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June 19, 2012

For those thinking of relocating to another part of the United States, whether across town or across the country.

This community is for people considering relocating themselves and their families within the United States - whether across town or across the country. We can consider maps, demographics, weather, climate, economic opportunities, etc. We can also discuss what it takes to pick up and leave family and friends behind, get used to a new community with new social mores and unspoken traditions, and set down new roots and build a new support system.

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By Wildlife Tracker on Fri, Jun 6, 2014 - 10:44pm

Healthiest States

Where the sickest people in the country are. This is currently unpublished information, but I hope to publish some of this information as a lot of this is "new" to the research. I extracted this information from the BRFSS ( 2010 and 2011 databases. I have the data for about 1 million people across the country so the datasets are MASSIVE. 

Co-morbidities could be heart disease, asthma, depression, cancer, diabetes etc. A total of 12 chronic illnesses were totaled to to create the comorbid variable.

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