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Issues for urban preppers

My wife and I have made the decision to stay in our big eastern city for the next eight years, and then retire someplace small in New Hampshire.  That said, we expect to go through some rough times during these next eight years, and are prepping with that in mind.  It's not that we wouldn't bug out, it's just that it's going to take something huge to make us do that after having committed to staying.  We think it's more likely we'll weather the storm, than it is we will be forced out before we're ready to go.

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After Action Report: OnPoint Tactical's Urban Escape and Evasion

Who: Eight students, including myself and a close friend. 1 Instructor and 12 Surveillance "HKs".

What: A course designed to take students who know little or nothing about escaping unlawful custody, surviving and becoming anonymous in an urban environ, and using a basic knowledge of locks, vehicles, and security and how to bypass their systems.

When: 24-26 September 2009

Where: Portland, Oregon