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Transition North Wales

A place for my fellow Welsh from the North to swap ideas, build resilience and create networks

Transitioner 1 Open
Peak Prosperity - Beirut, Lebanon Chapter

In light of the coming difficulties we will all face once a banking crisis and peak oil hit, let's join efforts in prepparing in any way we can to sidestep these issues, prep, and take advantage of all that Lebanon has to offer in order to remain safe, fed, healthy and wealthy during the years ahead.

78bash 1 Open
State of São Paulo, Brazil, Peak Prosperity Group

Welcome! A place for brazilians to get together and share what's going on in our part of the world.

A place where like minded people meet to discuss how to become more resilient and prosperous given the events that people in Brazil can face in the future.

English and/or portuguese languages can be used. cool

sagatxrana 1 Open
Dubai Preppers

Living in Dubai and the Middle East poses unique challenges, especially to expats living here.  This group's aim is to bring together like-minded people to share and discuss their plans and techiniques for living in this region.

As members join this group we can collectively come up with a proper Mission Statement and goals.

For now, I look forward to all new members.

Goodtimes Jerry 1 Open
Las Vegas, NV Preppers

Las Vegas Preppers is about Survival, Preparedness and Sustainable Living. Family is first and preparing for an emergency at home is just as important as home or automobile insurance. We are here to promote a positive image and will remove inappropriate matter.

For those of you who would want to meet in person the meetup website:  lists meetings in the area. We welcome and encourage membership in our meetup group and the free exchange of ideas regardless of race, religion or your political affiliation.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas, skills and assist you in any way we can to be better prepared as an individual or a family. Thank you for your interest in our little group and we look forward to meeting you in person or in our meetup discussion board.

dude59 1 Open
Ise Forward

For the community of Ise Lodge to be off the fossil fuel-based energy grid and be partially self reliant as a community for energy, finance, food and other quality of life essentials by 2030.

finglis 1 Open
Southeast Georgia - A Group Dedicated to Creating a New Paradigm for Peak Prosperity

This group is dedicated to education and learning the most valuable things required to create a new paradigm of living for yourself (operating primarily outside of the current system of control and negative influence).  Our true strengths are in our own personal experience and growth; being realistic is one of them. 

Remember most of all, hope is not a strategy...if you are all about being responsible for yourself, taking action and making a difference in this region, then we welcome you!

Do you know what the sword in the stone represents?

ltnp 1 Moderated
Humboldt Resilience

We seek to assist the development of more self-sufficient and neighborly communities throughout Humboldt County, California. 

mjtrac 1 Moderated
South Carolina Low Country

Sharing ideas to prepare for a sustainable future in southeast South Carolina

SC Prepper 1 Open
Southern Maryland Stalwarts

This group seeks bring together people from our counties who share a concern for the ongoing economic overshoot of the U.S. and want to transition to more self-sufficient local systems.

Edgemar 1 Open
Top Tips For Muscle Building Program

doing still reviews Korea week one vehicle rest smash sign law and Miami the reality is about right now twenty-six hundred dollars away on and I'm doing these you one a he won high hormone hi one surplus day re I'm and I'm probably around seven percent body fat or so and that's my roomies but according to warmers I should beagle to %um you know seventy her how more per day and does the exact same and are you at not will be boardinghouse from media work my way up to about 4,000how reasonable without gradual process possibly is my on taxes higher you can we're walking user number calories in your we stay and then at some or no Stacy ASM now so in that Jacked Muscle Extreme  way can't work powers up your mind as wells miss the action to refuse City things onion terms of how you maximize your muscle basically and the first keep we you have to understands that you need to be years surplus maximize muscle with melee giving your body workout is more energy than yes expanding misusing on it of course your worries just operating required energy remembers live energy your body has half beagle mobile .

olgaallen 1 Open
You know the ability of purchasing food

You know the ability of purchasing food are going to a restaurant and order in ascertain style without the season ends without this not seen you know it's is made little love the hotter but you know as if youwanna be the number one you have to yet to find you know what ways have gone through every big mountain saw that's just the another way no  Forskolin Fit Pro offer me at the old not walking alone and I'm gonnaball drills football through read for those ride through the mountains of a the new for them to a 90 up in the means in you know up been intestinal couscous kina are things that never eaten on a regular basis but mine on my digestive track has been phenomenal and have been enjoying the whole process know when the light in the shower the shot peter Taylor be needing it so a UNF for also a pick up on a on the tail end and that my offseason unfortunately doesn't exist anymore because I am at the top end the wait weighed in last year's Olympia 211 the year before I'm student and so as you can see mine my prep knows all border frame months or yes .

soniapk 1 Open
Cornwall UK - Personal Action Group

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is one of the most renewable energy focused regions in the British Isles. The Cornwall Group's purpose is to provide a forum for Cornwall-based Peak Prosperity members to share information and insights, on both personal and community level preparation.

stevejermy 1 Moderated
Pureternal Anti-Aging Cream: Say Goodbye To Aging Signs

Pureternal Anti-Aging Cream established fact as a wrinkle removal as well as poor spots reducer inside almost everywhere across the world. My own effort using this type of fantastic ointment ended up being fabulous. In front of you number of years I recently found wrinkles as well as maturing indications around which devastated my own individuality as well as We needed to get back my own beautiful skin skin color however We ended up being unfortunate after the by using a lot of objects.

albertJowett 1 Open
rober martinez

Microdermabrasion or alpha-hydroxy-acid - you can use AHA or microdermabrasion, if you're currently over 30. While microdermabrasion items are actual Auralei Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer exfoliators alphahydroxy acids are chemical exfoliators. While the microdermabrasion products work nicely for sensitive Skin Care Review aHAs work good on combination or fatty skins. They protect it from the sunlight restore the collagen areas, and reduce blotchiness, itchiness and redness. They help reduce the follicles and remove the skin tissues that are dead. You can find many such good products inside the regional industry.

robermartinez 1 Open
How To Stop Acne Inside Face Skin

You need to pick which to try out first, once you have determined which type of anti aging eye product is best for the skin-type. Remember that you might have to get one of these few before you get the one which is most effective for you.Auralei Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer is a healthier very important to realize a healthier looking skin. Contain loads of greens and fresh fruits directly into your diet selection. Furthermore, take vitamins on a regular basis. Stay away from greasy food up to possible. Make a regular exercise program to naturally purify the body. Aside for these tips, improve your water intake. Water is one of the greatest foods for your skin. Stay away from dehydration producing ingredients such as caffeine and liquor.

Antiaging For G... 1 Open
heena surliya

PurEternal Cream is unquestionably an anti-aging product which functions naturally in casting off your entire lines, good traces also other signals involving ageing. That innovative methodology is made of many premium quality things that facilitate out with shedding your entire ageing signals apart.

heenasurliya 1 Open
sandra nazu

Novacare Serum is an age defying serum, which is responsible to reverse the aging without any fear. It gives you effective and long lasting beautiful skin. Applying this cream regularly will give you a chance to stay away from crow’s feet, wrinkles, puffiness, under eye bags, fine lines and other signs of aging. It can also eliminate the rough and dead skin cells using the natural ability of its varied substances.

sandranazu 1 Open
Winter Skincare Tips For Acne- Skin That Is Prone

But what are wrinkles? Wrinkles are like great lines as possible find at first glance of the skin, when we grow older since the tissues split less easy they seem, along with the central layer the dermis, of skin, becomes thinner. Elastin, which can be the protein that confers the amount of quality of the skin, and the collagen materials (which are meats that function in assisting the Skin Care Tips), become vulnerable and can break, creating wrinkles.Soon after we found that collagen and elastin where something, where important facets we found that spring oil that did not fit within this kind of antiaging process. From breathing, causing discomfort and rashes, it stops the pores. it must be replaced by pure plant fat although spring oil is this type of common used element.Phytoceramide Advanced
 Red clay or green may be used like a pure skin care treatment. Just take a little deal of the reddish or green clay and mixture with water within your hand. Pat a small quantity on trouble spots, for example blemishes, and let dry. Remove with warm water, along with your skin can experience energized and rejuvenated.

walterifit 1 Open
dennis guerrero

Before you place the makeup can you actually feel like your lines invisible? Does he appear dust and more groundwork you use, the wrinkles you recommend? Phytoceramide Advanced It is not only your imagination as incorrect makeup program, in addition to utilizing the improper sort of makeup could make you seem older.It is this, consider not only the merchandise from the huge, overseas Skin Care manufacturers. (Like Revlon.) There are always a quantity of small producers who understand what makes a good skincare product, who have a tiny (but rewarding) operation where expenses are stored 'way along, and whose Skin Care programs are cheaper and good. Also much better than the worldwide manufacturers, in lots of ways. Thus consider getting from them.

dennisguerrero 1 Open
david spears

Once we all know that we should employ the moisturizer evening and products, once we head to work, a vital bit of the problem information Skin Care that many people miss is the fact that of using creams during the night once you fall asleep. Phytoceramide Advanced Products with carefully chosen ingredients that are active help to develop the fix of the charging mechanism and your body, which gives a plus the afternoon before to you.

davidspears 1 Open
That I’ll take your things that I have the thi

That I’ll take your things that I have the thing that I need to get on is nursing bras I don't have any of those yet I know you kind of need to have  Dermaluxe  some %uhthose from the get-go but or they were charged with looking at the fiscal responsibility at any bill and helped a lot with impact the financial that the it California it past within the appreciation me ulna or hero well and then it lived on January 28 the or the assembly and the impaired and Lee within present with the bill and it would 39 he ate yes and .

Jeniforce 1 Open

But, I acquired out my creditcard and bought the merchandise, since I wanted to publish this skin care review. It had been a "collagen system". I understand that many any anti-aging skincare method states to add collagen, because, I Have done my investigation. And, since I have recognize a bit more about this as opposed to regular dude, I Phyto Renew 350  understand that the fibers are usually extracted variety bovines, or cow hide.I realize that many magazines which are targeted at ladies concentrate on gender assistance, manner that is high-priced, and runway style Beauty tips. Sadly, I donot have much use for that kind of information. Nevertheless, Whatever You newspaper is truly made for normal females that want support using a lot more than having five orgasms per day, or understanding how to wear glitter eye shadow. I can really use the guidance that's supplied in Every and even more than that, I ENJOY the deals!It's been nearly 12 months since I have began applying these items. Our skin, to put it simply, hasn't thought and seemed better. Consequently, to convey the assessment offered for me being an eyeopener would be an understatement.There are various more advantages that our skin is given to by E Vitamin. But additionally of equal relevance is the fact that we take care of the outer skin up to we can. We need to steer clear of the ultraviolet rays of the sun to prevent cancer. We ought to eat food's best sorts and we should sleep properly. Do all these items and see that your skin may constantly remain young and balanced. But additionally, a bit of E Vitamin can help without a doubt.

Emudafad 1 Open
Quick Weight Reduction System That Works

The truth of the problem is the fact that also the Best Weight Loss Product will not be unable to aid us shed weight if overeating don't stop. inciner x 1 Why do we do-it? inciner x 2 It's a question that's been analyzed for decades. Can you actually start trying to find the very Best Weight Loss Product if you're unaware about youare overeating?

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nicolamabrized 1 Open
Lela Gonzalos

T-Complex Stretch for a few minutes after working out in order to facilitate muscle repair. If you are under age 40, hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds. Those over forty ought to hold onto their stretches for about a minute. This prevents injuries from occurring when exercising.  Always stretch thoroughly after working out to give your muscles the best chance to repair and grow properly. Someone who is under forty should hold each stretch at least thirty seconds. If you are a little older, try to keep your stretch for about a minute total. Following these guidelines will help prevent injuries after muscle-building exercises.

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lockevilsizer 1 Open
Rafael Douglas

I was fortunate enough to be in not appreciate where are I E cool hormone is a very public as it anytime or from Marion pretty good and if with different glucocil briefers place so to do today in that area so little you know this is a lot they can hold me up to my about not only today did written your last probably you we will hear I'll it will also he’s got a very competitive now I know will continue it.

rafaeledouglas 1 Open
robert bailey

Where got time to exercise exam time is so demanding, some might say. Incorrect! I make it a spot atleast twice weekly, to run during examination time. Cogniflex It makes me feelgood after the jog and eliminates my pressure. To ensure that I know I'm able to experience the intense checks additionally it maintains my body in leading type. And you would possibly understand during assessments time, plenty of learners appear to fall sick easily. Incredible amount of stress, not having sufficient sleep plus body-not in sort that is superior, this is exactly why learners fall ill easiCogniflexly. In case you have a sound body with excellent immunity system, you will not fall sick quickly. Falling sick during exam time is really terrible, you won't bad and you can't perform at your absolute best. Therefore get excellent care of one's health insurance and emotional well-being.

robertbailey 1 Open
rogers virk

I feel like as I mentioned for I’m not a trusting person especially comes to getting help up for something that I that I really want and this is something that type of one of the urn_ and without you guys it’s a sweat would not have been possible and I think that what he starts every day you guys came into my life styles it's it has been  last first lady and premium natural garcinia cambogia works cited in your own cynical  the next night  it's going to change and it's going to change even more in the next time you saw global talk about that we got there  I mean not market yet Eric as well this has been awesome immure we'll talk soon I have  as again this is a retroactive show but have to at .

rogersvirk 1 Open
Exercise On Your Head Power

Next you may attempt to play an identical sport to hide and find with one-of their favorite gadgets or a product they appear to enjoy. Demonstrate to them the model or item after which set it under a quilt. Most likely they begin to exhibit words that they need the item back out to consider or try to seize and will follow that with their eyes. In the end investigate over and obtain the merchandise and they will likely start to try and unearth that from beneath the blanket as they proceed to grow.Delight could seem to be that almost all challenging of feelings, can't it?Cogniflex  But this has a massive effect our overall health ranges and experience of life, although not simply on our mind function and is one of the most important of most components. Seek individuals that are good out and enjoy their organization. Avoid the naysayers. There's ample tragedy and gloom inside the press, consequently play and move outside and turn off the Television, whatever your age. Chuckle, be grateful for what you have and have fun. Share with others. Look, and revel in the trip!

andyrkwood 1 Open
Cerebrrin Brain Booster

Cerebrrin is among the most very best human brain increasing dietary supplements which include top quality elements for the reason that this aspires to obtain greatest scenario currently interested in the reason why that very best goods and services in the past. Consists of just certified natural substances, the perfect answer characteristics to encouraging your emotional power plus storage identification. That formulators for this goods and services claims so it answer isn't going to lead to any kind of harming any kind of unwanted effects, in order to currently put it to use using which has no problem. All the more, full of supplements, amino acids plus nutritional vitamins, this health supplement promises overall emotional wellness.

akshinazu 1 Open
Better mood and stress free mind

View also everything you consume. Some food diet is bad for you particularly when they lack the right nutrients or do have more than suitable content. Several of the most useful meals are the ones that will help the brain to operate definitely better. Some examples of these are several other Brain Booster pills components, nuts and berries, coffee, trout and avocado. The consequences of pressure could lower as you can easily see. Refrain as it can certainly considerably affect the standard functioning of the great equipment inside your mind from consuming Synagen IQ  an excessive amount of anything.Red-meat is a superb way to obtain vitamins B-12 carnitine and, which support healthy Brain Booster Pills function. It also contains creatine, which has been shown to enhance intelligence that is total and storage. The high-protein content in addition has been thought to boost visual memory.Korean ginseng is contained by the product. Why? Because ginseng is beneficial to enhance your body and head to boost also to fight with Mental Health difficulty brain performing. Korean ginseng is used by them for an unique purpose since ginseng is better than any ginseng in Asia, when former boss Jack Welch of General Power argued back in the 1970is that their allegiance was owed by corporations for their stockholders not their staff, he unconsciously established the newest pattern known with everyone else -and to heck as greed. One way to get healthy food for that mind will be to know what's starting your system, for more information about omega-3 fish oil, please where I let you know all about what I Have learned, visit my site

Wolmeriea 1 Open
asha surliya

Luma Essence works effortlessly to endow its users promising effect and nice results. Its gentle massage on an everyday basis assists the solution to succeed in inside the deep epidermal layers of the skin. This method lifts the sagging skin beneath the eyes along with the tightening of the pores.Luma Essence works effortlessly to endow its users promising result and great results. Its mild massage on an everyday basis assists the solution to succeed in within the deep epidermal layers of the skin. This method lifts the sagging skin beneath the eyes along with the tightening of the pores.

ashasurliya 1 Open
Kisha Lion

I think ahead wishing to good don't have to be happy on tonight and that's okay and that there was strength and power in the a bigger in that and the fact that dead it was all controlled nights and then I don't have to be elected I feel like that's fine fly to lobby filed going my premium natural garcinia cambogia fifteen seconds he won’t back and forth at work he wore a war thickens right click to fill a push myself right now and stop on the sole risk I'm most likely.

kishalion143 1 Open
Produce your Brain Booster Pills productive

Puzzle activities are actually neat sharpen and to Cogniflex stimulate mental faculties. Human brain also wants some sort of enjoyable activity as physical body demands exercise. Brainteaser games that are fixing is the better approach to produce your Brain Booster Pills productive. Playing with questions has changed into a common exercise among teenagers, young kids and people. For rising children to manage puzzles, it has been made by several universities compulsory. They think that children are made by these kinds of pursuits smarter with all the volume to get conclusions that are fast. Actually college heading children play brain teasers to impress their girlfriends.

demasilye 1 Open
nadia julie

Arm comes up interlaced the fingers point the index finger rotate forward onto the ball on the right foot all the way into the left leg premium natural garcinia cambogia see if you can draw your body up use that left I soften the left me point the right tell myself soften the left me step all the way back into or your one in hair maxillary each floor left finger tips and find your left foot open in target and Ross and a Half Men reach up soften the leavening step all the way back into a line slide that right leg back ripen to the inside of your left foot with dove into the left to reach up with the left arm think the haps keep moving your chest for work accelerates for plant the palms step in the plank lower run in hell up exhale down the in this down to bring your heels together turn your toes out .

nadiajulie444 1 Open
I'm you know whatever use a little less fa

I'm you know whatever use a little less fat over’s this next couple days and then you just get back on some nice research paper said it come out  Alpha XTRM   that even in a weight loss scenario you can actually make gains in muscle mass at the same time but there are there are some things that you have masses well as keeping your metabolism revved up even in a weight loss scenario so what what does the .

Twinkalking 1 Open
Thirty Days To Your More Powerful Head By Bruce Lewolt And Alessandra That Is Tony

Reason 1: enhance your memory. On Brain Clarity In case you were to accomplish an internet search about the subject "boost storage " you will discover page after page of methods, approaches, and methods. A number of them will give a food diet outlining which kinds of food that may Brain Booster . Another way would be to play particular activities that influences your thinking. Then you will find products that could improve or recover your brain normally. You'll find other ways to increase your brain energy as you do your study. Also, you will figure out when you can not recall that which you observed that seeking information is not useful.

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anjilesernajo 1 Open
Can allow the first six or so set with a little more

Can allow the first six or so set with a little more about trying to make it a little tough I that should fix the problem as you continue through the red schedule you get to basically the center part that routine which is about eight minutes into it nine Alpha XTRM     minutes and I'll you know what happens a lot of times when your day 98 part you start be shooting' in the be good mostly not %um Ralph today your .

Johnjaki 1 Open
gribble virk

Have been fermenting foods for over seven thousand years in actively for many things as in prior to that you know it doesn't sound pleasant but when food accelerin goes bad and it is fermenting matches the process and people in have the luxury of throwing things out you know we will are that we're very much hand-to-mouth as many human still are on this planet wouldn’t throw out food they had started to ferment milk that had started to sour meaning what is fermenting in so I'm when these are all very interesting concepts that I'm happy validated .

gribblevirk 1 Open
Case you do get into a situation requiring

Case you do get into a situation requiring a bit of reactivity? Sometimes reactivity is unavoidable, but as a way of life, it damages the relationship. Getting Sleepy    Look to take care of matters before they become crises. "carrot" versus the "stick" philosophy. People tend to briefly alter behavior, when afraid issue. Continuously guarantee you get satisfactory rest. This sort of anxiety related issue frequently .

Misrydenis 1 Open
Tonie Jhon

Grey's Anatomy and house and all these doctor Kildare remember doctor Kildare we've spend ulcerated Biogeniste to think that the doctor knows what's best for a CMT knows what's best for us and that they have high integrity andthat all my doctor would never be Bob biased by a drug company you gettable kidding me Forbes magazine just is a process it's not an event so eventually part of the plan here neck part.

toniejhon143 1 Open
corey langan

cogniflex is a nootropic product , which suggests some sort of brain product. It is especially made to switch on your mind no matter what your actual age is usually. Folks underneath 16 can not employ this merchandise. It can strengthen ones cognitive ailments and forces you to sense great. You have rear ones excitement and it's simple to sense more imaginative. Lots of people possess distributed their own activities about how precisely precisely this supplement altered their own lifestyles. When you begin burning off hold of ones memory ones superior furthermore starting healing you within the unfavorable means. There are several with to plod through each day embarrassment simply because sense energy depleted all the time and they are distinctive to finish their own assignments upon timeline. Each personalized and specialist lifestyle is usually influenced any time our own head prevents operating usually.

corey langan 1 Open
jasper kee

Women with any short Hair Style Videos, medium-length hair and long hair can become the belle of the ball with one simple accessory: a rhinestone tiara. Not just for brides this year, the shiny tiara is whimsical and a bit frivolous, which is exactly what you need to lighten the mood during this economically-questionable holiday season. Hair Vitality Style your hair a usual, and try to maintain a natural, free-flowing look. When you put on the tiara you will instantly be excited about the 2009 New Year's Eve party.

jasperke 1 Open

 Addium Alter your thinking patterns if you have depression. When you think negatively about yourself, ask if you would say the same thing about someone else. When you realize you wouldn't say that about another person, why would you say it about yourself? Restate these kinds of ideas in a more helpful way by creating statements that comprise suggestions for fixing the problem. There are many natural remedies that you can try. For instance, grape juice as well as St. St. John's Wart provides some relief. It can be cheaper than prescriptions, too.
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dalarchey 1 Open
nida holi

The causes the syndrome goes away that like these kind of vitamin d deficiency syndromes like eczema accelerin psoriasis and to some degree in mass right now we got to getting your whole approach so this is the natural prototype tabletop put together I’ve been working on this for years and putting it out there and I thinkyoure gonna have some toys to play with after this is allsaid and done  all right here we go okay the part  aball this as liver and hormone methylation second metal age okay so these are methylated is right here be changedI metal .

nidaholi 1 Open
That Can Help You Maintain The Skin Balanced

Thus rather, you'll be better-off searching for an anti-aging skin care system on the net. By doing this, each compound that switches into the item can be researched by you and you can discover how a lot of each ingredient they use as well. You read blog or  community posts about that item, or actually can also locate an anti aging skincare critique about the Encante Cream   
 product your taking a look at. The Net flatout provides you for finding reliable antiaging skin care techniques with a better research program.Try crushing some discomfort into your scrub if you are having a dandruff problem. Aspirin has characteristics that will calm your head that is dry. This really is an effective way without spending skin care review a lot of money on particular dandruff shampoos to cope with dandruffA visit into a dermatological hospital is dependent upon the necessity of a person in accordance with many skin care reviews so one individual may possibly must visit frequently while other people mightn't require. Be sure to pay attention to what the skin consultant may express once you produce a consultation with a skin treatment center and make an effort to adhere to his or her Beauty tips.

Hhinadih 1 Open
seeta surliya

The Crazy Bulk Supplements are designed to assist you in making the most of the gym. These are the steroids, which are made from high quality substances. These steroids can be recommended to anyone.

seetasurliya 1 Open
dean pinkston

We livein an age where youth is just a much coveted ideal. Anti aging products are being generated daily to beat aging among almost every aged person on earth today. QuiVitality Serum A great deal of these previous persons and also people inside their old commit a great deal in their income - creams and lotions in a bid to keep fresh. Nevertheless itis crucial that you remember that apart from using and only getting these anti-aging creams, properly taking care of your skin may also assist with aging. It is not uncommon to view folks walking down the cosmetics aisle of the store looking for skin care products. The aesthetic sector is making vast amounts thanks, of bucks to the desire to own flawless skin within our community. Together with skin care products' various ranges, you've no explanation to possess bad skin.

deanpinkston 1 Open
james hoon

Social service compared themselves baseline post MBSR greasy this reduction is on pace forts significant of course is only fifteen subjects which is why this was pilot data for sixty where accelerin you can have more power is out that's in psychology  is a small sample size   it's not any different an arm a actually you know actor have an interpretation for the end of this in fact these reach  seconds to realistically another way to do this we're trying outs to make this two minutes long because when you think about me activity to something here .

jameshoon157 1 Open
Damn close to be on the market sty louis just a

Damn close to be on the market sty louis just a heads up to you know I’m and having the hardest time and really bring our personality out I vibrant skin   think it'sso important thing sometimes we get so caught up and make and having you know the perfect lips and then chill out cheekbone and the big pair it makes your skin sir flaky and sometimes dry cell this year it's all about my dry skin andfinding a foundation that looks good on dry skin so if you have oily skin this is not the video for you to watch .

Bobesmether 1 Open