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Endorsed Financial Advisers

Wealth management experts who share our point of view

One of the most frequent and urgently-voiced questions we receive from our readers is Can you recommend a financial adviser, ideally one aligned with the "Three Es" outlook of the Crash Course?

And with the growing turbulence in the markets especially the huge price swings in the stock market and precious metals we're seeing a notable increase in demand for these investment manager referrals.

Which is why we spent the better part of a year performing due diligence on a number of advisers to build a short list of firms we felt comfortable endorsing. 

Key criteria in our search were:

  • investment strategy
  • experience
  • quality of customer service
  • trust

Here's how Chris announced our findings:

Of course, the dirty little secret out there is that you can control risks to a far greater extent than is commonly admitted. All you have to do is not buy in to the commonly held beliefs of those around you who are being marketed to by a very savvy, self-interested crowd of hucksters.

And find a good, independent financial adviser who actually cares about you and your wealth. If you are interested, I happen to know a few. In the interest of full disclosure, these happen to be the same folks that manage money for several of my closest family members and with whom [Peak Prosperity] has recently entered into a financial arrangement where funds are received for sending them referrals that become invested clients [at no additional cost to the client].

The thrust of the above thinking is to "trust yourself," a core theme on this site and one that we absolutely advocate. But we understand that for many people, including the Peak Prosperity team, an important part of trusting ourselves involves knowing when to recruit outside expertise.  

If you feel now may be the right time for you, or you are otherwise interested in learning more about our endorsed financial advisers and potentially being referred to them, please fill out the form below.

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