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Frankly put: retirement is now a myth for the majority

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VIDEO: Weekly Update 11.17.17

A single painting just sold for $450 million. That tells you all you need to know about where we are in this bubble.



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Success Strategies For Retirement
How to afford retirement, enjoyably

Gold & Silver Update

On Friday gold rallied +15.90 [+1.24%] to 1294.40 on heavy volume, and silver jumped +0.23 [+1.32%] to 17.30 on very heavy volume. The rallies on Friday had nothing to do with currencies – it seemed to be a relatively broad-based commodity rally, with energy, PM, agriculture, and industrial metals all moving higher. Both silver and gold broke...

Today's Market

Gold Dec 17
H 1,281.90
L 1,268.50
Silver Dec 17
H 17.21
L 16.67
Crude Oil (Brent)
H 61.70
L 60.00
S&P 500
H 2,588.40
L 2,574.92

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