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Peak Oil, Peak Food

Peak Oil, Peak Food

By Aetius Romulous

16 December, 2009

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Peak Oil, Peak Credit, and Peak Problem!

We can't "make" more of it, from what?

Yes we can. 

There is no limit to the amount of oil we can manufacture.

We can pump it faster but that just compounds the issue; there are two known possible sources thermal depolymerization and conversion of sequestered Carbon dioxide with hydrogen into methanol then to gasoline.

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Heinberg's latest: Net energy limits & the fate of industrial society

Richard Heinberg has just released a report entitled "Searching for a Miracle: Net Energy Limits and the Fate of Industrial Society", with a forward by Gerry Mander.  Introduction below.  It's long (70 pages), but I highly recommend reading it - especially if you still suffer from the delusion that renewable energy is going to replace oil.

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World Plan for the Garden of Eat'n

WORLD PLAN FOR THE GARDEN OF EAT'N    By Jim Miller; 8/29/09    


The Martenson Insider - September 15, 2009

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The most important aspect that most economists and analysts fail to recognize

The biggest problem that most economists and analysts fail to comprehend when making forecasts and predictions on the US Dollar, Precious Metals, Financials or the whole Economy in general, is the ability to get to the Root of the Problem.  Most of them are using information and methodologies that are either outdated, superficial or completely worthless.  Those economists who are either Keynesians or Monetarists are living in a economic model that will have a life expectancy of less than a century.  Indeed, a blip in the history of mankind and increasingly worthless going for