Tim Geithner

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The Bears explain banker bailouts and the screwing of the American people

I love these two bears and what they tell us. Jon


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Foreign and State trade statistics & Geithner visit to China

I am sure Chris is familiar with this site, but I had never investigated it until this morning.

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Note To Timmy

lest anyone on this site believe i only share my cynicism, sarcasm and acerbic wit  with my amigos here the following is a note i wrote to timmy geithner. i enclosed it with my tax return. so i fully expect to be audited. i fully expect a visit from the irs, cia, dhs and the other alphabet soup org we pay to rip us off . should i disappear off this site please notify my family and send a search party to gitmo.

" dear timmy

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Moves to Expand IMF Power, Global Stimulus

US calls for tripling of IMF firepower

By Alan Beattie in Washington

Published: March 11 2009 18:12 | Last updated: March 11 2009 21:42

The US raised the stakes in its drive for an aggressive response to the global financial crisis on Wednesday, calling for a tripling of the International Monetary Fund’s firepower and bigger fiscal stimulus measures worldwide.