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Daily Digest 5/26 - OPEC Head Calls For $65 Oil, The World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 12:47 PM
  • What It Takes To Be President Of The American Police State
  • Rickards: The Fed isn’t hiking because the US economy is too weak
  • An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market
  • Even The Fed Can't Keep Gold
  • Add It Up...And It Doesn't Add Up
  • Will The Swiss Guarantee 75,000 CHF For Every Family?
  • The Neocon-Liberal Hawk Convergence is Worse Than I Thought 
  • S&P Significant Low has Occurred – Not Likely!
  • White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrockets
  • OPEC Head Calls for $65 Oil
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 5/25 - Health Care Costs Rise For Families, Crude Debt Cripples Poorer Oil Producers

Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 11:09 AM
  • Price of corn flour in Venezuela up 900%
  • Some rates in Georgia insurance exchange could soar in 2017
  • Health-care costs for families top $25,000 — triple 2001
  • Debt repayments in crude cripple poorer oil producers
  • Puerto Rico Governor Says Budget Will Omit Bond Payments
  • Pension debt for Chicago city-worker pensions doubles to more than $21 billion
  • PDVSA Offers Debt Exchange to Service Providers
  • Report: Illinois continues to hide billions in hidden pension debt
  • Yet ANOTHER Greek bailout! Angela Merkel approves £9 BILLION fund for debt-ridden Greece
  • Chancellor suffers double blow as Government borrows more than expected
  • Why U.S. companies aren't as rich as you think
  • ‘Massive Bailout’ Needed in China, Banking Analyst Chu Says
  • Chinese banks sitting on $1.7 trillion debt time bomb
  • Japan, Canada agree on need for fiscal stimulus to boost economy
  • Negative Rates Prompt Japan Banks to Opt Out Via Derivatives
  • China lacks urgency about its debt problem, IMF says from Hong Kong
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Daily Digest 5/24 - Fear the U.S. Dollar Kill Switch, Indoor Farms Could Revolutionize Agriculture

Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 11:22 AM
  • House to Consider I.R.S. Commissioner’s Impeachment
  • Fear the U.S. Dollar Kill Switch
  • New Political Earthquake in Brazil: Is It Now Time for Media Outlets to Call This a “Coup”?
  • If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice?
  • Students Boost Food Production With Simple Technologies
  • The War On Cash Is A War On Your Freedom To Opt Out
  • What Caused The Great Depression?
  • Oil Heads Lower As Supply Concerns Abate
  • Indoor Farms Could Revolutionize Agriculture
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 5/23 - U.S. Companies’ Cash Hits $1.7T, What About Maximum Wage?

Monday, May 23, 2016, 11:47 AM
  • Washington’s Betrayal of America
  • The ‘scariest chart out there’ looms over pivotal week for markets
  • US companies’ cash pile hits $1.7tn
  • What About Maximum Wage?
  • Next Up For Our Chaotic World
  • Vietnam Arms Embargo to Be Fully Lifted, Obama Says in Hanoi
  • When We Can Expect The Next Oil Shock
  • Bayer’s $62 Billion Monsanto Bid Raises Alarm on Final Price
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Daily Digest 5/22 - Iran Won’t Freeze Output Before OPEC Mtg, The Digital Divide

Sunday, May 22, 2016, 11:08 AM
  • Unemployed Detroit Residents Are Trapped by a Digital Divide 
  • Primed To Fight Their Government 
  • A World Of Walls
  • Will The New Overtime Rules Really Hurt Workers?
  • Four hundred miles with Tesla’s autopilot forced me to trust the machine
  • Iran Won’t Freeze Oil Output Before OPEC Meeting
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 5/21 - 'Death Cross’ Could Be The Real Deal, Is Organic Better For Your Health?

Saturday, May 21, 2016, 10:00 AM
  • This S&P 500 'Death Cross’ Could Be The Real Deal
  • Mother of all Head & Shoulder Patterns & China Just Completed the Right Shoulder
  • Facebook ‘Trending’ List Skewed by Individual Judgment, Not Institutional Bias
  • In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains
  • International Markets Prove Hard To Conquer For U.S. LNG
  • Pray for Shade: Heat Wave Sets a Record in India
  • Is organic better for your health? A look at milk, meat, eggs, produce and fish.
  • Chicken Giant Perdue Just Nixed a Nasty Clause from Its Contracts with Farmers
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Daily Digest 5/20 - Good News Friday: The Brain Dictionary, FDA To Highlight Sugar Levels In Food

Friday, May 20, 2016, 11:39 AM
  • Hurrah For The Texas Gold Depository——-All The ‘Right People’ Hate It!
  • McDonald's (MCD) Earnings Report: Q1 2016 Conference Call Transcript
  • The Brain Dictionary
  • Lessons From America's First Memory World Champion
  • The End Of Code
  • It's official: employers can't force you to be happy. Hallelujah
  • Germany Just Got Almost All of Its Power From Renewable Energy
  • FDA Approves New Nutrition Panel that Highlights Sugar Levels
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Daily Digest 5/19 - Another Market Prop Falters, Is The Gold Rally Doomed?

Thursday, May 19, 2016, 10:58 AM
  • Another Market Prop Falters: Q1 Buyback Announcements Down 38% From Prior Year
  • ‘Trapping atoms between laser beams’: AI research tool runs Nobel Prize physics experiment
  • Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession Mode
  • George Soros Sells Stocks, Buys More Gold, Why Investors Should Care
  • Brexit Risks In 2016 – The Movie
  • Precisely Wrong on Cash?
  • Is The Gold Rally Doomed?
  • Signals: From Gold And The S&P
  • What Does The Next OPEC Meeting Have In Store?
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 5/18 - Japan Sucked Into Deflation Again, U.S. Debt Dump Deepens

Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 10:19 AM
  • Sucked into deflation again - Japan's $2 cup noodle binge is sign of the times
  • Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out
  • Aldermen on board with Emanuel borrowing another $600 million
  • IMF Proposes Eurozone Debt Relief for Greece Until 2040
  • D.C. Metro fare increases cause anger, apprehension
  • Italy 50-year bond: a sign of investors’ confidence or despair?
  • U.S. debt dump deepens in 2016
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 5/17 - Multiple Collapse Triggers Everywhere, A Terrible Year for Political Transparency

Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 9:36 AM
  • Why Conventional Investors Are Getting Slaughtered
  • BlackRock’s Fink Says Everyone Should Worry About China Debt
  • Neuroscience confirms that to be truly happy, you will always need something more
  • Multiple Collapse Triggers Everywhere 
  • ‘Who Is This Guy?’ In Connected Political World, Few Know Donald Trump
  • It's a Terrible Year for Political Transparency in America
  • Austin, Indiana: the HIV capital of small-town America
  • eSlice: a triple pricing economic system, designed for a reslient world