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Alucia Cream

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georgeewis 1 Open
Rowe 2014

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2014 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Adam Taggart 22 Open
Rowe 2015

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2015 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Adam Taggart 32 Open
"Forgotten" Wisdom

Let's collect it here!  What useful things have you learned from your elders, your childhood, and the stories of others? 

In another group, user ptwisewoman wrote:

[My elderly mother] grew up on a subsistence farm in this area and has a ton of information in her head that she can share.  Sometimes we have to work at getting it out but it sure makes the problem solving easier sometimes.

I have probably been focused on being self-sufficient most of my adult life.  It seemed important to me to be prepared and my grandparents lifestyle encouraged that or they were an excellent role model.  I learned to can, freeze, harvest, shell, shuck, sew and live within my means from a young age.  My grandparents had small packets of gold coins stashed around their house in the 60s and 70s.  Now that I'm "retired" I am trying hard to create a productive 5 acres and encourage and help friends and neighbors.

Although much of the wisdom of resilient living has been "forgotten" over the past couple of generations and is now being resurrected by those who are committed to it, some of us are lucky enough to have family in which such wisdom was never lost in the first place.  Perhaps you have a family story that harkens to a time when resilience was a necessary ingredient in life.  Or perhaps you have observed the "Depression-era mentality" of older family members, felt to be out of place by "modern" standards.

Tell us your stories, your family's stories, the stories of your elders and neighbors and friends and mentors.  Tell us what you've learned from folks who lived in a less abundant era that is applicable to our current journey toward resilience.  This wisdom is not lost; it's just dormant.  Let's help re-awaken it by sharing it with each other.

Amanda Witman 23 Open
"RV Across America"

All about RV'ing - traveling across North America. Sharing the best places to relax, and even the most secure locations you've found... just incase. Website support is provided at 

Are you a full timer? part timer? still dreaming? Join us and jump into the discussions - everything from what you need; to what what you'll encounter; to earning a living while you're "on the road!"

alansills 6 Open
3E's North of NYC

Folks attracted to the message of the 3E's who live in Westchester County, NY and the surrounding tri-State area are welcome to join and consider hosting or taking part in local face-to-face activities.  Host a salon at your house where we review a book together, get together for dinner at a local restaurant, get together as small scale angel investors to review the request of a local business for funding, or meet in a local park for a potluck lunch ... it can all be arranged here!  Want to get the word out about a local event that might be of interest?  Do it here.  Need a hand for a barn raising on your property?  (That I would like to see!)  Ask for help here!   

Jim H 7 Moderated
A Trace of Texas

Sharing ideas to prepare for a sustainable future in Texas.  

Retha 45 Open
abel aman

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abelaman 1 Open
Agriculture & Permaculture

Thinking of starting a garden? Or actively farming in order to source a meaningful percentage of your own food? This group is full of information, insights and knowledgable daily discussion to help you succeed.

Wendy S. Delmater 669 Open
Albuquerque Preparedness Information Exchange jlr87105 9 Moderated

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alejanillard 1 Open
alish forter

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alishforter 1 Open
alish pruex

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There's significantly of information these days concerning losing weight, plus the way to attempt it. Our mothers had the best intentions for our welfare, but may canrrrt you create understood fully what to try and if their child had become obese. A person have blamed themselves and thought these were a bad mother. This guilt then transferred itself to the overweight child, making the actual load problems worse as they grew move up.

alishpruex 1 Open
Aloha Hawaii Resiliency Group

Our Mission: To empower people to build more environmentally sustainable, connected, compassionate, and resilient communities rooted in personal commitments to change and grow together, as the world changes.

E malama e, e malama aina, e malama pono i ka he i au e (loosely translates from Hawaiian is "We shall take care of the land that feeds us because it is precious and sacred.")

Friendly Aquaponics 10 Open
Alternative energy

Interested in becoming energy self sufficient? This is the place for you.

Damnthematrix 296 Open
ann wilk

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annwilk 1 Open
Aquaponics on a Commercial Scale

Our Mission: To support and forward the developent of Commercial Aquaponics as a viable way to earn a good living, in the face of "Big Ag" and to level the playing field for small commercial farmers without resorting to mechanization or the extreme use of fossil fuels.

Friendly Aquaponics 23 Moderated
Aquaponics: A Food Revolution Raising Food the EASY WAY!

Our Mission: To openly share our experience raising food with Aquaponics, which offers the best combination of technology and sustainability, to create a food production revolution in urban, suburban, and rural enviroments, raising food the EASY WAY!

Friendly Aquaponics 115 Moderated
aquino xcena

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aquinoxcena 1 Open
Arthur Robey

It all became clear to me why the Western world is malnourished.

We are using the wrong metaphore for the human body. The correct metaphore is a rain forest, an ocean reef or the magnificent biological complexity of the planet itself.

We are not pristine time pieces (The fading metaphore of the machine), we are walking swamps.

When you drop food down into the rain forest that is your gut, you are feeding far more than yourself. You are feeding your rainforest. Some of this chaos helps you digest food (symbiots), others are just there for themselves (parasites). Do not try to picture your rainforest in simple terms, it is incomprehensibly complex.

So guess what happens when you carpet bomb the rainforest with antibiotics? What happens if you hit a rainforest with Agent Orange?

Now you are arriving at the correct picture, the correct metaphore. Would you be astonished to discover that you have killed off all the organisms that used to consume the fats that you dropped down the little red hatch?

So what is the cure? The less resolute must avert their eyes now.

The answer is to re establish a healthy rain forest. Ask one of your skinny friends to prepare yellow soup for you.

That should make you avoid antibiotics like the plague, to invent a phrase.

Arthur Robey 5 Open
Austin, Texas Community

Some things I thought we could help each other out with:

- Alert each other when there are opportunities (elections, community forums, council meetings, volunteer opportunities etc.) to make positive structural changes in Austin

- Help each other navigate rules and regulations that may help/hinder prepping and resiliency (zoning laws, home owners' association regulations, etc.)

- Exchange creative ideas about storing food/water/supplies, growing food, energy generation, transportation, etc. in an urban environment, especially for people who may have limited space, live in apartments/condos, etc.

- Get together and teach each other useful skills, share tools and labor, etc. for those who are interested.

- Provide social support and help each other assess our preparedness & plan and prepare for the future, maybe do a study circle or book club of sorts if people are interested.

- Brainstorm about increasing the resiliency of our neighborhoods and of Austin and surrounding areas as a whole (after all, the more prepared and less desperate our neighbors are, the more secure we are in turn).

- Share information and maybe work with local organizations who are doing things which support community preparedness (TreeFolks' Urban Orchard Project, for instance).

- Find people nearby who may be allies if a disruption or collapse does occur.

I'm imagining this as a group for anyone and everyone who's interested in any activity ranging from hedging against inflation to building their very own secret bunker, so please feel free to join and post and take an active role in shaping the group!

jenannrich 9 Open
Australian Resilience

Design and implement resilient homes and communities. 

aeldric 58 Open
Awake NYC

This group is being put together to see if there are any other members of this site living in one of the five boroughs. As one might expect living in such a political and economic powerhouse as NYC, much of the population is quite unaware or in denail of what is happening around them (or simply feel they know better).

As such, the purpose of this group is to give us city folk a place to connect and serve as confirmation that you aren't the only one in a city of 8 million thinking about the big picture. 

Nicholas83 36 Open
Babies, Birth, and Breastfeeding

The modern medical model calls for the birthing, care, and feeding of babies to be a highly technological experience.  In the future, complete self-reliance and parent-to-parent mentoring may well be essential to the survival of mothers and children.  Let's talk about ways to handle birthing, breastfeeding, and babycare when modern technology is unavailable or undesirable.  (Note:  No comments in this group are endorsed by Peak Prosperity or are to be construed as medical advice under any circumstances.)

Amanda Witman 17 Open
Backyard Chickens

We love chickens! Here you'll find lively discussions on how to raise these fun, feathered fowl. We've got great posts to help first-timers get started, plus daily discussions to keep more experienced hands learning (or showing off!)

Woodman 181 Open
bdle nally

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bdlenally 1 Open

Gather beekeeping wisdom where Peak Prosperity community members can benefit. 

dps 116 Open
Belgium Prosperity Seekers

A place where like minded people from Belgium (and main land Europe) meet to discuss how to become more resilient and prosperous given the events that people in Belgium (and main land Europe) can face in the future. All main land Europeans are welcome. English is encouraged but is not the only language on this group.

gemel 7 Open
Berkshire County Resiliency Group

Welcome! Calling all Berkshire County residents! Lets work together to keep the Shire' a wonderful and prosperous place to live.

Mission: To provide a forum for residents of Berkshire County to organize, share information, and create pro-active solutions for the betterment of our community given the changing nature of our world economy.

Core Values:

-Resiliency: Actions and knowledge that will help us become more physically and emotionally resilient.

-Community: We are all in this together. We must think of our neighbors as our friends to help and protect, lest in a time of crises they become our enemies.

-More to add later.

Objectives of this group:

-Attract residents of Berkshire County who are in agreement with the ethos of "Peak Prosperity" movement to a central place of online communication.

-Fascilitate dialogue and sharing of knowledge among community members.

-To eventually hold monthly local gatherings.

-Possibility of working on shared sustainability projects.

andrewmtanner 3 Open
Bicycling and Cargo

Our Mission:To support people in finding ways to use bicycles creatively and in creating a less car-dependent lifestyle - while being energized and happy. 

Gaborzol 55 Open
Biointensive Gardening

This group will explore the pros / cons and experiences of using the biointensive gardening method to grow more food in less space that you ever thought possible. 

jasonw 134 Open
Bitcoin interest group

Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that can be transacted peer-to-peer, have cryptography at their digital DNA heart, and have a mechanism of creation (digital mining by running the creation software on a powerful computer) that makes their scarcity profile very much like that of a finite natural resource... Gold and Silver come to mind.  Bitcoins cannot be infinitely created - the underlying software increases the amount of computing power needed to make new Bitcoins at regular intervals, meaning that eventually it would take almost infinite energy (in the form of computing power) to create the next Bitcoin.  This makes Bitcoins unique in the world of alternative, intangible currencies. 

As of early 2013, with Bitcoin's value rising vs. dollars and other currencies, and many signs that the Bitcoin ecosystem is coming alive, it is fair to say that Bitcoin has gained enough critical mass in the free market that we should stand up and take notice.  The purpose of this group is to observe, discuss, and dissect this phenomenon called Bitcoin - will it remain a free market or will bankers or governments find ways to control it?  How much will a Bitcoin purchased today buy in 6-months, or a year from now?  Will you be able to walk into a bar or a pizza shop and transact in Bitcoin sometime soon?  Stay tuned, and join the group if you have feelings one way or the other. 

Jim H 79 Open
Blockchains and the new commodity of 'trust' - Crash Course

Verifiable trust without a third party

Trust is the new commodity. The Blockchain invention makes it possible to monetize trust.

Trust is the crux of the value in silver and gold. We trust that it will maintain its value independent of governments and banks, although we are learning how they work to control its perceived value.  We expect gold and silver will remain valuable because history has proven it over millennia.

However can you trust the people you are doing business with? With physical gold and silver,  you're limited to economic activity no different than 2,000 years ago. It's trustless value ends at the length of your arm. At that point you will be trusting a third party to record ownership, insurance - protection through a transaction. Because people have to get involved - this has turned out very badly in history.

Blockchain digital tokens are commonly referred to as 'gold 2.0'. It has the advantages of being rare and limited - and they also have useful properties with intrinsic value that allow them to be used in other ways than just currency. In a huge advantage they can pass anywhere in the world instantaneously without needing to trust a third party to keep everybody honest. In this way - the new commodity of trust is far superior.

This new technology allows for personal ownership of the digital encrypted tokens that can pass from one owner to the next and carry its own value and unique properties. The "Subjective Value Theory" states that prices are worth what others are willing to pay for it based on their own subjective opinions for the value. For various reasons that you will discover as we go, different groups of people will place heavy value on some of these tokens for their own reasons. The unique properties for these tokens and blockchains  will be utilized in different ways by different groups, governments, corporations, etc. Because they are also rare, the price will rise to the point that one particular group will find it more useful than the national currencies they are holding and will trade one for the other.

However not all blockchains are created equal. This new science and invention will requires acceptance and understanding from the general population. There are many competing tokens and blockchains but there will only likely be few that succeed.   You will soon learn why the potential profits in this field have the potential to overtake all other investments combined. Just about everything is about to become disrupted on par with changes the internet brought.

As the world of banking continues to collapse and central banks fail, blockchains offer a new hope. Gold\Silver\and blockchain currencies can be held together to compliment each other. Precious metals represents the historical trust of money in the past. Blockchain "Trust Commodities" represent immutable principled trust tokens available and viewable by everybody in the world at once. They require no third-party to track, verify, and send or receive. This is the first time in history this has been possible. 

This promises to be an adventure in science with possibilities you can't probably imagine yet.  This group is your ticket to the 'inside' and understand and find opportunities to be first in line where 99.999% of the world is still sleeping through this revolution that is happening right now.

mrees999 10 Open
Bogota, Colombia, South America

To build a group of people commited to resiliency based on renewable energies and natural farming.

Josue 7 Open
Boston Area "Happy Campers"

Communication. Community. Fun.  If you live anywhere in the general Boston area, join us! 

(*No need to be an actual camper to participate in this group).

dichiara 3 Open
Brattleboro, Vermont

Calling all Southern Vermonters!  It's time to get a show of hands and see who from our local network is present here at Peak Prosperity.

All locals are invited to join us here -- Post Oil Solutions people, Transition Town folks, Time Trade members, Commons staff, preparedness aficionados, localvore enthusiasts, energy conservers, local business owners and customers, recycling and compost advocates, co-op members, bicyclists, artisans and art patrons, gardeners, farmers, musicians, circus performers, farmers' market sellers and buyers, flood cleanup volunteers, parents, friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles, regular people, and even those who fit none of the above categories but are eager to consider how they might fit in going forward.

Putney and Bennington folks are welcome here, or please feel free to start your own group if you wish.

Amanda Witman 23 Open
Broomfield, Colorado

Gathering like-minded individuals to share in community building activities right here in Broomfield, Colorado and the surrounding area.

dps 9 Open
Buckeye Resilience

A group for Ohioans to meetup and share our journey to increase resilience in our homes and communities. 

kenkelley89 5 Open
Central California Peak Prosperity

A hub for learning how to live a resilient life, connecting with like minded people and spreading the info found at

It doesnt matter where you think things are headed, we aim to cater to all levels of the spectrum of possible outcomes.

We aim to form a group strong enough to bring quality instructors to teach and guide us. We will share ideas, best practices and tips for other preppers in the Central Valley ( California ) area.

Join us and stay tuned for more information!

JD Dutra

zdutra00 8 Open
Central Kentucky PeakProsperity

If you are a Peak Prosperity member in Lexington or surrounding communities,  please consider joining this group. There is not much of a preparedness mindset in central KY. We are hoping that this group can increase the general sense of community and promote awareness of the three Es message.


jturbo68 15 Open
Charlottesville Virginia

We wish to gather and share ideas, inspiration and work as we build a world that we want to live in and one full of kindness and abundance to leave to our children.

sand_puppy 22 Open
Chicago Urban Resilience

Not all of us want to be farmers.  This group is for people in the Midwest that are still tied to the global economy and are looking to navigate this great transition in a way that maintains or improves their finances, community involvement, and quality of life.

macro2682 18 Open
City Living

Our aim is to help members survive within the city limits during a time with scarcity in energy, food and water.

With real estate prices rising, it becomes important to find new ways to save and prosper. I have also included a list of important links to help with understanding the new-age, digital world.

chrisporter 1 Open
Civil liberties

The erosion of civil liberties in the United States has become increasingly clear since 2001.  This is evident over a broad spectrum of daily life, and is demonstrated by many examples that have been documented throughout this site.

This is an ominous trend.  Many current practices have the effect of intimidating people into silence.  Routine surveillance and data gathering techniques leave surprisingly little personal privacy.  With further erosion of the economy, and standards of living, all levels of government may react by “clamping down” on citizens by more direct means.  The tools and data to do this are already in place, and growing.

Discussing civil liberties will help us understand what is happening, and how we want to deal with that.  Protecting our civil liberties is critical.  The impact of  the Economy, Energy, and the Environment may bring this to a head.

This group was created as a central place for information and discussion that is currently scattered throughout this site.  In addition to new material, re-posts or links from within the site will be helpful.

Information will carry more weight if it is from your personal experience, or a story documented by a news source.  Avoid posting rambling “rants” by people who do that for a living.  However, their web sites may have links to documented sources with solid information.  The more specific the information the more persuasive it will be.  Try to minimize hype and maximize facts.  Many of these issues are cloaked in secrecy and deliberate distortion by those responsible.  Don’t expect clarity.  However, the pattern of events and the statements by authorities are telling.

While gun ownership is a civil liberty issue, it should be addressed in the Firearms Group.  Demonizing politicians you dislike is not helpful, as they are all complicit.  However, when specific politicians, or those who work for them, are linked to definable acts, they need to be exposed. 

Travlin 78 Open
Colorado County Texas

To connect people in and around Colorado County, TX, with like-minded people who are interested in building more resilience and self-reliance in our neck of the woods.

jenrich 2 Open
Colorado County, Texas

Don't know if there's anyone else out there in Colorado County interested in transition, peak oil, self-sufficiency, permaculture, prepping, etc., but hopefully this group can help connect us. I'm a couple miles outside of Columbus, TX and would love to hear from other folks nearby.

jenannrich 1 Open
Colorado Sustainability

Welcome! This is a place for people to share ideas and experiences, seek advice, and meet like-minded individuals and families transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle in the state of Colorado. Topics may include real estate, local laws, permaculture, firearms, holistic medicine, raising livestock, alternative energy, homeschooling, water filtration, fuel-efficient AWD vehicles, and so on. From Durango to Fort Collins, Grand Junction to Colorado Springs -- please join and feel free to ask questions or share helpful tips with others making a home for themselves in and around the Rocky Mountains.

Latersbrau 46 Open
Community Building

Our mission: To inform and enable individuals on how to form meaningful relationships and inspire community actions that build local resiliency

SagerXX 106 Open
Community Cohesion Project67 2 Open
Connect Clarington

To build connections and awareness to grow resilient and prosperous communites in Clarington and surrounding areas.

MitchellCorners 2 Open