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Troops in Libya?

There are rumors circulating in fringe media channels that we sent 12,000 troops to Brega, Libya.  Is this misinformation?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Care to learn what is REALLY going on in LIBYA? (economic and geo-political implications)

Sorry, can't reveal my direct source but secondary and "boots on the groud" sources are revealed below. I regard my source as very credible, certainly much more so than what most are being spoonfed by western main-stream media and political leaders. Judge for yourself and put this into context with whatever "NON-mainstream media" and western gov't spin you have access to and see what you conclude.

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Libya's next Black Swan...

Libya blows up their own oil facilities.

Should be bullish for a NATO invasion.

Now for the oil shortages....and QE3? I wonder how this going to play for silver prices as well.

Didn't Gerald Celente say Libya would be the first shot of the Great War of the new millenium?

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Libyan Rebels Establish Central Bank

(Shaking my head in disgust).

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Eerily quiet on.... Libya?

After all, we are paying for it out of our taxes, which means we are funding the wars.