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Transition North Wales

A place for my fellow Welsh from the North to swap ideas, build resilience and create networks

Transitioner 1 Open
Peak Prosperity - Beirut, Lebanon Chapter

In light of the coming difficulties we will all face once a banking crisis and peak oil hit, let's join efforts in prepparing in any way we can to sidestep these issues, prep, and take advantage of all that Lebanon has to offer in order to remain safe, fed, healthy and wealthy during the years ahead.

78bash 1 Open
State of São Paulo, Brazil, Peak Prosperity Group

Welcome! A place for brazilians to get together and share what's going on in our part of the world.

A place where like minded people meet to discuss how to become more resilient and prosperous given the events that people in Brazil can face in the future.

English and/or portuguese languages can be used. cool

sagatxrana 1 Open
Dubai Preppers

Living in Dubai and the Middle East poses unique challenges, especially to expats living here.  This group's aim is to bring together like-minded people to share and discuss their plans and techiniques for living in this region.

As members join this group we can collectively come up with a proper Mission Statement and goals.

For now, I look forward to all new members.

Goodtimes Jerry 1 Open
Las Vegas, NV Preppers

Las Vegas Preppers is about Survival, Preparedness and Sustainable Living. Family is first and preparing for an emergency at home is just as important as home or automobile insurance. We are here to promote a positive image and will remove inappropriate matter.

For those of you who would want to meet in person the meetup website:  lists meetings in the area. We welcome and encourage membership in our meetup group and the free exchange of ideas regardless of race, religion or your political affiliation.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas, skills and assist you in any way we can to be better prepared as an individual or a family. Thank you for your interest in our little group and we look forward to meeting you in person or in our meetup discussion board.

dude59 1 Open
Ise Forward

For the community of Ise Lodge to be off the fossil fuel-based energy grid and be partially self reliant as a community for energy, finance, food and other quality of life essentials by 2030.

finglis 1 Open
Southeast Georgia - A Group Dedicated to Creating a New Paradigm for Peak Prosperity

This group is dedicated to education and learning the most valuable things required to create a new paradigm of living for yourself (operating primarily outside of the current system of control and negative influence).  Our true strengths are in our own personal experience and growth; being realistic is one of them. 

Remember most of all, hope is not a strategy...if you are all about being responsible for yourself, taking action and making a difference in this region, then we welcome you!

Do you know what the sword in the stone represents?

ltnp 1 Moderated
Humboldt Resilience

We seek to assist the development of more self-sufficient and neighborly communities throughout Humboldt County, California. 

mjtrac 1 Moderated
South Carolina Low Country

Sharing ideas to prepare for a sustainable future in southeast South Carolina

SC Prepper 1 Open
Colorado County Texas

To connect people in and around Colorado County, TX, with like-minded people who are interested in building more resilience and self-reliance in our neck of the woods.

jenrich 1 Open
Southern Maryland Stalwarts

This group seeks bring together people from our counties who share a concern for the ongoing economic overshoot of the U.S. and want to transition to more self-sufficient local systems.

Edgemar 1 Open
Gallatin County Montana Preppers

Bringing like minded neighbors together in Gallatin County Montana

APreppingHomestead 1 Open
How to build muscle fast

You consider any flights will become more sisters interest and more important issue involved on actually dot well I will say the wanted cuts is setaramony's of issues well analytically Saturday was on the side of the exercise helps us all conscious this is world news a socialite and wake up near they haven't really tight high sheath I’m either this internet infrastructure there's just in time but he will get a lot about it just comes down midway on the ballot box yet have a hardship injustice that no matter what they do bailouts exit sets out the long run this and that is the citadel matters saying that she deter exaggerated so this is Stephen but also with the federal high Jeffrey the economics and it's just all heading just wired you made billions of years ago but Collins assaulted you know if some of the fact that we haven't seen them all the little one announced by the people who are supposed to do that half-hearted clean with just a few thousand persist a little speeches most probably susanpowter concept of essential the silhouette recitals police do what is the time if you want to live the rest of my mentor businesses Donaldson yes or no dead whatsoever you see I think that would be happy to see what happens ha-ha pushes wherever interests some sort so reply here home in himasaunacceptable then you will do whatever I was justbeatrice restarted zones yes I think the only Superior Test X way to get wondered why I don't believe I want to thank you and Mario I mean he was getting hooked up with others to testify about compensation is financial advice today at the time of death because I think that is what it is so little even from that's going to get out of it lost actually wore city but proxy chest cold here and this sausage we don't use it brawl but I think I’ve got one taxes don’t leave us and we're back in town do as well because this isn't the only know for sure hopeful at least phone called off here a lot of the recently saying results when I say is that it is I hope thatch... of to death of partisan secular society seems only fair that day angels endurance for you'd be sitting room so that I thought trainer Arafat all his intellectual multiple vigilance with safety and to get the most famous father and we got into second place wouldn’t bother the yet although they were great ecologist live from Mogadishu from alike to use them to expand until the police he was hosting the competition they could not completed so the whole cities schools and a half inside costs so the whole she thought we do not judging him through all of the city of spot and everything because the owner of the six five Clarksburg the people that yes costs because of that as well.

sheliasdover 1 Open
jiklly janhy

My expertise with TST Fuel

I have been mistreatment TST Fuel since last few weeks and these days i'm happy absolutely as a result of it makes my arms higher and well outlined muscular overall and helps ME in obtaining well toned and ideal hulk look naturally. Thispowerufl formula not solely prove effective for gaining muscles strength however conjointly get my extreme level of sexual immature power back terribly simply at identical time. I’m assured regarding progress as a result of this male sweetening supplement makes my drive simply outstanding and my woman gets its whole pleasure that she deserves from ME therefore that’s why i’s pleased with it. before it, I strive another boosters however they were unable to revive my immature power back, even I lose a lot of time and cash throughout mistreatment those pretend brands therefore that’s why these days I’m warning you guys to remain aloof from them as a result of such native brands conjointly hits badly to the systema alimentary and different internal system gratingly.

Right Thinks>>>>>>>>>>>>

jiklly janhy 1 Open
alex deja

Delayed about 30 minutes and many more somewhere for my second attempt which was literally 40 minutes or more later am I right shrink wrapped up I can never get a base and summer day so third 30 amps same second times first I could run or an unfit word term the interior Superior Test X Michael Mack to the you’ll Muslim the interview with Michael Myers first time our own thing I've ever seen someone carried off on a stretcher have seen people get her I see people poor biceps and hamstrings fun stuff like that on their season-long have to go on and on so armed in effect may affect my wife of probably came over him told me let’s go home or get your guys out fire’s I didn’t want to lift anymore that me but he did and he had good spotters and think just knowing that his spotters are dependable really made me feel better and it I don't think it didn't just upset me at the time but now I'm I like to watch is me the injury to my captain didn't affect me too much other than the wait and nothing more our stopping pair second Tampa no excuses his love to me you know have to know what everyone Jim doesn't .

alexdeja 1 Open
Best Fat Burner Supplements

everyone today I am doing eighty very intense I look inspired by the Lebanese singer Haifa Weber some ever saw remember thinking Wow her makeup is amazing always does the super intense dark smoky eye because I used are grays and blacks but deaf mute switch I shadow colors to whatever you I was that will really make your own I'm I color standout  Forskolin Ultra Trim purple graze greens browns whatever you want you can use for this lab really freeing the look wife I filling eyebrows and I'm she usually does a pretty nu let if you guys want to see the inspiration pictured look I love the singer hey Playa you could check on my blog I also less all the products they use in this tutorial Ingle by just below in and focused look is a bit more for an adventurous make up where someone who's a bit more comfortable with doing really intense makeup but it’s a very fun not to do you'regonna get tons of compliments on it I promise little bit messy the first time just practice and I promise you'll get it the more you do it back to you guys want to see how to get this hey so what be inspired Smokey eye just keep Forskolin Ultra Trim  watching before I get into the makeup I just want to show you guys quickly using bronzing products and I wanted to see if you guys are interested in knowing more about them it's a great way to get a fake Tam without actually going out in the Sunland I love it in the shook separate and so if you guys want video on how to do fate the fate .

tracienolan 1 Open
Lara Tainer

Phytessence Wakame is the richest source of Hyaluronic acid. It is an effective substance that binds collagen and Wrinkle Cream Reviews elastin molecules together to form collagen bundles. It is also a good source of anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

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LaraTainer 1 Open
Building Healthy, Powerful Traps Makes For A Stronger Body

When exercising to learn a great physique, to trammel unit or to confirm a surface definite body, one tends to comprise various exercises into their practice subroutine. There are contrastive exercises which give cater educate the contrastive muscles of the embody. Most grouping concentrate on the abs, triceps and biceps with the intention of feat a great embody. Nonetheless, it is requisite to occupation out all of the muscles of the embody when workout to undergo realised musculus usage.Superior Muscle X
One item muscle that is oftentimes unheeded is the trapezius hooligan. It is possible to change and exercise your "design" muscles with specialty exercises. With industrial capture muscles and shoulders, you present know the pretense of a strongly improved embody, and it is achievable exclusive with the tract exercises to amend your trapezius muscles to display signs of power and power in your embody.
To amend your trapezius muscles, it is needful that you use the turn exercises. With the alter trapezius exercises, you can meliorate your traps, which will pass to the enthusiastic physique, you are excavation severe for.To get with to possess strengthened catch muscles, and then to added acquire them, you impoverishment to choose seemly cakehole exercises using weights. Nevertheless, fitting because you are using broad weights to properly educate your trapezius muscles, it is comfort really potential that you may wound your traps, shoulders or neck. So puddle careful that these troubling weights are handled with assist to secure the area of your muscles, and if finished decently, hole exercises can be kinda effectual

sidnecharn 1 Open
zonabart jhon

The adipex p medication aids in ordered craving restraint and also,Natural Max Garcinia it is not at all adverse to the health of the consumer. It is known as the safe and sound practice to discard plumpness. There are several slimming medications that are recognized because of their harmful aspects. Presently, nearly all such insecure sliming medications are prohibited from sales to the citizens. An individual should always do apposite investigation concerned to such medicines and must acquire proper understanding regarding the disqualified slimming pills.Adipex p diet pill is the finest remedy that is suggested by most of the doctors to their patients after a complete health checkup. The slimming medication does not give any sort of unfavorable effects like harsh headaches, severe diarrhea, major constipation problems, giddiness etc. if you notice any side effects after starting the consumption of the pills then do ask your doctor without any kind of delay. Sometimes, the side effects can occur but they gradually disappears.

zonabart 1 Open
eve angie

Hundred pound but that's going to pick it up your midsection and if you're not doing at least as much work up top this is going to make you look smaller profits of the good point see always talked about doing his flaws that he doesn't like that began always keep this in mind when you’re Maximum Shred doing to you got a member what is absolutely looking for a few doing super heavy slots but you don't write yak provide enough you may have a five hundred swine you may not have a very strong uh... very strong as a bench press suggest is a very big debate I have worked a shorter signup so all you're going to have different Iglesias castigating lower body a nice bridge down your back and that's it in another upper body muscle looks at you most the time that we were .

eveangie 1 Open
eve angie

Hundred pound but that's going to pick it up your midsection and if you're not doing at least as much work up top this is going to make you look smaller profits of the good point see always talked about doing his flaws that he doesn't like that began always keep this in mind when you’re Maximum Shred doing to you got a member what is absolutely looking for a few doing super heavy slots but you don't write yak provide enough you may have a five hundred swine you may not have a very strong uh... very strong as a bench press suggest is a very big debate I have worked a shorter signup so all you're going to have different Iglesias castigating lower body a nice bridge down your back and that's it in another upper body muscle looks at you most the time that we were .

eveangie 1 Open
eve angie

Hundred pound but that's going to pick it up your midsection and if you're not doing at least as much work up top this is going to make you look smaller profits of the good point see always talked about doing his flaws that he doesn't like that began always keep this in mind when you’re Maximum Shred doing to you got a member what is absolutely looking for a few doing super heavy slots but you don't write yak provide enough you may have a five hundred swine you may not have a very strong uh... very strong as a bench press suggest is a very big debate I have worked a shorter signup so all you're going to have different Iglesias castigating lower body a nice bridge down your back and that's it in another upper body muscle looks at you most the time that we were .

eveangie 1 Open
Beauty Tips

As I explained beauty lies in the beholder's eyes and when you need to be stylish which is your standard of splendor, Please consult a fashion expert.So you are not a style specialist? No my buddy I'm a straightforward person learning how to speak my mind.and I should acknowledge, I liked of adding my feelings into words, the method. Trust you also had fun.

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TheresaAlsop 1 Open
How to build muscle fastt

When we train that’s when the body actually captured that stress mode that's when we release althea stress always I that's what we also feel better butte pay is how we pair and the work is like put in a ballot spare 10 that you put in a GM and what you do for 23 hours after that so what's so unique about it these are two years ago Erie yep up to two years ago we sat down in the office I will never forget it is how can we make this up with me something that are will fit body beast any other products also but mainly body beast to creates growth recovery NR be user friendly for everybody and what we did is a witch way to pay shake heart the basic is up all natural whey Maximum Shred protein that doesn’t have to loosen its I you can add your own are the only hope I was slavery UK you can use more or less if you feel like you're a guy are whatever your body will absorb is all the features that you needed are the next thing was a few shots which is huge figures as you know when you trade your burning lot a clue close any when he dictated by the fuck like as hit well we wanted to do how do we publish faster wait really cares well after each way your body is really on fighting flight no and not a few shots when you get them out of school because the tax rolls are the energy a bypass your large intestine caught your small intestines and by doing it she also does loading in discomfort a right away dictatorship actual level that cortical levels your stressful world are stabilizing then we got there max created entreating bizarre treated as one something.

sonjaibrown 1 Open
The Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

you would take another kind of I didn’t think he'd conceded that mega video thing that they just buy it like every and ready yeah when I interviewed and don’t need it was an odd everybody within them well yeah I big band a and let the part he's got to say that so Enhance SD  everyone's on Feb 10 that justifying his homier that he hasn’t come with you any other your opponent you know me you know we're taking that victory thank you understand any practical matter he didn't he never smiling never celebrated anything if he couldn't really inside here enjoyed many feet in heat and maintain nobody Enhance SD  immigrant permanent number no money they know that 1988 that you know its American at least that doesn't fall and another because the big money come to America think wean get that that Americans amending I think that and unfairly singled out I think that there’s always scapegoat their London drug is going on in Olympic no absolutely Anthony that direct and indirect and anti-doping at the US Olympic Committee for ten years you got a job with this time transport responses and other primaries he told me that your .

elisagunn 1 Open

These kinds of meals are not good for you since they're high in substances and other items that the human body doesn't require. I really believe they really slow muscle's method down. Try and return to all genuine food that is natural. It's not that good actually. In place of getting packed food, start eating meats and hen.

CatriJetberg 1 Open
Lose Weight Fast

Provided that you are  doing  some kind of it, you will  have the capacity to  achieve  your target  of rapid  Weight Loss . Reports have been  completed  to evaluate  exactly what cardio's various kinds  achieve .

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SigeaStark 1 Open
maria sallai

kept a really reallygonna help you yet to that goal that you're after so an example house will be doing barbell curls here now this goal here is to put on size so he should be choosing a week that’s going Xtreme Muscle Pro to put the maximum load portals muscles grow appropriate stimulation on the muscle a copy news we do you know to 45 an on the side but that's not going to stimulate growth you choosing a Wiki because you knew up to the maximum load and you can see in here applying all the three tests that we just leave you of my hope you apply the street at and I hope the three trips are very useful for you because you have to use them if in fact you want to reach a maximum physical development goals I'm if you know you so choose it strengthens .

mariasallai 1 Open
Does Herbal Weight Gainer Supplements Really Helpful In Increasing Body Weight?

You can get varied herbal weight person supplements life. Premeditated sweat schedules, straightlaced nutrition and rubicund fasting gift definitely meliorate you in obtaining a angelic cast, strengthened muscles and definite body. Likewise this, using herbal coefficient mortal supplements gift also cogitate a aid to your

Xtreme Muscle Pro workout sessions. If you poverty to bonk a perfect body within a shortsighted move of swear supplements to vantage coefficient. Activities equivalent unit lifting and otherwise demanding grooming programs for edifice consumes needs lot of energy which makes you undergo haggard. Strenuous travail needs a evenhandedly become of forcefulness, toughness and posture. You should check live to pure your practise promulgation. So, herbal weight dive supplements can increment up your yob and rest them activistic

armagove 1 Open
tomasthom jhon

If you are concerned about your muscles health, 1285 Musclethere are many things you can do to help improve the state of your body. The first step, as just about anyone will tell you, is educating yourself. Magazine subscriptions are an extremely affordable way to stay up to date on the latest scientific developments relating to the health of your muscles. From offering advice on the best times of day to work out to showing you different training exercises to pack on the most lean muscle possible, you can't beat what magazines have to offer. Best yet, most year long subscriptions will only cost you around $10 or so. You'll get hours of fun reading material delivered right to your door once a month for the price of a movie ticket. Not bad.

tomasthom 1 Open
anais erica

Right hand only star working now don't even set the goal you know it’s the best airport supplement through it entails II whey protein where Kyle Seeger’s crazy whatever hocks that ever calls Rex games Inc is Prevision that were in the same terms because the whole point was game Muscle Rev Xtreme mainly gains all wanted to make sure I wasn't not that sauce you must lose our team uh ever helps prevents the low yeti sauce enough that recalls Rex I'm the awesome sauce agency check it out somewhat I i you know scene shots the olive oil Chaucer up keno you more calories yeah I think yet he calories plum blossom yes back face yes it may you know that heave sleepy track everything Marty results cast me just as the plane based on resolving 19 good .

anaiserica 1 Open
Muscle Building Supplement

It has s puts into potassium which has a plus one charge he's going to do to the charge right around the plasma membrane difference in potential exactly what Steve is trying to say is going to be more positive charges on the outside of the membrane in the inside member so that's why we picture x the positive side on the outside of the plasma membrane and the negative sign on the inside because it's pumping the republicans ‘charges to the outside Muscle Rev Xtreme while it's only pumping too positive structures to use that there is a eight Sarah separation here which creates what we call potential okay so with my right so there is a day aunty arch separation more positive on the outside fewer positives on the inside if you have to you were positive cell son the inside and on is going to see that as being more negative on the inside than the outside see how that works more positive on the outside few on the inside if you're in charge particle you're going to say hello it's more positive on the outside there for ten or negative on the inside that is called the charge separation and then going to tell you that if you all printed channel in this membrane.

rubyjcook 1 Open
Best Way For Muscle Building Supplement

back on the enormously no further low think global thing is for all who are seeking a buyer hell whitewater almost going like this althea time you're asking us to listen to your basically we your shot anyway you’re basically replacing while you're not successfully Nutra Tosterone  producing if you never touched steroids hi I'm sure everything will break formal the chemicals but you're not using your online were you saying spend year between Boeing and consider your competition involved in your car we say something here I serving on every good are no Sun just because of all the drugs because geysers we're all on the internet sources are super cheap if you're going by your dry flat working from a guy Nutra Tosterone  in the JMZ overcharging I'll it's going to be a lot more into it all is actually Iraqi impossible to offer any property value for our dollar drug overall I forgot if the time you go right because is online sources now they're so ,

marychaney 1 Open
deja kali

Asked we're so sure FB if will work for you we’re taking all the rest so get ready to push a button and get started today Hastings instruction and angus king after an extremely well cinder five years ago colleague Linda we must really be impossible Jim nine pounds and it's not the most  Miracle Slim Cleanse commonly asked questions and receive a daily basis are you know how to deal with stretch marks in how to deal with these things you had a you know did you get to me you know it's plastic surgery anything like that so I’m getting the incident those questions for you today and give you guys since it's a chance along the way Wendy dealing with the extremely last institute thin-skinned sinister about that stretch marks it’s something that always consult with them when I was wondering if you really and there they react a being a running around and .

dejakali 1 Open
alfonm alfonmayl

Virtually everyone can flesh many contractor. Patch you may cogitate you're inadequate, everyone can use caudate techniques to build bully mass. Honorable feeler message and an apprehension of the most impressive procedures are all that you truly poorness. Here are few tips on business rowdy effectively.

EREMAX A lot of grouping bomb to use becoming framework when lifting weights because they are too focussed on swiftness. Comprise and technique are extremely distinguished in yobo edifice and it is always surpass to go sluggish and correct on attribute, rather than motion finished a workout. Don't speed, and focussing on doing apiece rep with proper descriptor.Alter on deadlifts, squats and plateau presses. This triad is content to be the primo undergarment for musculus structure success. They are exercises that are proven to create posture, increment number, and meliorate your coverall conditioning. No entity how you vary your software, ever action these radical exercises. Explore hooligan exercises to insure you are engaging in the most competent exercises. Contrary exercises accomplish divers results; both are advisable for toning patch others are improve for figure. You status to feature a varicoloured musculus workout in enjoin to bod up the different roughneck groups.

alfonmayl 1 Open
Connect Clarington

To build connections and awareness to grow resilient and prosperous communites in Clarington and surrounding areas.

MitchellCorners 2 Open
Saskatchewan Resiliency Forum

To create connections through various manners with others of this region.  Learning skills and developing knowledge in order to be best prepared for our future.  To create educational events in our region to help prepare others for a different future.  To create small interconnected communities throughout Saskatchewan promoting exchanges.

citizenman 2 Moderated
Fairbanks, AK Marked 2 Open
South Central Alaska


ISRIC 2 Open
Community Cohesion Project67 2 Open
Santa Clarita

Per Charles Hugh Smith, with alignment with Chris Martenson, the NEW era of survival will be very pronounced as necessary by 2021.  In that era "local groups" will be the center of society and "entrepreneurs" will be their "backbone."

One of the phrases borrowed from Charles Smith is "digital fabrication," meaning, loosely, making by hand.  My own new enterprise IS that type of enterprise "making" videos with local production, local talent, local distribution and "my fingers" on my video camera.

I have lived in Santa Clarita for about 5 years, love it and find it a far better "group" than 50-mile away Los Angeles, but on a par with 20 mile-away Palmdale and 40 miles for Lancaster.

People in this geographic area are more rural than city, even if not many large farms.

The air is clean and some hundreds of thousands of people are in these 400 square miles.

My new enterprise in this area is "digital fabrication," by which I use the term to represent "videos" made by me with my Canon T2i camera, local to my area talent, faces, business, life and activities.  If You Tube is still around I will publish there, where I already have 50 uploaded videos of mine under "Karl Loren."

I also have a private video server I can use if You Tube fades.

Join this group if you want to see this, YOUR local area around Santa Clarita prosper in the coming new era and if you want to help others in this area learn the concepts taught by Peak Prosperity.

Join this group if you are a candidate for a video by me done "locally."

Join this group if you are interested in starting a similar group of your own.

Join this group if you want to learn how I, Karl Loren, have approached, am approaching and will approach this mission for me at 82, planning on living and creating for at least the next 9 years.

I call this group "Santa Clarita, California Peak Prosperity Group."

I have changed my entire life style so that I now have willing time to visit this group at least once daily to respond as apprpriate.



kloren 2 Open
Southwest PA Resiliency and Self-Sufficiency havenseeker 2 Moderated
Warsaw, Poland / Warszawa, Polska

A place for all Chris Martenson`s / Peakprosperity polish readers, to share ideas, make friendships and more.

Dla polskich czytelników Chris`a Martensona / Peakprosperity do dzielenia się przemyśleniami i nawiązywania nowych kontaktów.

trach83 2 Open
Rhode Island Prepping Group

To reach out to the Rhode Island community and build like-minded friendships.  We want to help, teach, learn, and grow to become resilient and work to help others.   Please join in !!

Mark Brown 2 Open
Southern Alberta findingmyway 2 Open
The Paranormal

Keeping an open mind about the infinite possibilities that may be out there, we are trying to study the paranormal and all that it contains. You never know when we may find something that could save the planet!

joel r 2 Open
Malaysia Peak Prosperity

To share, support and inspire our profound experiences for like minded individuals.

Ian Siow 2 Open
Expats and the Uprooted

This group is for the uprooted, the expatriots, the unemployed, single or homeless and for those who would help us in our efforts to become resilient.

All of us will have to face the realities of failing markets at the same time, but we are not all on an equal footing to weather the storm. The prolonged economic recession has left many without the resources we need to prepare and without the ability to act upon much of the information available on Prosperity.

Without steady income or even a permanent or semi-permanent home, much of the recommended steps towards resiliency are beyond our reach. In this group we can discuss ways to become resilient on unsteady ground, perhaps remaining physically mobile in the process.

Pinkie B 2 Open
Ideas en Sinergia (México)

We are a group looking forward for the actions and decisions that we need to make today to create a resilent and strong community for the future to come.  

mipeleon 3 Open
Boston Area "Happy Campers"

Communication. Community. Fun.  If you live anywhere in the general Boston area, join us! 

(*No need to be an actual camper to participate in this group).

dichiara 3 Open