Off The Cuff: Europe's Destiny Hangs In the Balance

Friday, November 18, 2011, 9:11 PM
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In this week's Off the Cuff with Mish & Chris podcast, Chris and Mish investigate:

  • Europe's precarious plight

    • It's all in the hands of the ECB at this point. Will it print? And if so, will it print enough to matter?
  • Corporations and The Stock Market
    • Are malinvestments on the rise?
  • The Congressional Supercommittee
    • Will it deliver a plan of any meaning by the approaching deadline? 

Chris has just returned from Spain and is amazed at how serene the scene remains there despite the severe deterioration of the European economy over the past several weeks. Mish concurs that a major 'wake up call' to the status quo is coming in the near term.

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