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97% Owned - documentary on UK money system

New documentary reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis. Featuring economists, campaigners and former bankers, it exposes the privatised, debt-based monetary system that gives banks the power to create money, shape the economy, cause crises and push house prices out of reach.

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The Debt Walkers Strike Back

General strikes across Europe and some in China too. - the debt zombies are refusing to engage in "normal" economic activity. When is it the Americans' turn?

The Debt Walkers Strike Back

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UK / Euro site like this?

Other than I'm not familiar with other sites like,, or even the excellent These sites do cover UK/Euro to some degree but the bulk of information is very US-focussed.

Can anyone suggest good sites with a focus on the UK and/or European economies, moneytary supply, status of QE and also political commentary?

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A Farm For The Future - BBC Documentary Film

This was last aired in on April 4, 2009 on BBC Two.

A Farm for the Future
"Wildlife film maker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family's farm in Devon into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key.


The Martenson Insider - May 14, 2010

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The Martenson Report: Nowhere To Run - A Monetary Crisis

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Executive Summary

  • Nations around the world are insolvent and on their way to bankruptcy, a fiscal crisis, a currency crisis, or all three.
  • World markets are currently interlocked to a troubling degree.
  • A falling currency is always a cross-border event.
  • The German DAX, the Dow Jones, and the FTSE 100 charts are nearly indistinguishable.
  • A bigger trigger than Greece will be needed to set off the next round of global trouble.
  • The UK is a highly qualified candidate for that role; Japan is also a likely possibility.
  • Expect the unexpected.  The future is going to change suddenly and rapidly.

Economy & Energy - At the UK Parliament

Audio of Chris' presentation to the UK All Parliamentary Party Group On Peak Oil plus Q&A afterwards.


The Martenson Insider - February 27, 2010

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