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Some Good News For A Change

There are so many examples of losses of freedom in the world today, that it's really worth celebrating the positive stories when we find them. Here's a heartening report where a state (California no less!) recently passed an Act to ...

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One way to identify good communities, maybe?

I saw this article in the paper about the town of Sebastopol getting ready to ban Smartmeter installations . One thing that surprised me is that it mentioned 50 California cities have already instituted such a ban. Personally, I am undecided ...

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Know anyone who wants to live in a community with a garden?

There are nine units on the 5-acre property where I live.  It is not an "intentional community" but it is a community of people who look after each other and grow food.  For folks who are hip to peak oil and want to live in a place with ...

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Chris Coming to Southern California?

We're considering flying Chris out to Los Angeles for a meeting with a possible site partner. But the cost of the trip for that single meeting may be preventative from both a $ and a time-lost standpoint. Making the trip would be a slam dunk if ...

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Wine Country Conference April 5, 2013 - Sonoma, CA

Investment Ideas for Unconventional Times Join Chris in Sonoma (just 1 hour north of San Francisco) for a unique gathering with of some of the strongest independent thinkers of our day. Attendees will hear from speakers and participate in ...

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Resilient Communities - Sierra Foothills

Work towards building more resilient communities in the Sierra Foothills region of California.  We shall share knowledge, skills, and resources to better prepare for the future ahead.  ...

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