Preparedness Center Inc.

Nitro-Pak is a world leader in emergency preparedness products with over 25 years of experience.


Specialty Products

PrepareDirect is the result of over 37 years of experience and planning by Denis Korn who has been an innovator in the emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, and natural foods industry. The purpose of PrepareDirect is simple: supply both essential and beneficial products of superior quality that provide our customers with security and peace of mind during challenging or adventurous situations.

Sun Oven

Sun Oven International

SUN OVENS® enable the sun to bake, boil and steam food while enhancing the taste benefiting the environment and being prepared for an emergency.

The Ready Store

The leading source for emergency preparedness solutions.

At The Ready Store we offer emergency preparedness solutions to individuals, families, businesses and communities at prices you can afford.

Who we are:
Rooted in the foothills of the rugged Wasatch Mountains, The Ready Store’s mission is to bring peace of mind to our customers by helping them prepare for emergencies and disasters. We have been in the preparedness business for nearly a decade and hope our experience and our selection of products will help you and your loved ones prepare for life’s many and unexpected emergencies. We believe in taking a measured approach to preparedness. Our motto is: Do what you can, but start today. People put off getting prepared for many reasons, but mostly it is just because they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Browse our website or give us a call and we can help you get prepared today. We are here to help.

What we do:
We specialize in offering emergency preparedness products that meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, government agencies, schools and community groups. We offer a wide range of survival kits, food storage and emergency food & water and many other emergency preparedness essentials that meet your needs. Buy online or give us call and we are certain to be able to meet the needs of you, your family or organization.

How we do it:
At The Ready Store, we focus on the Big Three: Great Products, Unbeatable Prices and Service that is second to none. We have many return customers and customers that were referred by a friend or family. In addition, we have worked with many businesses large and small (including Fortune 500 companies), government agencies all over the country and many other groups and institutions. We take care of our customers, from the individual to the large corporation with same the courtesy and professionalism. No one gets overlooked.

Think You're Prepared For The Next Crisis? Think Again.

Even the best-laid preparations have failure points

So how ready are you, really, if we're indeed headed into another 2008-style market crash?

One in which the major stock market indexes could drop 50% or more in a matter of just a few weeks? Where housing prices could drop by 30-40% (or more) and home buyers go on strike? Where bond prices relentlessly drop as interest rates march higher, freed from a decade-long supression at historic lows? Where mass layoffs return, and hundreds of thousands of workers lose their jobs each month?

Things could get ugly. Really, really ugly.