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So...what does it really mean?

Ok, so I started my 'education' process of things to come about a year ago.  Preps in progress...have food, water, security, garden, silver/gold, chickens...much more to do, I suppose.

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Household Cleaning Equiptment & Cleaners

Looking to share some post-reliable/affordable energy home cleaning preparations I've been doing, and to gleen more ideas from others! First for me is how to keep the house clean without electricity? To this beginign I've acquired the following:

2 Dust Mops w/ washable heads & 2 replacement heads

2 Carpet Sweepers (manual)

3 Foaming Handsoap dispensers (manual pump; uses 75% less soap)

4 gallons White Cider Vinegar (as cleaning agent)

10 Lbs Baking Soda (as cleaning agent; can be used w/ vinergar, too)

1 Scrubbing Board

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Re: Alert! - Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown


Please, for ONLY non-enrolled members!

Again, I repeat. PLEASE, only NON-enrolled folks need reply. (The rest of you enrolled members can sit back and eat popcorn if you want, and smile to yourself if you think we're totally off-track..)


The Martenson Report - Energy Concerns Are Mounting

Monday, September 13, 2010

Executive Summary

  • Many interlocking factors have caused current economic woes.
  • Most of the issues are still almost strictly economically driven; energy's role is still to come.
  • World energy consumption, at current rates of growth, will double in 35 years.
  • Alternative fuels cannot displace oil use, but they can be helpful in electricity production and other areas.
  • We should be using our highly-concentrated energy sources to capture less-dense alternative energy sources.
  • The next energy shock is closer than most people realize.
  • The perception of scarcity will create scarcity.
  • Now is the time for prudent preparations.
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Emergency Preparation and Food Storage Info from Lowesville Seminar

Well folks - finally - here is some of the detailed info compiled from the Lowesville seminar.  I've included info from other sources (thanks to Leroy and Robyn) as well as what was shared at Lowesville among the participants.  Some of the site links are duplicated across topics because the site has a wide variety of merchandise.  I didn't do any price comparison site to site, but we have ordered from several of the sites and can vouch for the product quality.

Hope this is of use.

Food Storage Planning

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Anyone taking the 10% penalty and cashing out 401k or IRA?

I don't have a whole lot in it, and had already moved the balance into cash from mutual funds anyway, but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and make the full withdrawal and buy the preparation gear/guns/ammo and physical gold with what's leftover.

 Anyone else already done similar or thinking about it?