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Hello Folks – I am setting aside some time this weekend to build my first garden.  We have our location picked out – reserved a 10’ X 10’ spot with the ability to add a second 10’ X 10’ spot later.

This is our first garden – can anyone point me to a solid resource that isn’t overwhelming with info for a starter garden?

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How I'm Preparing My Family for Peak Oil....

I was asked by a member here to share some of my Prepaing for Peak Oil related videos.  I have met Chris in person and seen one of his great talks which I always highly recommend.  Attached are some of my Peak Oil related videos to help others...  Feel free to ask any specific questions. 

My main MrEnergyCzar youtube channel is here.

I put some video links below as well as embeds, not sure which will work.


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Where to search land for sale?

Hey all -

I'm looking to search for land in the Northeast, both for getting a general sense of prices/availability and to find a single piece of property to eventually purchase. Any recommendations for sites or general approaches? Craigslist seems to not be the way to go...


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Children at Risk-Radioactive Contamination Levels High in Europe-West Coast US

I wanted to make this a new thread to ensure it got some responsible reviews.

This was posted in a reply on Zero Hedge today. I was hoping some of the responsible, knowledgable folks here might be able to comment on it's veracity.

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Interesting vid: Urban Farming in a declining neighborhood

Found this video interesting - a look  to our future???

She has a book and blog as well

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Fall/Winter Gardening - Who's Doing It?

Cat and I finished another round of our fall/winter planting this past weekend.  Mustard, broccoli, cabbages, about 87 kinds of lettuce, radishes, beets (I think), carrots and probably some other things.  We're fortunate because our little bubble of SE Virginia is a Zone 9a/9b and we can have an outdoor garden just about year round.

This is our first shot at a fall/winter planting - we used numerous seasonal guides for this part of Virginia, so we're pretty sure we did it close to correct.

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Home Gardening for Beginners

Recently, I've been wanting to get into backyard gardening, but I have no idea where to begin.  Does anybody have any suggestions on books or websites that might help me get started?


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Opinions - Small yard, cutting large trees for vegetable garden

We have a small dilemma.  Our house is on a small lot.  The location is great, with farmer's market down the road, co-ops within reach, as well as work, shopping, nightlife, etc.  Our self assessment has led us to start a garden.  Being on a small lot limits our options of ideal sunlight locations.  Further complicating matters, we have two large spruces at the back of the yard, which happens to be the best spot for a garden.  One is about 80-100 feet.  The other has been topped because of proximity to phone and electrical wires.

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*Free* Garden planning software online

My wife just stumbled on to this site:

They have an interesting garden planner software that makes it easy to see how much, how far apart, what does well with what, what time to plant, harvest, etc. all the different plants in your garden. We are massively increasing the size of our garden this year, and were looking for something like this to make it as efficient as possible.

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Interesting garden site

I was poking around and stumbled on this site


Basically, it's a San Francisco group that organizes gardens in people's yards, and then shares the produces with everybody. For those who don't want to work in a backyard garden, the group will do it for you, for a small fee. And you still get produce. 

 Looks interesting. Those of you that have friends that garden might be able to contact them and organize something similar.