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Technical News & Updates

This thread will be used to communicate news and updates about the technical aspects of the website.  If functionality has changed, we will post a note in this thread.  If there has been an unplanned site outage, we will mention it here.  If we have site maintenance time scheduled in the near future, we will add a quick comment to let everyone know.

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our most recent mainstream media failures

This morning my husband left up a story on the run on gold bullion vaults on ZH. Look at that chart: my God. Why is none of the mainstream press covering this?

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another meltdown

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Global warming and rising sea levels article in the New York Times

An interesting piece in the Times, talks about the accelarating growth of the rise of sea levels. Just another one of multple factors that might add to the total enegy we need to invest to simply remain "afloat" in the future.

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Fox News - Gold is Hot Play Today!

The talkingheads are making me literally sick.  It is all a game for these folks because they make their wage no matter what happens.   Just turn on your tv and listen to these financial talkingheads.  It is sickening.   It now looks like the SEC will step in when the crash comes as one of the players will reneg to help prop up the market and it is massage show so that will justification in their minds.

Does anyone realize there is no agreement yet in Europe?  

Just one example of massage:

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It's Official.Gold is the New Safe Asset.


As investors searched for safety, they fled risky investments like stocks and oil and rushed into U.S. Treasuries and gold. The 10-year yield fell to a record low of 1.89% from 1.99% late Thursday, and gold prices added $2, or 0.1% to $1,859.50.

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Basic principles behind solar energy usage

The light and heat emitted by the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation is the main source solar energy.  Solar energy is trapped and turned in to an utilizable form with the help of solar cells. Thus it is used for heating or for the preparation of low cost electricity.

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Hyperlocal Journalism -- An Alternative Media Phenomenon

Ran across this on Minyanville:

Hyperlocal Journalism Gets Legit

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Is anything like this appearing in the mainstream U.S. Media?

This appeared today on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) news website...


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Quick Poll: Are you getting burned out on bad news?

It seems to me that we're starting to get burned out on the constant stream of bad or depressing news.  I've noticed a change on the thread topics in the last few days (Things I'll cherish after TSHTF, Humor Thread, In need of comport and inspiration, etc.).  It does mess with my mind knowing the economy is crumbling around me and others are going on blissfully unaware.  At times I find myself needing to take a break from all the news so I can sleep at night.  I'm guessing than all this bad news is getting to more people than just me, right?