Daily Digest http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/newest?title=&uid=&created= en Daily Digest 5/23 - Adieu To Food Waste, Gold And Recessions http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92726/daily-digest-523-adieu-food-waste-gold-and-recessions ]]><ul> <li>BRICS trample U.S. in South America</li> <li>A Vision of Monetary Hell Troubles Our Sleep</li> <li>Adieu to food waste: French govt forces supermarkets to donate to charity</li> <li>Gold And Recessions</li> <li>Our Crazy-Making Economy&#39;s Endgame: Festering Frustration Seeking An Outlet</li> <li>USA Freedom Act fails as senators reject bill to scrap NSA bulk collection</li> <li>Smart Money Entering Precious Metals as Russia Buys Another 300,000 Ounces</li> <li>Now the Bank of England needs to deliver QE for the people</li> <li>Millions of Barrels of Oil Are About to Vanish</li> <li>Semiliquid battery competitive with both Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92726/daily-digest-523-adieu-food-waste-gold-and-recessions" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92726/daily-digest-523-adieu-food-waste-gold-and-recessions#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92726 Sat, 23 May 2015 14:01:55 +0000 DailyDigest 92726 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/22 - Clock Running Out For Struggling Oil Companies, Your Contribution To The CA Drought http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92711/daily-digest-522-clock-running-out-struggling-oil-companies-your-contribution-ca-d ]]><ul> <li>Banks Will Keep Doing FX Stuff That Got Them in Trouble</li> <li>Freddie Gray death: Grand jury indicts police officers</li> <li>Frontline health workers were sidelined in $3.3bn fight against Ebola</li> <li>Clock Running Out For Struggling Oil Companies</li> <li>California governor declares state of emergency after oil slick spreads off coast</li> <li>Get Ready: Protesters Vow to &#39;Flood the System&#39; for Climate and Planetary Justice</li> <li>Your Contribution to the California Drought</li> <li>Iowa bird-flu farms fall short on containment measures</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92711/daily-digest-522-clock-running-out-struggling-oil-companies-your-contribution-ca-d" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92711/daily-digest-522-clock-running-out-struggling-oil-companies-your-contribution-ca-d#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92711 Fri, 22 May 2015 13:45:11 +0000 DailyDigest 92711 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/21 - Greece Nears Debt Deal, OPEC Struggles To Keep Up http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92681/daily-digest-521-greece-nears-debt-deal-opec-struggles-keep ]]><ul> <li>Venezuela&#39;s Inflation Rate Is 200% and Credit Card Companies Are Cashing In</li> <li>The Improbable in Service to the Insatiable</li> <li>Greece nears debt deal in May as money runs low</li> <li>An Insane Financial World</li> <li>Global banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined nearly $6 billion</li> <li>Los Angeles&#39; minimum wage on track to go up to $15 by 2020</li> <li>Workers Race to Clean Up Oil Spill on California Coast</li> <li>OPEC Struggling To Keep Up The Pace In Oil Price War</li> <li>Vortex Bladeless aims for lower-cost wind energy approach</li> <li>To fight bee decline, Obama proposes more land to feed bees</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92681/daily-digest-521-greece-nears-debt-deal-opec-struggles-keep" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92681/daily-digest-521-greece-nears-debt-deal-opec-struggles-keep#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92681 Thu, 21 May 2015 14:32:54 +0000 DailyDigest 92681 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/20 - ECB Will Act If Inflation Target Isn't Met, More Red Light Cameras Coming Out http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92676/daily-digest-520-ecb-will-act-if-inflation-target-isnt-met-more-red-light-cameras- ]]><ul> <li>San Bernardino council backs bankruptcy plan that hammers bondholders</li> <li>Chicago Said to Delay $383 Million Bond Sale After Downgrade</li> <li>10 Investigates: More red light cameras coming out</li> <li>Half of college graduates expect to be supported by their families</li> <li>Euro Slumps After Official Says ECB Will Front-Load Stimulus</li> <li>Baht in Currency War After First-to-Worst Rout a Year After Coup</li> <li>Noyer: ECB will act if inflation target isn&#39;t met</li> <li>RBA minutes confirm scope for further interest rate cuts</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92676/daily-digest-520-ecb-will-act-if-inflation-target-isnt-met-more-red-light-cameras-" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92676/daily-digest-520-ecb-will-act-if-inflation-target-isnt-met-more-red-light-cameras-#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92676 Wed, 20 May 2015 14:41:09 +0000 saxplayer00o1 92676 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/19 - Markets Are in a 'Twilight Zone', Get Ready For A Solar Boom http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92660/daily-digest-519-markets-twilight-zone-get-ready-solar-boom ]]><ul> <li>Bank of America: Markets Are in a &#39;Twilight Zone&#39; and It&#39;s Time to Hold More Cash and Gold</li> <li>Obama will restrict grenade launchers, military equipment from local police</li> <li>When It Comes to Wage Abuses, It&rsquo;s Not Just the Nail Salons</li> <li>Engineered virus protects bacteria while eliminating antibiotic resistance</li> <li>New Texas law bans cities from banning fracking, drilling</li> <li>Get Ready for Solar Boom From China Plants as Asia Demand Swells&nbsp;</li> <li>Oil Prices Will Fall: A Lesson In Gravity</li> <li>Water level in Lake Mead, largest reservoir in the US, drops 150 feet in 14 years</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92660/daily-digest-519-markets-twilight-zone-get-ready-solar-boom" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92660/daily-digest-519-markets-twilight-zone-get-ready-solar-boom#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92660 Tue, 19 May 2015 14:38:13 +0000 DailyDigest 92660 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/18 - Dead Nation Walking, The Great Fossil Fuel Subsidy Myth http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92649/daily-digest-518-dead-nation-walking-great-fossil-fuel-subsidy-myth ]]><ul> <li>Dead Nation Walking</li> <li>Stranded: How America&#39;s Failing Public Transportation Increases Inequality</li> <li>#TakeUsWithYouScotland: 1000s in N. England sign petition to join &#39;future independent Scotland&#39;</li> <li>Kerry says U.S. and China discuss further sanctions on North Korea</li> <li>The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally.</li> <li>The In-State Tuition Break, Slowly Disappearing</li> <li>Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions</li> <li>The Great Fossil Fuel Subsidy Myth</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92649/daily-digest-518-dead-nation-walking-great-fossil-fuel-subsidy-myth" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92649/daily-digest-518-dead-nation-walking-great-fossil-fuel-subsidy-myth#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92649 Mon, 18 May 2015 14:48:29 +0000 DailyDigest 92649 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/17 - Common Retirement-Ruining Myths, Blueprint for a Better Human Body http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92643/daily-digest-517-common-retirement-ruining-myths-blueprint-better-human-body ]]><ul> <li>How Wall Street Is Fighting to Rip Off Your Retirement Money</li> <li>7 common myths that can ruin your retirement</li> <li>Use privacy software if you want to be safe from Facebook, warns watchdog</li> <li>America&#39;s premier rail superhighway is slowly falling apart</li> <li>Amtrak, After Derailment, Told to Expand Automatic Brake Use</li> <li>Millennials Are Ditching College and Heading Back to the Workplace</li> <li>Blueprint for a Better Human Body</li> <li>Brown&rsquo;s Arid California, Thanks Partly to His Father</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92643/daily-digest-517-common-retirement-ruining-myths-blueprint-better-human-body" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92643/daily-digest-517-common-retirement-ruining-myths-blueprint-better-human-body#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92643 Sun, 17 May 2015 15:37:17 +0000 DailyDigest 92643 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/16 - Rise Of The Robots, Are We Headed For An Egg Shortage? http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92642/daily-digest-516-rise-robots-we-headed-egg-shortage ]]><ul> <li>China is on track for the biggest reduction in coal use ever recorded</li> <li>&lsquo;Rise of the Robots&rsquo; and &lsquo;Shadow Work&rsquo;</li> <li>The Plot Against Trains</li> <li>Gold Up 2.5%, Silver Surges 7% In Week as Bond Market Quakes</li> <li>House Of Cards: Will It Collapse?</li> <li>They Built It. No One Came.</li> <li>Sick Iowa Hens Mean U.S. Bird-Flu Outbreak May Be Worst Ever</li> <li>Are we headed for an egg shortage?</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92642/daily-digest-516-rise-robots-we-headed-egg-shortage" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92642/daily-digest-516-rise-robots-we-headed-egg-shortage#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92642 Sat, 16 May 2015 15:54:06 +0000 DailyDigest 92642 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/15 - Bird Flu Affecting Millions Of Hens, What The Pacific Trade Deal Means For Diets http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92626/daily-digest-515-bird-flu-affecting-millions-hens-what-pacific-trade-deal-means-di ]]><ul> <li>How to end boom and bust: make cash illegal</li> <li>How the DEA took a young man&rsquo;s life savings without ever charging him with a crime</li> <li>How Our War on Drugs Undermines Mexico</li> <li>Financial Repression Discussion With Richard Duncan</li> <li>Amtrak Says Shortfalls and Rules Delayed Its Safety System</li> <li>No One&#39;s Talking About What The Pacific Trade Deal Means For Diets</li> <li>This Video Shows Exactly How Eating Organic Affects Pesticide Levels in Our Bodies</li> <li>Egg Farms Hit Hard as Bird Flu Affects Millions of Hens</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92626/daily-digest-515-bird-flu-affecting-millions-hens-what-pacific-trade-deal-means-di" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92626/daily-digest-515-bird-flu-affecting-millions-hens-what-pacific-trade-deal-means-di#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92626 Fri, 15 May 2015 13:43:15 +0000 DailyDigest 92626 at http://www.peakprosperity.com Daily Digest 5/14 - Natural Police, How Saudi Arabia Sets The Global (Currency) Markets http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92611/daily-digest-514-natural-police-how-saudi-arabia-sets-global-currency-markets ]]><ul> <li>Natural Police</li> <li>Police Officers: Morale Is Low In Departments Across The Country</li> <li>With body cameras rolling, police use less force</li> <li>How Saudi Arabia Sets The Global (Currency) Markets</li> <li>5 Big Banks Expected to Plead Guilty to Felony Charges, but Punishments May Be Tempered</li> <li>Why Is Oklahoma Now The Earthquake Capital Of The U.S?</li> <li>Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans</li> <li>This Man Is America&rsquo;s Best Hope for Near-Term Climate Action</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92611/daily-digest-514-natural-police-how-saudi-arabia-sets-global-currency-markets" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.peakprosperity.com/dailydigest/92611/daily-digest-514-natural-police-how-saudi-arabia-sets-global-currency-markets#comments Daily Digest economy energy environment http://www.peakprosperity.com/crss/node/92611 Thu, 14 May 2015 14:30:04 +0000 DailyDigest 92611 at http://www.peakprosperity.com