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What to do?

I'm new here & this is my first post.

I come to the Crash Forum after slowly having it dawn on me that things are unravelling.  Last September, after the 10th anniversary, I began looking more deeply at the events of 911.  A dear friend of mine died that day & I wanted to understand what'd happened.  I was still having a difficult time accepting it.  I'd spent the decade largely without a TV and had been without Internet connection since 2009. 

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Where to search land for sale?

Hey all -

I'm looking to search for land in the Northeast, both for getting a general sense of prices/availability and to find a single piece of property to eventually purchase. Any recommendations for sites or general approaches? Craigslist seems to not be the way to go...


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Buying cheap land plot as a hedge

I'm moving to Moscow, Russia in a month, and am considering measures to protect myself against the inflationary and economic crisis that looks likely to come.

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Desperately seeking new neighbours

If you live in Australia, or if you're moving to Australia to live, you might be interested in living next to us...... for more info on our activities, vist my blog where this post is an entry in its own right.


Desperately seeking new neighbours

22 10 2009

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cheap land for sale in cornwall/devon


 The local water authority is selling off all their redundant plots.  Could be of interest to some on here,  they seem incredibly cheap, although you probably wouldn't get planning for anything conventional.