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June 17, 2012

A group focused on ideas and issues related to preventing, deterring and responding to crime in and around the home.

Our group is devoted to helping one another effectively address the issues of personal safety in and around the home.  There are many steps we can take to make ourselves, our families and our possessions safer from criminal attack.  The group is focused on attitudes, strategies, skills and hardware necessary to prevent, deter and respond effectively to crime in the home.  The group aims to address the security and self-defense issues of all kinds of living situations, from a high-rise apartment in a large city, to a single family home in a small town or suburb, to an isolated farmhouse out in the country. 

Join us to learn and contribute.

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By joesxm2011 on Thu, Oct 2, 2014 - 1:29pm

New book by Massad Ayoob on Use of Deadly Force

I was reading last month's Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network Members Journal and it mentioned that Massad Ayoob is coming out with a follow on book to his classic In the Gravest Extreme.  The book will be out in December.

Every gun owner should read both of these books and, if possible, attend one of Massad's MAG 40 classes (Rules of Engagement for the Armed Citizen).

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