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Issues for urban preppers

My wife and I have made the decision to stay in our big eastern city for the next eight years, and then retire someplace small in New Hampshire.  That said, we expect to go through some rough times during these next eight years, and are prepping with that in mind.  It's not that we wouldn't bug out, it's just that it's going to take something huge to make us do that after having committed to staying.  We think it's more likely we'll weather the storm, than it is we will be forced out before we're ready to go.

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Traits and Tactics of the Disinformant

I stumbled acoss an intriguing discussion of the strategies and tactics that are used by powerful entities and their operatives to disinform the public and to derail attempts to expose the truth.  Sadly, I must admit that I've not only seen all of these strategies at work in local, state, and national politics, I have also seen them used on internet forums, such as this one. 

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The Definitive Tactics Thread

In the recent Podcast; "2 Beers with Steve" we got a chance to expand a little bit on the "combat triad" - a model comprised of three "legs":
1. Mindset
2. Skillset
3. Tactics

So, in the interest of examining these, and how they work, I thought we could review some case studies and discuss and hopefully expand our understanding of what these mean, how they work and fail, and what we can do to create a "balanced" and practical understanding of the combat triad.