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Best Self Directed IRA Custodian

I'm new to the discussuin forums.  I looked but couldn't find any discusson of the relative security of IRA custodians.  I have a relatively small IRA and trading account with TD AMeritrade.  Fidelity and Ameriprise do a brisk business with retirees from my company.  Any advice on the relative security of various custodian options would be appreciated.  

I am about to retire and am planning to convert my 401k and retirement into an IRA as a staging point to liquidate it over the next few years.

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Which should I put in my physical precious metal portfolio?

I am setting up a self directed IRA and putting $100k into it. I want to invest in physical precious metals. But in terms of portforlio, what should I put in my account? 100% gold coins? 50-50 gold-silver? 33-33-33 gold, silver and platium?

What's your take on it? I really appreciate your input!


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Do You Own Commodity ETF's?

A year or so ago I invested some of my IRA funds in DBA, and DBO (Powershares DB Agriculture Fund, Powershares DB Oil Fund) in order to take advantage of the expected rise in commodity prices.  As hoped for, the funds performed well, and I have made a decent return on the investments.

I sat down this morning and read the prospectus for each of the ETFs:

DBO (Oil Fund) is invested 14.64% in Oil Futures Contracts and 80.11% in US Treasuries.

DBA (Agriculture Fund) is invested 13.65% in various agricultural related futures contracts and 87.98% in US Treasuries.

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Demo-Dictatorship & "Your" 401k and IRA

Desperate people do desperate things. 


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What to do with IRA money?

This is just something that has been bugging me lately. 

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Think of Your Investments Like a Herd of Cattle

This post written by JL Lord was excellent.  I felt it was buried in a 403b thread, and I am re-posting in its own thread.  I hope JL Lord will be back to visit us often!


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What to do with 403b plan.

I have a 403b plan (like a 401k but for educators) that I cannot rollover or liquidate until I retire (2 years). Fortunately, I sold all  of my mutual fund postions last year just before the big meltdown on Wall Street. The problem is that it is mostly sitting in cash and  really not making any money.

 I am only allowed to buy mutual funds with it. I can't buy stocks, options, ETF - only mutual funds.

 What to do???? I can't liquidate but I don't want it to just sit for 2 years.

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Anyone taking the 10% penalty and cashing out 401k or IRA?

I don't have a whole lot in it, and had already moved the balance into cash from mutual funds anyway, but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and make the full withdrawal and buy the preparation gear/guns/ammo and physical gold with what's leftover.

 Anyone else already done similar or thinking about it?

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Is it time to cash in IRA and pay 50% tax and 10% Penalty?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question.  I'd really appreciate some discussion on this practical subject. Are you guys holding on to your 401K's and IRA's, or are you cashing them in, paying the taxes and penalties, and using the cash to buy gold and implement your preparedness plans?

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The Next Phase: Looting Social Security, 401Ks, IRAs and Whatever Is Left?

After what we have seen in the last eight years in particular, why
do we assume that there is any boundary to the venality of powerful
men? That there is ever enough?

Crony capitalism gives way to
coolie capitalism. The belief in the priority of the privileged few to
possess the greatest share of the nation's wealth endures.

Where is the justice? Where is the reform?