weekend is over?



ruairi2k's picture
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I'd also really appreciate

I'd also really appreciate that!

All the best from the UK,

Locksmithuk's picture
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What they said ^^^
ruairi2k wrote:

I'd also really appreciate that!

All the best from the UK,


i remember asking about this last year. Adam replied, saying that it couldn't be done at the time. I don't know what the hurdles were but I reckon I'd be speaking for a lot of non-attendees on this site when I say that I'd probably pay to watch a recorded version. I think that would only be fair to those who choose to pay to attend in person, and I dare say it would also earn PP a bit of loose change in the process.

I've watched this site improve a fair bit over the past few years, and hopefully webinars & seminar podcasts will become part of its future development.


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Can I throw a wet blanket?

2017 may indeed be the last year to prepare before crisis.  But so was 2016, 2015, etc... not because Chris is wrong -- but because we have been in continual crisis since ...  oh, hat's off to T2H and Sandpuppy...since we have cauldronized the world around us.



And it isn't a very wet blanket.  2017 might be the last year to prepare before hockey stick.

cmartenson's picture
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It's true, nobody can predict the timing
Michael_Rudmin wrote:

2017 may indeed be the last year to prepare before crisis.  But so was 2016, 2015, etc... not because Chris is wrong -- but because we have been in continual crisis since ...  oh, hat's off to T2H and Sandpuppy...since we have cauldronized the world around us.


And it isn't a very wet blanket.  2017 might be the last year to prepare before hockey stick.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Hard to say.

But we can say that these massive bubbles in the financial universe will pop, because they always do.  They have to, otherwise we have to concede that central banks have finally become competent alchemists, turning nothing into something.

Either they have finally figured out how to print up prosperity or they haven't.  Plan accordingly.

It's also true that bubbles have a defined topping pattern...the length of this top is confirming for me that this is the Mother Of All Bubbles (MOAB) and the conclusion I draw is that the severity and duration of the downturn will match the delusional grandeur of the final topping process.

In other words, not only should people be prepared for some losses in the stock and bond markets, but for the most destructive financial event ever.

There aren't a lot of other ways to interpret this next chart for me besides the way I've marked it up.

"Fool me once..."

The world's central banks are now panicking, dumping billions if not trillions into financial "markets" all in the hope that somehow , magically, rapid growth returns.

It hasn't and it won't for reasons related to energy, but they simply have no clue about that dynamic.  None whatsoever.

So their "hope" is flawed, and yet they are experimenting with the glue that holds societies together; money.  

Instead of allowing the triple top to let go, you can see the obvious panic in January 2016.  "Somebody" dumped a lot of money into the system then.

But really "getting" the implications of the above chart is difficult.  It's very hard to emotionally process. This is why we hold the Rowe conference.  It takes time to settle into the implications of what I've just posted.

 Every media outlet in the world is using Grade A propaganda to convince you that everything is awesome!  That is very hard to resist.  It sows confusion in the masses, as it is designed to do.  

Meanwhile, those in the know are busy fueling up their private escape jets and stocking their island redoubts.

Our job is to cut through the BS and provide high quality information and actionable analysis to everyone.  

It's time people.

I cannot say if we've got three more years or three more hours.  Nobody can.  But I can tell you that this time isn't different, and that unsustainable practices end. When?  Who knows.  But end they do.


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The Oroville Dam/Financial System connection

This just came to me.  The hurried efforts to throw anything at the base of the dam to attempt to temporarily shore it up against the mountain of water pressure is scarily similar to the central banks throwing anything they can at the pressure of the un-payable debt mountain that threatens to collapse at any moment.  The only difference is that the rain might stop, whereas the debt will continue to mount ever higher and higher.

Michael_Rudmin's picture
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Nobody can predict...

Chris, that's just it... when you say it's hard to predict.

If you take 1997-1999 and overlay it on 2012-2016, you might guess that we have to get up to an SB ratio of about 30 before we suffer a mini-crash, followed by a rise up to 35 or 50, before the real crash, and that could take us another 10 to 15 years of crisis. 

We just don't know.  I can't even say it's uncharted territory... we just have to make our best guesses of the range of possibilities and probabilities, and then try to pick a path that will perform minimally acceptably for as much of that range of possibility as we can.

Ummm.... I sound like a retirement counselor, but it's more in line with a longer term survival plan.   But I don't have any answers.



Cold Rain's picture
Cold Rain
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Equity Markets

It's crazy to not even see a red day recently.  Up a hundred points is no problem at all, but there are no pullbacks.  Even today, we'll probably finish green.  And tomorrow will probably be another 100 point up day.

Cornelius999's picture
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In psychiatry I think the

In psychiatry I think the vertical climb after " somebody panicked " might be described as the hyper-manic phase where the patient breaks free of the nurses and all restraint and leaves everybody trailing behind as he hops over the lowered " we're all friends here " hospital wall. The Garda Station gets the call and may keep an eye out for him or not. It will take hours or days typically for him to be detained and he may end up harming himself, others, or worse. 

This particular patient portends the very worst outcome for all concerned and I can only recommend prayer.

Yoxa's picture
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Timing Predictions

It's true, nobody can predict the timing

The situation is like winter on the Canadian prairies. Many winter days are lovely, but sooner or later nature WILL deliver some days that are cold enough to be dangerous. Thirty below, forty below, sometimes even colder. You know it's inevitable, you just don't know when.

Savvy people prepare for winter extremes well in advance. You don't need to know the exact timing of the next cold snap to work on improving your readiness. Think ahead and get needful things done while conditions are still good.

So it is with collapse issues ... the timing can't be predicted but the overall trajectory can be. The more you get done while conditions are still good, the better off you'll be when bad times hit.

pat the rat's picture
pat the rat
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pay yes

I can't go my wife is to ill, but if you want  $ 20.00 for the seminar I can afford that .

aggrivated's picture
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TPTB and alerts

The Powers That Be are as likely to give a heads up warning of an impending economic disaster as they are an impending tsunami. Nobody wants to alarm the body politic. It,s much more reassuring to have Chris and Adam out there with 16 legs poised and alert on the web of events. Thumbs up on the Rowe retreat!

aggrivated's picture
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Would love to be there but can"t this year

When my wife and I went a few years ago to Rowe we came back with a sense of togetherness in facing the challenges ahead of us that could not have been gained any other way. That being said, I also would love to have access to the presentations for this year, even if the production quality is amateur. (just sayin if its too much trouble to go full tilt). If the q and a needs to be left off for 'family time' reasons, that's also understandable and great. We can't all make it, but would love for membership to have itz privileges.

Afridev's picture
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One more

Would love to come, and would certainly not regret it if I went. But accumulative costs of flights and meeting/ accommodation push it beyond what is feasible for an independent from Sweden.

So for me too, having the possibility of being able to 'sit in' from a distance would be nice...

Afridev's picture
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Opportunity for another PP meeting?

Just a thought. A couple of year ago I was part of a large programme that worked around risk management and resilience. The start-up workshop was held at Bellagio (Italy). It is a property of the Rockefeller foundation. Link to the site is This has easily been the most inspiring location I have ever been to to do group work. Setting was amazing in an old monastery (and see the pictures to get a grasp for the surroundings), flight tickets for everyone was paid, local transport to the centre organised, food and service were exquisite, an unforgettable experience.

There are some conditions that have to be met, but I think PP would fall squarely into these; see If PP is willing to work with the Rockefeller foundation, then this may be a great opportunity to get a group international people together to work around specific issues.

And (shamelessly self-serving here cheeky) if the theme would be around 'resilience' or something related, I think I would have some things to contribute too, and wouldn't mind being part of the attendants list smiley.

LesPhelps's picture
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Always April, Always Rowe

Rowe is a reasonable road trip from Wisconsin, but not Arizona, where we winter.  I suspect other snowbirds are in the same boat.

I pretty much don't fly, since 9-11.  I despise "The Patriot Act," Homeland Security and the TSA.  I one had a 1/2 hour argument with a TSA agent who wanted to confiscate my reading fork.

Perhaps, if they ever start profiling, during security checks, I'll reconsider and start flying again.  I once saw a 5 ft tall, 90 lb, 85 year old woman randomly selected for additional security scrutiny.



Afridev's picture
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Wrong link...

Sorry, wrong link above, for conferences the link is

David Allan's picture
David Allan
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Missing the point?

Those people who want the event recorded might be missing the point. The value is not so much in the content - that's all available on line anyway. The value is in the experience, in meeting people face to face, in talking with those who understand.

I'm in New Zealand and it's not practical for me to be there. But I have attended international conferences in the past and they've almost always been worthwhile. If you really want to be part of something sometimes you've just got to make the effort.

David Allan's picture
David Allan
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Missing the point?

Double post sorry

Afridev's picture
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I agree, to some extent

From experience I agree for 80%, f2f meetings always work better. That said, part of the interest is having the direct interaction between those who are 'really in', and those who come from a different background who (may) come up with eye-opening questions and innovative solutions. Articles are mostly filtered and polished (not used in a negative way here, but we all have our biases), an interaction between persons who come from different angles is the raw information.

Seeing the actual interaction between persons also is important. While being 'in the room' is obviously much better than watching a video, it's at least that...

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