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Daily Digest 12/11 - Good News Friday: Syrian Refugees Welcomed In Canada, 'Plant Lamp' Draws Electricity from Soil

Friday, December 11, 2015, 10:42 AM
  • Researchers develop antibiotic alternative to treat infections
  • Syrian Refugees Greeted by Justin Trudeau in Canada
  • The IMF forgives Ukraine’s debt to Russia
  • If voting were mandatory, the U.S. would shift to the left. Discuss.
  • How to Get Rid of Your Landlord and Socialize American Housing, in 3 Easy Steps
  • Key to Success of Climate Pact Will Be Its Signals to Global Markets
  • 'Plant Lamp' Draws Electricity from Soil
  • Change In Legislation Here Gives Miners More Freedom
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Daily Digest 12/10 - Sweden Declares War On Cash, New Forms Of Carbon?

Thursday, December 10, 2015, 10:48 AM
  • As stock buybacks reach historic levels, signs that corporate America is undermining itself
  • Bank of Canada would consider setting interest rate below zero: Poloz
  • Will The IRS Take Your Passport?
  • Cleveland Boy Tamir Rice Wasn't Reaching for Pellet Gun: Report
  • Beware The “Massive Stop Loss” – JPM’s Head Quant Warns This Unexpected Downside Catalyst Looms Next Week
  • Squandered Resources on College Education
  • Democratic Party Primaries: “Progressives” as Political Contraceptives
  • Drone Pilots have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen by Feds for Exposing U.S. Murder
  • Sweden has declared war on cash
  • Meet The Malignant Narcissist
  • From the Risk to the Guarded Expectation of Recession
  • This is why Americans are overweight and broke
  • West’s reaction to Turkish invasion – an exercise in hypocrisy
  • Billions of Barrels of Oil Vanish in a Puff of Accounting Smoke
  • New Forms of Carbon?
  • Adjusting The Taps
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Daily Digest 12/9 - Emerging-Markets Debt Binge Ends, Greece's 5 Ticking Time Bombs

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 8:33 AM
  • Rio Tinto Cuts Capital Spending Forecast to $5 Billion Next Year
  • CBO projects 2M fewer jobs under ObamaCare
  • L.A. rolls back pension reform
  • Anglo American to Cut 85,000 Jobs Amid Commodity Slump
  • Rio Olympics budget shrinking amid turmoil in Brazil
  • Bank of Canada Has Tools Beyond Zero Rate If Needed, Poloz Says
  • Malaysia Bonds, Ringgit Drop as Najib Flags $7 Billion Shortfall
  • U.K. corporate pension fund deficit increases 2% in November
  • Canada tax hike leaves hole, higher budget deficit eyed
  • New report on Illinois budgeting: Yes, it really is that bad
  • Year of Distress for Debt-Burdened Oil Firms Just Got Even Worse
  • Wary of debt cliff, Australia seeks soft landing for housing
  • Emerging-Markets Debt Binge Ends
  • Greece's five ticking time bombs: Mark Gilbert
  • Japan firms see yen weakening to at least 13-year lows next year: Reuters poll
  • Brazil's Caixa to cut mortgage lending amid funding dry-up, source says
  • China gold reserves rise to 56.05 mln fine troy ounces at end-Nov
  • China forex reserves plunge to lowest level since Feb 2013
  • Bank of France Sees Weaker Fourth-Quarter Growth After Attacks
  • Rand Drop Pushes South African Assets Abroad at Record Pace
  • Economists Lower Economic Outlook for Brazil for 2015, 2016
  • Rail cargo decline points to weak spots in economy
  • Euro-Area Economy Grows 0.3% in Third Quarter on Consumption
  • China's economic slowdown slams California exports
  • China exports fall for fifth straight month
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Daily Digest 12/8 - Money vs. Fiat, Mountain Ambush

Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 10:56 AM
  • Iranian broadcaster raises suspicions about death of reporter on Syrian border
  • Russia Sent T-90 Tanks to Syria
  • Mountain Ambush
  • The Anti-Empire Report #141
  • Obama's speech reminded Americans that the war with Isis is still illegal
  • CIA runs shadow war with Afghan militia implicated in civilian killings
  • JPMorgan Had 'Sons And Daughters' Hiring Program For Chinese Elite
  • Money vs. Fiat
  • Oil’s drop below $38 may cause a world of hurt for U.S. shale
  • This Is Why $20 Oil Is A Possibility
  • Paris Climate Negotiations Won’t Stop the Planet Burning
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Daily Digest 12/7 - NATO Ships In Turkey, Finland Considering Base Income For All

Monday, December 7, 2015, 10:43 AM
  • The age of ‘pre-crime’ has arrived
  • Our Own Private Disaster
  • Why I’m Closing My Bank Accounts While I Still Can
  • NATO Ships In Turkey
  • PBS Joins the MSM’s Syria-Russia Bias
  • Scientist Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats Wins Landmark Defamation Lawsuit in Paris
  • Finland is considering giving every citizen €800 a month
  • Renewable Energy Bankruptcy Threatens Spanish Banks
  • Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy
  • Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say
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Daily Digest 12/5 - Australia Riding Coal Train, Health Care Spending Hits 17.5% Of GDP

Saturday, December 5, 2015, 11:38 AM
  • The Bad Blood Between Russia and Turkey Is Spreading to Armenia and Azerbaijan
  • Why This Sucker Is Going Down Again
  • Look Out Below: the Real Economy Just Hit Stall Speed
  • Canadian banks earn $96 million a day in 2015
  • Thanks Obamacare—Health Care Spending Hits Record 17.5% Of GDP
  • Eric Sprott on U.S. unemployment, upcoming FOMC meeting & Bullion Bank maneuvering on the Comex 
  • The Economy Is Growing, but Not Fixed Yet 
  • Australia riding coal train despite climate pleas 
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Daily Digest 12/4 - Good News Friday: Americans Getting Healthier, Creating Meaning In The Workplace

Friday, December 4, 2015, 8:22 AM
  • New Diabetes Cases, at Long Last, Begin to Fall in the United States
  • The Workforce That Keeps Going, and Going, and Going
  • Bipartisan Talks Yield $300 Billion Highway Bill
  • Urban Farms: The New Frontier for Female Farmers
  • Silver: We Need It!
  • In Debate Over Gun Control, Australia Presents Stark Example
  • Solar AllianceGlobal Sets $1 Trillion Investment Goal For 2030
  • COP21: India signals willingness to cut coal for climate cash
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Image by Diary Of A Hotel Addict, Flickr Creative Commons

Daily Digest 12/3 - Facts Back Russia on Turkish Attack, 3 Common Myths About Cities

Thursday, December 3, 2015, 10:49 AM
  • Mass Shootings Do Little to Change State Gun Laws
  • Does Mass Surveillance Change The Way We Behave?
  • Paris Attacks Legitimize a New Wave of Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Laws
  • How Gaddafi’s Ouster Unleashed Terror
  • The Lull Before The Storm—–It’s Getting Narrow At The Top, Part 2
  • ECB & The Failed QE Stimulus
  • The Gold Price Broke Down. What’s Next?
  • Facts Back Russia on Turkish Attack
  • Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian Soukhoï 24?
  • Donald Trump Dares To Say That Turkey ‘Looks Like They’re On The Side Of ISIS’
  • Turkey Denies Russian Ships Access via Bosporus
  • 2015: The Last Christmas In America
  • Urban legends: three common myths about modern-day cities
  • Why we need a ‘space race’ approach to saving the planet
  • France places climate activists under house arrest during Paris summit
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Daily Digest 12/2 - What To Know About Oregon's Pension Problem, America's Poor Still Heavily In Debt

Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 9:46 AM
  • Asia's factories still struggling as U.S. rate hike looms
  • China's economic woes continue as manufacturing enters recession
  • Indonesia's tax chief resigns after failing to achieve revenue target: Media
  • PERS: Five things to know about Oregon's pension problem
  • More Michigan schools may face higher borrowing costs
  • Plunging oil, potash prices pushing Saskatchewan deficit to $262M
  • Canada's Budget Deficit To Be Billions Bigger Than 'Optimistic' Liberal Forecasts: PBO
  • U.S. oil companies' restructuring plans founder as prices plunge
  • Spain's Renewable Energy Powerhouse Abengoa Teeters Toward Bankruptcy
  • UK households owe record £2.1bn in water bills
  • Global defaults climb to six-year peak of $78b so far this year
  • Japan pension whale stands by stocks after $64 billion loss
  • U.S. Junk Bonds See Highest Distressed Ratio Since '09, S&P Says
  • America's poor are still heavily in debt
  • Sen Blumenthal: Puerto Rico 'narrowly avoided a complete default' on debt
  • European Central Bank May Surprise With Size of New Stimulus
  • Swiss economy grinds to standstill in third quarter
  • ECB to Test the Limits of Its Bond-Buying Program
  • Manufacturers suffer worst performance since 2009, ISM finds
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Daily Digest 12/1 - Smog Nightmare In Bejing, From Goldman Sachs To The Fed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 12:44 PM
  • Why Do Former Goldman Sachs Bankers Keep Landing Top Slots at the Federal Reserve?
  • MyRA: Worst Retirement Option Ever?
  • The Bush presidency was my fault: I am so sorry my work stopped the Florida recount
  • Donors gave a super PAC $6 million. Candidates actually got about $140,000
  • Ex-US Intelligence Chief on Islamic State's Rise: 'We Were Too Dumb'
  • More like Reagan than FDR: I’m a millennial and I’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton
  • Paris Talks Fall Short On Climate, But Shift To Clean Energy Is Clear
  • Confidence In Oil Hub Security Shaken By Oklahoma Earthquakes
  • Beijing factories shut amid smog nightmare
  • There Was No Global Warming 'Hiatus,' 40-Study Review Concludes