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Transition North Wales

A place for my fellow Welsh from the North to swap ideas, build resilience and create networks

Transitioner 1 Open
Peak Prosperity - Beirut, Lebanon Chapter

In light of the coming difficulties we will all face once a banking crisis and peak oil hit, let's join efforts in prepparing in any way we can to sidestep these issues, prep, and take advantage of all that Lebanon has to offer in order to remain safe, fed, healthy and wealthy during the years ahead.

78bash 1 Open
State of São Paulo, Brazil, Peak Prosperity Group

Welcome! A place for brazilians to get together and share what's going on in our part of the world.

A place where like minded people meet to discuss how to become more resilient and prosperous given the events that people in Brazil can face in the future.

English and/or portuguese languages can be used. cool

sagatxrana 1 Open
Dubai Preppers

Living in Dubai and the Middle East poses unique challenges, especially to expats living here.  This group's aim is to bring together like-minded people to share and discuss their plans and techiniques for living in this region.

As members join this group we can collectively come up with a proper Mission Statement and goals.

For now, I look forward to all new members.

Goodtimes Jerry 1 Open
Las Vegas, NV Preppers

Las Vegas Preppers is about Survival, Preparedness and Sustainable Living. Family is first and preparing for an emergency at home is just as important as home or automobile insurance. We are here to promote a positive image and will remove inappropriate matter.

For those of you who would want to meet in person the meetup website:  lists meetings in the area. We welcome and encourage membership in our meetup group and the free exchange of ideas regardless of race, religion or your political affiliation.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas, skills and assist you in any way we can to be better prepared as an individual or a family. Thank you for your interest in our little group and we look forward to meeting you in person or in our meetup discussion board.

dude59 1 Open
Ise Forward

For the community of Ise Lodge to be off the fossil fuel-based energy grid and be partially self reliant as a community for energy, finance, food and other quality of life essentials by 2030.

finglis 1 Open
Southeast Georgia - A Group Dedicated to Creating a New Paradigm for Peak Prosperity

This group is dedicated to education and learning the most valuable things required to create a new paradigm of living for yourself (operating primarily outside of the current system of control and negative influence).  Our true strengths are in our own personal experience and growth; being realistic is one of them. 

Remember most of all, hope is not a strategy...if you are all about being responsible for yourself, taking action and making a difference in this region, then we welcome you!

Do you know what the sword in the stone represents?

ltnp 1 Moderated
Humboldt Resilience

We seek to assist the development of more self-sufficient and neighborly communities throughout Humboldt County, California. 

mjtrac 1 Moderated
South Carolina Low Country

Sharing ideas to prepare for a sustainable future in southeast South Carolina

SC Prepper 1 Open
Colorado County Texas

To connect people in and around Colorado County, TX, with like-minded people who are interested in building more resilience and self-reliance in our neck of the woods.

jenrich 1 Open
Southern Maryland Stalwarts

This group seeks bring together people from our counties who share a concern for the ongoing economic overshoot of the U.S. and want to transition to more self-sufficient local systems.

Edgemar 1 Open
A Life Care Plan Eases Financial Woes

Hurting from an injury that present parthian the reside of your spirit is disrespectful. When this occurs, the only attribute that could straighten the position worsened would be if the period medical repair caused sedate financial hardship to the cut somebody or to his unit members or darling ones. The tort law system is premeditated to wee trustworthy this does not bechance by retentive the litigator answerable for paying for all medical costs, both verbalise and tense, that hit spiritedness fixing think typically moldiness be constructed in position to get at a commonsensible greenback figure. Addium The Importance of a Invigoration Tending Project There are umteen injuries that occur as a conclusion of car collisions, water, and else accidents that gift compel a lifetime protection contrive to be prefabricated. Several of the most manifest types of injuries that would ask specified a system include spinal line injuries or those that make mentality casualty. In these cases, the disjointed individual faculty requisite reconciling devices and sometimes round-the-clock nursing or examination fixture for the lay of his or her invigoration.

miaremik 1 Open
They see a spot up their makeup routine now for me prime

They see a spot up their makeup routine now for me prime in my skin is part of my skin care routine because of people think the primer is just to help keep your makeup on and some people kind of said I don't see the point my makeup status on I don't La Lumieres make it but what prime actually does is it puts a lag between yak skin and that make up that you put omit so actually prevents it from going into your paws and you know you not going to for if your personal it does break out the makeup looking to get your post near to it it's not going to build up it's actually a perfect provides a nice lap on your skin and protect your skin and a Texas gun against the elements as well I'm so I just think this is fantastic stuff and this is def something I attribute to get.

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paige robson 1 Open
ena dooriyan

Enough mostly glasses from content nothing committees and you get this week on the state of siege this doesn't sound of this no signup in statement from the Hassam got to let this night and she's good men do you think Google you don't  its host for my good BC goalkeeper shorts Glenmont people simply well the supply boat launch me Jacked Muscle Extreme but much like mock yes most insight you can do everything pumpkin wish up to the go a got one much skill like behind a bunch to you can watch school that will come up with something come on posse on the stump of you can stop botched punt spokesman Steve let's all his public life buoy of complex the just texted home did get some hope all the ..

enadooriyan 1 Open
Top Tips For Muscle Building Program

doing still reviews Korea week one vehicle rest smash sign law and Miami the reality is about right now twenty-six hundred dollars away on and I'm doing these you one a he won high hormone hi one surplus day re I'm and I'm probably around seven percent body fat or so and that's my roomies but according to warmers I should beagle to %um you know seventy her how more per day and does the exact same and are you at not will be boardinghouse from media work my way up to about 4,000how reasonable without gradual process possibly is my on taxes higher you can we're walking user number calories in your we stay and then at some or no Stacy ASM now so in that Jacked Muscle Extreme  way can't work powers up your mind as wells miss the action to refuse City things onion terms of how you maximize your muscle basically and the first keep we you have to understands that you need to be years surplus maximize muscle with melee giving your body workout is more energy than yes expanding misusing on it of course your worries just operating required energy remembers live energy your body has half beagle mobile .

olgaallen 1 Open
faceb ookde59

And get into the best shape ever with as little as possible effort on your part it really doesn’t get any easier it doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl and if you tried every other died out there and failed if you want to lean dead body without the stress and headache following strict in boring die plans the natural weight loss code is for you I’m giving you the exact same Forskolin Fit Pro system I use with my private patients who come to me to lose weight for medical reasons or simply because they are unhappy with their weight simply hit the buy button below this video now and you get taken to our secure server want to make a payment by Pay Pal or credit card a forty seven dollars US you get instant lifetime access login info to ..

facebookde59 1 Open
You know the ability of purchasing food

You know the ability of purchasing food are going to a restaurant and order in ascertain style without the season ends without this not seen you know it's is made little love the hotter but you know as if youwanna be the number one you have to yet to find you know what ways have gone through every big mountain saw that's just the another way no  Forskolin Fit Pro offer me at the old not walking alone and I'm gonnaball drills football through read for those ride through the mountains of a the new for them to a 90 up in the means in you know up been intestinal couscous kina are things that never eaten on a regular basis but mine on my digestive track has been phenomenal and have been enjoying the whole process know when the light in the shower the shot peter Taylor be needing it so a UNF for also a pick up on a on the tail end and that my offseason unfortunately doesn't exist anymore because I am at the top end the wait weighed in last year's Olympia 211 the year before I'm student and so as you can see mine my prep knows all border frame months or yes .

soniapk 1 Open
Naina New

I well you're really tall you need more bit on yes seems like your money retainslouisan it's actually from what I’ve seen man really lives here a little muscle on the day from what I see because they have you are too austere women seem to lose a little more but I've been able to G mindboggling back almost no letter cells just so just summit differences are in your life like how it changed when you were in a  pounds versus two hundred twenty something what are some of Forskolin Fit Pro the differences well there little comical cut you don't think I’m on it till afterwards mom have broken a toilet seats and while it up it's something you we don't think about whole not but gird really bad s reflux I would wake up Choky like let's look back skinny re showgirls each it was bad enough when had problems for sit-up sleep night see arm I had done when you barefooted you know you don't feel everything like he at my parents farm they have gravelly walking around with  pounds compared to  you know if the doctor yeah sample the dumbest thing ever if you want just mystical things like he can do without being super comfortable are breaking something I stopped wheezing so much engines geez I it is so many different things I didn't actually write down soon us its settlement rose worst yet to hear stirred with my cholesterol was at  e I guess normal like  drug use rights was  animals  e a in like the LDL czars  it's mostly and after that it.

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nainaenew125 1 Open
Riza Javad

Wellies dealt a bad hand this there's no explanation here my cuticles used to split open every winter is really bad painful have a band aid on everything good and that didn't happen to me anymore and I credit all to no know the cows and common in Forskolin Fit Pro   the place one night and I'm are now juicing you are fifteen years ago Dominique was veryvery sick was told you didn't have long to live and you turn to food is your medicine so when I want you to teach us today and many times in the coming months is which foods help which foods do you put into a shake and how did you defeated disease as serious as cancer by using died okay so what is all this good stuff while this is my breakfast it is reallythis certainly this right here we have a coconut water which is normally what we use as our base whenever ,.

Rizajavad 1 Open
Top Tips For Burn Fatness Program

you've asked me to start to do research the most effective ways to lose weight for your body type up in not even just your mom tight how to effectively spec so I do that I knew I needed to engage in higher intensity cardio mixed up with someone acting Sao Tome I am I started doing  the call machine that was Ian at new lots familiar with the so I won't make myself do about 30minutes on the elliptical after out leave the elliptical out go upstairs now try to make myself line about 10 laps cafe upstairs because it was my school gym at the time and I'll go upstairs now run about 10laps in an I went to you the stair climber for maybe 10 minutes so that was my cardio now don't get me-too don't get it twisted I was no problem India ohm I will probably burning about 200 to 300calories because Forskolin Fit pro  I really didn't know how to happen he defected workout now I text time it takes practice however people they will have star of a little and then work my way up you want to challenge your body however you don't want to have it be faxed and challenge then she don't want and to working out so the trick eat to have fun giving gays have uncomfortable moments while you work now because it's going to be .

lauratuten 1 Open
rodobr obrus

Dieting? Please don't worry. If our bodies are placed under stress we automatically produce adrenaline, but also a hormone called Cortisol. This hormone is primarily responsible for pumping energy in the form of sugar into the body to help fuel the adrenalin rush. This means stress is a natural bodily function designed to help keep us alert and alive and tuned in to the world. Apex Vitality Garcinia Cambogia Plus Unfortunately, if the energy is not used, there is then a negative by-product. Stress can, in the modern world take many forms; money worries, issues in the workplace or office, family problems etc. All the extra blood sugar being released generally has nowhere to settle other than around your stomach to be later used as fat.
This can cause many people to actually maintain or even gain weight without realising it. There are of course other factors, but stress is often overlooked by many people. Stress could possibly be the one thing stopping you losing the pounds you so desperately want or need to lose.

rodobr obrus 1 Open
Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss

You're getting a lot of very calorie dense whole grains K calorie dense whole grains your getting about 60 percent of your calories from carbohydrates and the carhop does the reading are a lot of I in that particular meal plan the past the breads  the toaster  Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia sandwich it allot of processed I carbohydrates so and I know you thinking okay with whole grains well to my knowledge a cat grow enough you can go to a field at harvest a loaf of bread you can go to feel the harvest a box is big Daddy you can't you can’t do that it's not .

it's not a whole foods it's not it’s processed so on I don't care how many whole grains are in the spaghetti it still a processed carbohydrate okay and I you're still Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia  going to get the blood sugar spikes from it so sixty percent carbohydrates not ideal I'll very low protein rocket lot of protein and in that in that court what healthy meal plan again not great at I'll Lower low-protein Deanna is out for adequate place so now if we go over here 

anoshkapk 1 Open
Connect Clarington

To build connections and awareness to grow resilient and prosperous communites in Clarington and surrounding areas.

MitchellCorners 2 Open
Saskatchewan Resiliency Forum

To create connections through various manners with others of this region.  Learning skills and developing knowledge in order to be best prepared for our future.  To create educational events in our region to help prepare others for a different future.  To create small interconnected communities throughout Saskatchewan promoting exchanges.

citizenman 2 Moderated
Fairbanks, AK Marked 2 Open
South Central Alaska


ISRIC 2 Open
Community Cohesion Project67 2 Open
Santa Clarita

Per Charles Hugh Smith, with alignment with Chris Martenson, the NEW era of survival will be very pronounced as necessary by 2021.  In that era "local groups" will be the center of society and "entrepreneurs" will be their "backbone."

One of the phrases borrowed from Charles Smith is "digital fabrication," meaning, loosely, making by hand.  My own new enterprise IS that type of enterprise "making" videos with local production, local talent, local distribution and "my fingers" on my video camera.

I have lived in Santa Clarita for about 5 years, love it and find it a far better "group" than 50-mile away Los Angeles, but on a par with 20 mile-away Palmdale and 40 miles for Lancaster.

People in this geographic area are more rural than city, even if not many large farms.

The air is clean and some hundreds of thousands of people are in these 400 square miles.

My new enterprise in this area is "digital fabrication," by which I use the term to represent "videos" made by me with my Canon T2i camera, local to my area talent, faces, business, life and activities.  If You Tube is still around I will publish there, where I already have 50 uploaded videos of mine under "Karl Loren."

I also have a private video server I can use if You Tube fades.

Join this group if you want to see this, YOUR local area around Santa Clarita prosper in the coming new era and if you want to help others in this area learn the concepts taught by Peak Prosperity.

Join this group if you are a candidate for a video by me done "locally."

Join this group if you are interested in starting a similar group of your own.

Join this group if you want to learn how I, Karl Loren, have approached, am approaching and will approach this mission for me at 82, planning on living and creating for at least the next 9 years.

I call this group "Santa Clarita, California Peak Prosperity Group."

I have changed my entire life style so that I now have willing time to visit this group at least once daily to respond as apprpriate.



kloren 2 Open
Southwest PA Resiliency and Self-Sufficiency havenseeker 2 Moderated
Warsaw, Poland / Warszawa, Polska

A place for all Chris Martenson`s / Peakprosperity polish readers, to share ideas, make friendships and more.

Dla polskich czytelników Chris`a Martensona / Peakprosperity do dzielenia się przemyśleniami i nawiązywania nowych kontaktów.

trach83 2 Open
Rhode Island Prepping Group

To reach out to the Rhode Island community and build like-minded friendships.  We want to help, teach, learn, and grow to become resilient and work to help others.   Please join in !!

Mark Brown 2 Open
Southern Alberta findingmyway 2 Open
The Paranormal

Keeping an open mind about the infinite possibilities that may be out there, we are trying to study the paranormal and all that it contains. You never know when we may find something that could save the planet!

joel r 2 Open
Malaysia Peak Prosperity

To share, support and inspire our profound experiences for like minded individuals.

Ian Siow 2 Open
Gallatin County Montana Preppers

Bringing like minded neighbors together in Gallatin County Montana

APreppingHomestead 2 Open
Wasatch Front Peak Prosperity Members

I'm creating this group for Peak Prosperity members who live along the Wasatch Front in the great state of Utah. Currently, there are no groups in Utah, yet we have many reasons to create a community/group where local members can converse, get together, and perhaps even volunteer our time to work together to be prepared for what our very interesting future holds.

lambertad 2 Open
Currency 2.0

I have been playing around with some different currency models and looking to create a discussion with other people are also working on new currency ideas and are wanting to debate, challenge, discuss ideas, pros, cons to see what alternatives are out there for a new currency.

This is not a spectator sport, members would ideally be contributing to the group by not just putting forward problems with proposed systems but also putting forward solutions.

datanerd 2 Open
Ideas en Sinergia (México)

We are a group looking forward for the actions and decisions that we need to make today to create a resilent and strong community for the future to come.  

mipeleon 3 Open
Boston Area "Happy Campers"

Communication. Community. Fun.  If you live anywhere in the general Boston area, join us! 

(*No need to be an actual camper to participate in this group).

dichiara 3 Open
Magdeburg - Börde (in the middle of Germany)

Nur in Kooperation können wir unsere Grundbedürfnisse absichern. Wir müssen uns regional vernetzen und zusammenarbeiten. Je breiter die Basis, desto sicherer und umfänglicher ist sie. 

Wir müssen bei den lokalen Erzeugern kaufen, die notgedrungen "Direktvermarkter" wurden. Gute, lokal erzeugte Nahrung ist nicht nur gesünder, sondern realistisch betrachtet preiswerter. Wenn wir unserer Geld bewußter ausgeben, kommt Kaufkraft in die Region. Das schafft einen Binnenmarkt und damit Arbeitsplätze.

Eine Zweitwährung kann uns dabei helfen. Sie wirkt dem Abfluß von Liquidität aus der Region entgegen. Das wiederum unterbindet den Transfer von Werten von uns arbeitenden Menschen zu Denjenigen, die schon viel zuviel haben und Parasiten der Gesellschaft sind.

Wir müssen zügig und beherzt beginnen. Viel Zeit bleibt uns nicht mehr, bis sich die wirtschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen deutlich verschlechtern werden. Dann sollten wir vorbereitet sein.

VG aus Magdeburg

Jörg Karkosch

isora 3 Open
slovenia saso123 3 Open
Berkshire County Resiliency Group

Welcome! Calling all Berkshire County residents! Lets work together to keep the Shire' a wonderful and prosperous place to live.

Mission: To provide a forum for residents of Berkshire County to organize, share information, and create pro-active solutions for the betterment of our community given the changing nature of our world economy.

Core Values:

-Resiliency: Actions and knowledge that will help us become more physically and emotionally resilient.

-Community: We are all in this together. We must think of our neighbors as our friends to help and protect, lest in a time of crises they become our enemies.

-More to add later.

Objectives of this group:

-Attract residents of Berkshire County who are in agreement with the ethos of "Peak Prosperity" movement to a central place of online communication.

-Fascilitate dialogue and sharing of knowledge among community members.

-To eventually hold monthly local gatherings.

-Possibility of working on shared sustainability projects.

andrewmtanner 3 Open
Democratic resource based economy

The Money is the Problem ;we therfor have no choice but to replace the money.Our Mission is therfor: To explore and refine an economic model based on public assets and governed on democratic and sustinable principles.The basic outline and process is as follows:

Step One: Assess The full value of all public physical assets;lands, infrastructure, buildings,resources- renewable and finite.These assets are then considered the basis for the National Treasury on which a National currancy may be guarranteed.

Step Two: Elect a board of directors whos mandate is to oversee the mangement and integrety of the treasury and related currency.(see below for suggested method of selection).

Step Three: Board of Directors then elect a chair and executive and appoint committees from thier ranks Board of Directors hire a Management team with the mandate of managing the treasury and related assets with an emphasis on ethical management and sustainability.

Step Four: In consultation with the directorate and senior management,an initial amount of currency based on the amount of currency that needs to be injected into the economy to maintain essential services and vital industry can then be issued.

Step Five:   Circulate the currency(see suggestions below

Addendum: Process for the election of Board of Directors. Note as the board of directors should maintain independance from both the Private and Political sectors the follwing process is reccomended. One: Every Citisen by rote of being a stakeholder in the treasury shall have one assignable Proxy Vote   Two: The Citisen stakeholder may then assign thir proxy vote to any gass roots, proffessionl,union ,charty ,or other nonprofit nonpolitical organizations. Three: Organizations appoint directors from there ranks based on the number of proxiesthy have assigned to the organization

deedanny 3 Open
Kingman Arizona Preppers

Welcome.  This forum is to provide an anonomous place to meet like minded people.  Then take it offline if applicable.  An objective is to prepare yourself and your family in case of a currency collapse.  If you are into mathematics or statistics, then you know what we are up against.  The "Amero" (or a new currency) will be implemented after our own currency collapses (likely scenario).  However, "when" it is implemented will be very carefully orchestrated to be when we are all out of resources.  Our objective is to not panic, to work together to keep our communities economies going, although slower, using a variety of local grown currencies, trading, swapping, and IOUs.  What is your emergency plan?  Do you have one?  What if your bank said that there was no money in the bank?  What would you do?  If you grow food, will you share?  Do you have connections with those who have other resources so you can share between you?  If you grow animals, do you have a plan to breed those animals so you can trade the animals so other people can grow them for food?  Did you know that one buck and 3 does (rabbits) will feed a family of four with 2 rabbits per week?  How many chickens does it take to feed a family of four with 2 chickens per week?  This forum is to help develop and implement a plan for the Kingman AZ area and to bring it to attention to the City of Kingman if a currency collapse becomes imminent. 

dolphinsrsmart 3 Moderated
Survival Community in NC

The objective of creating this group is to get a local community together to help survive a country event. Working together, to enable survival by having all members to contribute. When SHTF I want to know who has my back. United we stand, devided we fall.

gitrdun1234 3 Moderated
Greater Albuquerque Resiliency

A group based in the greater Albuquerque area to discuss and live in resiliency.

daimyo 3 Open

Just wanted to get something going here in Indiana

onreyes 3 Open
Orange County NY Preppers

I am looking to find like minded people in the Orange County New York area. I believe American is headed for some dark times. It is imperative that Liberty minded, truth lovers prepare for their family and their community. Lone rangers do not survive!

libertygray 3 Open
Peak Prosperity in the Mitten

We invite preparedness-minded people in Michigan to join us for discussion and sharing. We seek to apply Peak Prosperity principles, news and information to our region. Let's see what happens and where interested families can work together in individual and community opportunities to protect, preserve and prepare for the next 20 years.

Jodi Stanley 3 Moderated
Futurology Poet 3 Open