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G10 Debt Distribution

I will appreciate for any comments about this graph (see below).


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What do we do when we are one and the government is a different entity?

I posted a couple tonight.  I have lost most of my confidence in the US Gov.  This bit of retaining someone indefinitely is absurd.  There are other laws being put on the books which diminish our liberties.  The first one that comes to mind is after the financial ones is the fact that if the GOV decides a web site is terrorist or coercive it can be taken off the Net.  I went to some of the most conservative connected schools in the country, and I am scared as Hell and I have always been part of the "regular class.


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Endless argument of regulation versus government?

Here on Martenson we have been endlessly hashing out the case of over-regulation and the lack of regulation.  Today I listened to a lawyer bemoan the sorry state of the legal system and propose 4 means of fixing it.  But, I question can this really be the means of balancing what the left and right seek?  Is it possible to regain correct regulatory power, correct application of law while at the same time getting the overergulation out of our way?

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Citizens United vs FEC (We the People Must prevail)

Annie Leonard does it again... This time clearly explaining
the Citizens United v FEC..."Why Democracy Only Works
When people are in charge."

... She is recommending a Constitutional Amendment
which defines people as people... and corps NOT.

Backup info on her site here:

-Bob O

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the Most important free speech issue of our time!

Here's what's most troubling of all. Chairman Genachowski and President Obama -- who nominated him -- have argued convincingly that they support net neutrality.

But grassroots supporters of net neutrality are beginning to wonder if we've been had. Instead of proposing regulations that would truly protect net neutrality, reports indicate that Chairman Genachowski has been calling the CEOs of major Internet corporations seeking their public endorsement of this draft proposal, which would destroy it.

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Shadow Banking System: a third of all the wealth in the world is held in offshore banks

Now we know where are money is! Jon

According to an article in Forbes magazine, there is a total of approximately 15 trillion to 20 trillion dollars in offshore bank accounts, brokerage accounts and hedge fund portfolios.

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European nations begin seizing private pensions

Hungary, Poland, and three other nations take over citizens' pension money to make up government budget shortfalls.

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How to cure inflation featuring Milton Friedman

The topics are on the right side of the page. Jon

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The death of Cash? All over the world Governments are banning large cash transactions

The truth is that we now live at a time when people who use large amounts of cash are looked upon with suspicion. In fact, authorities in many countries are taught that anyone involved in a large expenditure of cash is trying to hide something and is probably a criminal.

And yes, a lot of criminals do use cash, but millions upon millions of normal, law-abiding citizens simply prefer to use cash as well.  Should we take the freedom to use cash away from the rest of us just because a small minority abuses it?