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Italy, Greece, and Debt

Hi Folks,

CM's alert has moved me to try and research as much as possible about the ever growing debt problems in Europe.  While searching, I found this article, which seems to indicate things are getting scary in Italy.

Just wondering what other signs we should be watching for as the crisis becomes more real.


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Future Solvency of Social Security

Is he believable? Is there money in the Fund? 

Just curious on others thoughts . . .

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Marginal Productivity of Debt

Please consider this paper:

Watching the wrong ratio 

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Thesis: Increasing Money Velocity is the Only Way to get out of recession without risking getting deeper in debt

Debt is a function of a loss of liquidity. If an economy runs trade deficits, it looses money.

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Debt Distraction

It's time for some perspective on all the talk about too much debt and the need to balance budgets that seems to have gripped our political discourse recently.  Debt was not always the pariah that it has become, and for good reason.  Most of us often need some way to  time-shift our spending and earning, which is the ultimate purpose of debt.

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how are things looking down under?

I've nearly finished the video course, and am utterly fascinated! I'm curious, are we in as bad shape as the USA? I'd say not, but I don't know for sure.

I know fractional reserve banking applies nearly worldwide, so we can't hide from that mess. I'm just wondering if our debt situation is quite as bad.

Maybe it won't matter when the US collapses, due to the domino affect.

I'd still prefer to be down under, where people are less fearful, there are less guns, better weather, and we produce a big surplus of food.

Please share if you have any insights.

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A way out of the debt!

How in the world did

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Ron Paul Bloomberg Op-Ed Piece

Just wondering some of y'all's reaction to Mr. Paul's piece saying that the US might as well default now and take the pain now rather than more later.