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The Internet as a Tree

Thought that title might get some attention.

An idea I've been exploring for a while but wanted to put to the seemingly more educated folks on this forum is the Internet (and the increased use of the cell phone) as one area of growth all but guaranteed to continue in, at least, the coming decade.

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Have Your Say On Our Socio-Economic Future!

What is state, what is the difference between a man and a person and on what is relationship between a man and a state based on? What is currency, how does monetary system function and why is money issued and distributed in this exact way? It is really strange that the wider audience that has recently been disgusted with bank robberies now starts to justify such acts.

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In the wake of  the Wikipedia blackout, I thought it wise to start a SOPA / PIPA thread. The bills are not dead, so we still need to keep an eye on things. However,  the petittions and phone calls and emails to senators and representatives have made a difference. How much of a difference? 

That much of a difference.

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Internet filtering our life. TED vid. Very good.

I miss true boolean searches. I've thought this was happening. 

Any ideas on how to fix it are welcomed.

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the Most important free speech issue of our time!

Here's what's most troubling of all. Chairman Genachowski and President Obama -- who nominated him -- have argued convincingly that they support net neutrality.

But grassroots supporters of net neutrality are beginning to wonder if we've been had. Instead of proposing regulations that would truly protect net neutrality, reports indicate that Chairman Genachowski has been calling the CEOs of major Internet corporations seeking their public endorsement of this draft proposal, which would destroy it.

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Google, CIA invest in ‘future’ of web monitoring

The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict the future.

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Internet 'Kill Bill' Passes Senate Committee

I believe Orwell would approve of the Bill's title: 'The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset'

Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers

‘Kill switch’ bill approved, moves to Senate floor

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The information age and the end of the USA

You are losing your rights.
I know you probably don’t believe it; you’ve heard it all before, and yet everything has turned out okay, hasn’t it? Sure! If “okay” means a failing currency, hyperinflation, a systematic destruction of the middle class, and the end of the United States’ role as the world’s preeminent financial power — and, indeed, its role as a sovereign nation. Yep. Things are just great.
In reality, of course, things are awful — and they’re only getting worse.

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"Millions of Americans have been victimised"

There is something quite bizzare and Orwellian in Obama's Cyber Security speech...

"Millions of Americans have been victimised. Their privacy violated. Their money and identity stolen. Their lives turned upside down."

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control over internet

6 months ago or so there was a long thread where people were warning that a goal of the banking/corporate machine that runs our government is to get control of the internet, be able to shut it down, whatever.