Peak Oil

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Personal readiness is going: Professional Association is not

My question is about how to prepare the associations with which we are a part of.  I am part of a teacher association which has control over its own retirement plan, health care and insurance.  It is also a professional association dealing with professional issues in education.  It dialogues with school boards and the provincial education ministry.  I would like to make a presentation to this association in regards to Peak Oil and how it will affect the retirement plans, negotiations with the province and any other monetary plan that we have control of.  Most of tha

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Michael Lynch on Saudi Oil Reserves debunking Peak Oil

If you guys and ladies want something to chew on for a minute check out this article.  I know the the NY Times does not believe in Peak Oil, but this op-ed is quite a read.  I could go into  all the BS in it, but I'm sure you will need no help;

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Can the Saudis really pump more?

Can the Saudis really pump more?

“OPEC is ready to meet any shortage in supply when it happens,” the Saudi oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, said at a news conference after a meeting of ministers of oil producing and consuming nations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “There is concern and fear, but there is no shortage.”

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Punctuations - John L. Peterson

by John L. Petersen

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Peak Oil Demand or Production?

Just a small suggestion: shouldn't the slide of the list of problems ahead refer to Peak Oil Production instead of Peak Oil Demand? Isn't the problem that demand will not peak but production will peak? In my opinion, this is an error and you requested reports of any errors - just trying to help.

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The Crisis of Civilization documentary trailer

The Institute for Policy Research and Dead Dean Films Present

“The human crisis is always a crisis of understanding: what we genuinely understand we can do." - Raymond Williams

Watch the trailer here:

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Change in listing of oil imports

As part of my daily routine at work, I regularly check local fuel prices and the price of the barrel of crude. I use I cannot remember what the former listing for crude was but I know it is not what is currently listed on that site. Crude was listed as a single listing under one name. Now it is listed under two names. One is WTI or West Texas Index and the other is Brent Crude. I was just curious as to why the sudden change. Are we now longer buying from OPEC? Are they no longer accepting our money? Is the situation in Egypt worse than what the news is telling us?


The Martenson Report - Guide to Navigating the Coming Crisis

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Executive Summary

  • Here we provide links to and a summary of the complete analytical framework that has delivered double digit investment gains (2004-2010)
  • Why this 'recovery' is false
  • Why the US (and other markets) is vulnerable to the same sudden breakdowns Egypt is suffering
  • The US Treasury market is vulnerable
  • When the bond market gives, look out below
  • China is the most likely trigger