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Good Article Regarding Banks and Their Strategy Regarding Debt

 Obama's New World Order


This is a good article regarding banks, IMF, and the overall strategy to nurture perpetual indebtedness. It's a bit lengthy, but worth the read. 

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The biggest wealth heist in history!

 Max Keiser on Alex jones

Warning on the language. A bit ripe.


Alert – Federal Reserve To Print $1 Trillion Out Of Thin Air

Dear @profile_first,

In a shocking development that I frankly hoped we’d never actually see, the Federal Reserve dropped a bombshell today and announced that it is going to create an extra $1 trillion dollars out of thin air to support the spending desires of the US government and to drive down interest rates for mortgage borrowers and savers.

Flat out the Federal Reserve said, as plain as can be, that they are going to be printing money directly to support the borrowing needs to the US government and US consumer. Below I explore this outrageous turn of events. Please note that I have not had much time to digest this incredible news and that I reserve the right to add to (or amend) my thinking over the next few days. » Read more

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IMF To Print SDR Funny Money

It's B-A-C-C-C-C-K-K-K-K-K-K -- the SDR (Special Drawing Right),
that is. The UK's Telegraph says the IMF is being encouraged to do its
own 'quantitative easing' --

[UK Treasury Secretary] Alistair Darling and senior figures in the US Treasury have been
encouraging the Fund to issue hundreds of billions of dollars worth of
so-called Special Drawing Rights in the coming months as part of its
campaign to prevent the recession from turning into a global

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Moves to Expand IMF Power, Global Stimulus

US calls for tripling of IMF firepower

By Alan Beattie in Washington

Published: March 11 2009 18:12 | Last updated: March 11 2009 21:42

The US raised the stakes in its drive for an aggressive response to the global financial crisis on Wednesday, calling for a tripling of the International Monetary Fund’s firepower and bigger fiscal stimulus measures worldwide.

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Geithner encourages IMF to consider "creative" steps with its balance sheet to help emerging nations (sell gold?)

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner called on his G20
colleagues to take strong macroeconomic and financial sector measures in the wake
of the global market meltdown and recession but said the Obama administration's
reform program would not be ready for this weekend's meeting in London. Geithner
said the U.S. plan would be ready before President Obama goes to the G20 leaders
meeting in early April. European finance ministers have been pressing for strong