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Economic Warfare: US threatens India and Japan

From Jim Sinclair's MineSet:

Ellis Martin Report With Jim Sinclair and the Nuclear Economic Trigger

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Iran's Oil for Gold Program

As expected, Iran scoffed at sanctions and is now promoting their Oil for Gold program with India and China.  Any bets on when we first read about conflict in the straits of hormuz?


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Iran, Strait of Hormuz experts?

Any Strait of Hormuz experts here?  We have our 5th Navy fleet out there with 20 ships etc...  Anyone know what Iran has there and how they would go about keeping the Strait closed for more than a day?  What would they actually do and what would we actually do if they knocked out an oil tanker or something?   



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Iranian assassination plot

Surprised the news of an Iranian plot to assasinate the Saudi ambassador on US soil hasn't hit these pages.

The storyline does however seem farfetched and looks like it might well be another sting operation so I tend to lean with the false flag interpretation which seems prevalent, at least at the sites I visit.

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Expert: Expect Israel to Attack Iran

Expert: Expect Israel to Attack Iran

Well this doesn’t sound good: In an upcoming article, national correspondent for The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg argues that the odds of a unilateral strike by Israel on Iran are greater than 50-50 in the next year.

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Iran Gallery

I encourage everyone to check out  then click on Gallery on the right.  Very nice pictures of Iran.  


The Martenson Report - Growth and the Upcoming Iranian War

Monday, July 12, 2010

Executive Summary

  • A war with Iran seems likely before the US elections in November.
  • The US has committed an act of war in deciding to embargo Iranian fuel shipments and international financial activities.
  • The "urgency for dealing with Iran" is driven more by oil competition than military crisis.
  • The US militarily occupies or diplomatically controls every strategically-located oil producer in the Middle East except for Iran.
  • The most probable explanation for the sudden concern about Iran is likely centered over energy and the 'requirement' of growth that our economic and financial systems demand.
  • Seeking militarily-secured access to oil halfway around the world is a weak strategy.
  • An Iranian war has the potential to severely disrupt developed economies due to another wild oil-price spike.
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US Passes Strong Sanctions Against Iran

For some reason, this news is being soft-pedaled domestically, although it's getting big play overseas, as well it should. These sanctions remind me of Frank Roosevelt's attempt to blockade Japanese energy imports, six months before the Pearl Harbor attack. Make no mistake -- this legislation is a de facto declaration of war on Iran: