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Spending Tax Day on Earth Day

(This post is for Americans, with apologies to those of our community who live outside of the USA.)

How'd you all do on April 15, Tax Day?  No one likes to pay income taxes, or even do their taxes. You might be out some cash to the only agency that blatantly treats you as "guilty until proven innocent," or you might get some of your hard-earned money back. Let's put the time between Tax Day and Earth Day into using our heads about it.

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CEOs lecturing the gov't????

Here's a pdf forwarded from a friend.  It gives a sense of who our real masters are.

I couldn't bring up the article by clicking on the link.  I had to copy and paste.  The same may work for you.


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June 30 deadline to report foreign accounts to IRS

“US Persons” are required to report to the IRS financial accounts they have out of the USA, and this includes precious metals.  The report must be received at their Detroit office by June 30.  I realize this doesn’t apply to most members and others already know.  But this can be a surprise if you started a precious metals account in 2010 at places like BullionVault or GoldMoney.  I learned about it from a thread here previously.  I'll try to post a reminder earlier next year.

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A Good DIscussion On Tax Issues

I found this to be a excellent article on taxes and the issues facing America (and other countries) related to government spending and taxes.  It is thought provoking as it looks at all sides of the issue.  Over the next year America is going to have a very difficult discussion on taxes.  The issues raised in this article are important to understand.  Also, there are important facts presented that people need to consider like who really pays taxes, how taxes effect society, the evolution of taxes, and the purpose of taxes.  I have to admit that I had some preconceived notions about taxes and this article made me take a closer look at my beliefs.

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A Cynical Look At Labor And Capital These Days

Big Disclaimer

I'm not saying most entrepreneurs are like this. There are a lot of great, conscientious, patriotic American entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Some of the good people are right here in this community. They care about their employees and their communities.

But we all know many American companies are doing exactly this. And that is why I wrote the following:


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From Who Rules America...

A good read, but this caught my eye

The Upper Half of the Top 1%...

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The Future We Face

I am not big on posting long articles for folks to suffer with.  However, I read this one and I believe it is excellent.  It is like something CM would write.  The article covers all aspects of the current financial situation in such a manner than even though it is long it reads fast and is interesting.  There is a lot of data presented but most of it is in graphical form so it is fairly easy to consume.  My hat is off to the dude who wrote it.

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the main problem with the globe

I picked this item from the 6/6 DD where I was going to reply, but thought it deserved its own thread.....

hunt4riches wrote:

I see the main problem with the globe to be over population combined with socialism, dictatorship and communism.

I read this last night before going to bed (local Australian time..) and gave it a lot of thought....  and I hope this post doesn't turn into a long rambling raving discourse, because in my opinion this statement just over simplifies things.  Remember, we live in a complex world..

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Future Tax Increase

The CBO says the spending cuts the repubs and dems fought over for 2 weeks came to 322 million dollars.  There is a 1 trillion plus budget deficit for 2010 and it is not clear what the deficit is going to be for 2011 but it seems to be of a similar nature.  We appear to be unable to control spending.  There is going to be a national emergency if the politicians can not control spending.

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War Is Making You Poor Act

Does this sound like a good idea? Cut all Federal income taxes for the first $35,000 earned for all taxpayers, AND reduce the deficit by $15 billion, AND doesnt' affect the war budget or black-ops budget, only the supplemental funding for war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

No wonder we got both strong-minded bipartisan support for this.