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The Coming Conflagration
Prepare for it before things explode

Gold & Silver Update

Gold fell -5.30 to 1265.40 on moderate volume, while silver dropped -0.25 to 17.29 on very heavy volume. Gold lost all of yesterday's rally, while silver was sold hard, and ended up plunging to new lows.  This marks 9 straight days down for silver - with more than half of those engineered by the commercials.  Today's drop for silver just seemed...

Today's Market

Gold Futures
H 1,269.90
L 1,264.20
Silver Futures
H 17.44
L 17.18
Crude Oil (Brent)
H 52.10
L 51.41
S&P 500
H 2,393.68
L 2,382.36

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