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Buying cheap land plot as a hedge

I'm moving to Moscow, Russia in a month, and am considering measures to protect myself against the inflationary and economic crisis that looks likely to come.

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Ideal cash/PM allocation for inflation/deflation hedge

I'm up to my ears in the inflation/deflation debate and, while I'll continue to follow it because it's interesting to me, I long ago reached the conclusion that there's really no way to know for sure how it will turn out.  The only prudent course of action, therefore, is to prepare for both.

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Why gold?

I recently finished the Crash Course, and while I was impressed with the clear outline of the impending problems, I don't really understand how buying gold will work as a true hedge, if we're assuming the worst as far as global economic collapse.  Ever since the breach of Bretton Woods, the world has had no tacit agreement about the value of gold.  In a truly survivalist economy, might gold not be completely useless?  You can't eat it, you can't use it to stay warm, it can't teach skills or heal you, and as medium of indirect barter, there's no agreement on how much it's worth.   A point

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investing in energy equity as a hedge?

What about investing in energy equity as a hedge against the Peak Oil worst-case scenario? If that situation happens, energy stocks will go through the roof, so it should help at an individual level to prevent loss of wealth caused by a market collapse caused by peak oil. Note: This is not about whether energy equity gives better returns than a broad-based index fund if the status quo continues; it's more of a hedge against financial disaster caused by a market crash. How about an asset allocation of say 20% gold (via ETF) and 10% energy equity?