Step 6: Social Capital

The guidance provided in this section presumes you have already read the chapter on Social Capital in our book, Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting. If you have not, we strongly recommend doing so first.

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How bad will it get if/when tshtf??

Anyone really wonder what would happen to society if the economy collapses or war is brought close to home...Black Friday behaviour is telling.  This is a sad state for a supposedly season of 'giving'.  Just imagine...if/when tshtf ...reminds me of the extreme importance to quickly move forward on my security & safety preparations.  imho 

"What does it say about American consumers when they are willing to fight like crazed animals just to save a few bucks on cheap plastic crap made in China?"

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Social Contract 2.0?

Hi everyone!

First - all the best for a merry chrismas to all of you!

I'm currently on the search for literature or blogs or diskussions of the Topic "Social Contract 2.0" and stumbled about a book, published in 1942 by Wilhelm Röpke, one of the inventors of the "Soziale Marktwirtschaft" in Germany, which he has written in his exile in Switzerland. Here comes the link:

If somebody has ideas or want to discuss the topic of Social Contract for our future society - it would be warmly welcome!

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Heinberg's latest: Net energy limits & the fate of industrial society

Richard Heinberg has just released a report entitled "Searching for a Miracle: Net Energy Limits and the Fate of Industrial Society", with a forward by Gerry Mander.  Introduction below.  It's long (70 pages), but I highly recommend reading it - especially if you still suffer from the delusion that renewable energy is going to replace oil.

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A strong society takes care of its weakest members

Ilgari at the Automatic Earth is one of my favorite bloggers.  His post today hit the nail right on the head.  Here's an excerpt:

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Grammar, guns and society