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grass fed beef

I have discussed elsewhere on this blog a discussion I once had with Guy McPherson.  I had seen statements from him railing against Allan Savory and the idea of raising beef in the US.  I tried to clarify his dislike of beef, and more specifically why he dislikes Allan Savory so much.  His answer was a little confused, but generally came down to the damage he imagines cattle inflict on rangeland despite the various methods of rotational grazing.  I then asked him about Joel Salatin's methods, which he apparently approves of, but still has the reservation that Salatin is raising beef.  Now, how he distinguishes between Salatin and Savory is not clear to me, although I am far from an expert on this issue.

This is an interesting topic to me, as I have considered raising a steer at a time to fill our own freezer.


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