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Burning the DVD in PAL on a Mac (OS X 10.5)

I just thought I'd recount my experiences in producing a working PAL version of the DVD on a Macintosh.

First, I'm no computer nerd and do not enjoy computing "challenges". I mostly understand the technology, will have a reasonable attempt at something, but am not prepared to waste undue time on something that I may rarely be using. That said:


The Crash Course is now available on DVD (at cost)

Dear [user],

I’m writing to share some exciting news with you: We’ve just released the DVD version of the Crash Course.

Here’s the fun part; nobody is making any money on this. First, we are so passionate about getting this Crash Course into as many hands as possible that we’ve forgone making even one cent on any disk and have relied on donations and our own money to fund the mastering costs.

Second, we have a professional DVD replicator who has generously offered to sell a single batch run of 10,000 discs AT COST.

This means only $0.85 cents a copy (plus S&H) if ordered in blocks of 30 or more. Each DVD will come in a movie box with a gorgeous, professionally designed cover. » Read more