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Family Farmers Worse Off Despite High Prices

Full Moon asked if I would post this for everyone to watch and pray for.

Apparently she can send and receive pms ... though they don't always come through. Moderator Jason has assured me that her account is active, so the problem seems to be at her end.

Sorry ... I've seen posts where it tells how to imbed the video but I can't find those now.

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The Future of Physical Gold (Part I)

<a href="">The Future of Physical Gold (Part I - Dialectic Foundations)</a>

Part I in a series about the likely role of gold in the monetary/financial systems of our future (this article is focused on the abstract theoretical foundations of the dynamics in an industrial-financial capitalist economy)

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Pre crisis to now: how the crisis has impacted my life

I'm 28 years as of this post. Growing up I had the luxury of having a good business man as a father who made good money. In 1991 he was making nearly 40k per month from one restaurant alone. Fast forward to 2011, and three restaurants will be lucky to earn 15k a pop. Growing up money worries were NEVER EVER an issue. We always wore nice clothes, always paid the bills on the time, and the savings grew. i remember being young and seeing stacks of 20's every week when we did the cash flow. As a young boy I would help count the money. I knew we were wealthy, even from that young age.

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tools the powers that be can use to kick the can even further

Lets assume the US finds itself in a serious fiscal crisis, and by serious I mean bond yields start flying higher with no bids and heavy selling from overseas holders. The yields are high enough to put the US at serious risk of default. Given that roughly 4 trillion of treasuries are held overseas there is the risk that there can be a selloff. Lets assume a sell off like that takes place. Or, in the alternative, the US fiscal situation continues to deteriorate and the powers that be realize at this point there is no point in window dressing.

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Sovereign Default

What would happen if the US decided to default on it's debt, stop paying whomever it owes money to? What are the implications? And why do most people say this is a last recourse? Why are we not looking at this more seriously as a viable option?

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What does a sustainable economy look like?

One of the stalwarts of the site suggested that I start a thread to discuss a subject I brought up on the 4/3 DD.  Here's a quote from that post:

Someone on this site once brusquely dismissed a question I posed having to do with whether an underlying requirement of Capitalism is eternal growth.  I have yet to hear a plausible explanation on how Capitalism can survive without growth and would like to hear a discussion of that point, as one of the tenets of this site is that we have to transition to a no-growth economy.  Can the two co-exist?
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Powering Down in an Age of Irrational Politics

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Charting the US Economy

I recently completed a series of articles that I have turned into a free eBook. Please feel free to download a copy. No registration required.


The Martenson Report - Finding Shelter From The Storm

Monday, April 4, 2011

Executive Summary

  • GDP growth requires energy, and the Fukushima disaster has just set back nuclear's expected contribution by years (decades, likely)
  • Trading strategies for an end to QE, by asset class (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, precious metals, real estate)
  • Why this will be more damaging to the economy than the 2008 correction
  • Fukushima's likely impact on the energy market
  • Why the priority now for investors should be on wealth preservation
  • The odds QE will resume later in the year

Part I: A Global Tsunami, Courtesy of the Fed

If you have not yet read Part I, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Part II: Finding Shelter From The Storm

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Economic Consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident

Several posters have suggested the creation of a new thread to facilitate discussion focused on the economic impact of the Fukushima Daiichi reactor accident.  Request that the detailed engineering and technical details be minimized so as not to detract from an extremely important and very much needed discussion.

Here it is......