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    Sep 4 2015 - 1:00am by davefairtex

    Concept of the Day: Failed Rally.

    Gold fell -8.70 to 1124.50 on moderate volume while silver rose +0.03 to 14.60 on moderate volume as well.  Gold looked relatively weak all day and closed near its low, while silver had a grand spike higher to 14.95 but the rally failed within an hour and almost all of the gains evaporated by the close.

    The buck was very strong today.  That didn't help.

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    Sep 3 2015 - 12:32am by davefairtex

    Gold fell -6.10 to 1133.20 on moderate volume, while silver rose +0.09 to 14.66 on moderate volume also.  Gold steadily sold off for most of the day, while silver followed copper and oil in a brisk rally that started prior to the NY open, and after some early selling, continued through to end of day.

    The buck was strong today, which may have accounted in part for why gold did poorly.

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    Sep 2 2015 - 4:20am by davefairtex

    Gold rose +5.40 to 1139.30 on moderate volume, while silver fell -0.03 to 14.57 up +0.02 to 14.60 moderately light volume.  Both metals had a momentary spike higher around 09:00 ET but neither metal could hold onto the gains into the close.  Still, both metals did better than their commodity cousins, which sold off hard today.

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    Sep 1 2015 - 5:08pm by honeysuckle

    What do you folks in the know think about BitGold? Any insights would be welcome.

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    Sep 1 2015 - 1:36am by davefairtex

    Gold rose +1.30 to 1133.90 on moderately light volume, while silver inched up +0.02 to 14.60 on light volume.  Both metals sold off immediately prior to the NY open, but then rallied alongside copper and oil as the dollar topped out and started dropping just before 11:00 ET.

    In isolation, gold seemed to recover from its morning sell-off, but in the larger context of a drop in the buck and a strong rally in the CRB overall, gold continues to struggle to move higher after some high volume selling last week.

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    Aug 29 2015 - 10:51am by davefairtex

    On Friday, gold rose +7.60 to 1132.60 on moderate volume, while silver climbed +0.11 to 14.58 on moderate volume as well.  Gold and silver rallied alongside copper and oil starting right at the US market open.  As the day wore on the rally faded somewhat, but both gold and silver retained about half of their initial gains into the close.

    The buck rallied +0.48 [+0.50%] on Friday, which makes the rally in gold look somewhat more encouraging.

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    Aug 28 2015 - 12:49am by davefairtex

    Gold rose +0.20 to 1125.00 on moderately heavy volume, while silver rocketed up +0.39 to 14.47 on heavy volume.  Silver especially was lifted by the overall rally in the commodity complex today; copper and especially oil had stellar days and marked clear and convincing reversals.

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    Aug 27 2015 - 1:56am by davefairtex

    Gold fell -15.50 to 1124.80 on very heavy volume, while silver was crushed again, falling -0.58 [-3.96%] to 14.08 on very heavy volume as well.  Both silver and gold were sold steadily all day, with the low hitting at 10:30 ET.  Neither metal had much of a bounce off the low.  Silver actually touched 13.91 at one point, which is a new five-year low for silver.

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    Aug 25 2015 - 11:52pm by davefairtex

    Gold fell -14.10 to 1140.30 on very heavy volume, while silver dropped -0.10 to 14.66 on heavy volume.  Gold gold off steadily all day long in Asia and London, with the selling accelerating right after 09:00 ET.  Silver, which seemed to get most of its selling done yesterday, also moved steadily lower for most of the day.  Dollar strength did play a part, but mostly the metals were just relatively weak.

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    Aug 25 2015 - 10:46pm by rcbaker

    Hi folks,

    I have accumulated a number of gold coins that I would like to donate to certain 501c3 officiall non-profit charities.  I plan to put them in my will to be transferred from a safety deposit box.