Food Storage

Step 0: The Fundamentals - Emergency Preparedness

The instability of our global systems as laid out within The Crash Course allows us to make the following prediction confidently: The Next 20 Years Will Be Completely Unlike The Last 20

With change being the one thing we can count on, it makes great sense to prepare for it.

But what kind of change? And when will it arrive? Any how disruptive will it be?

We can conjecture as best we're able (and that's what we do on a daily basis here at, but the actual details of the future will remain unknowable until they unfold.

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Central MA Dry Goods LDS Canning THIS SAT 5/26 - need people!

A group of us is making another trip to the LDS dry goods cannery in Worcester MA this Sat 5/26, starting at 9am. We could use another 3-4 people as some people cancelled at the last minute. For details email  peterstamm "at" hotmail dot com. This is a cannery which stocks many useful items and allows one to can those items only in restaurant size cans that are said to be good in storage for up to 30 years at a reasonable temperature. You can't bring your own stuff. It is not organic, just ordinary stuff like beans, flour, dry milk powder, sugar, dried apples, etc.

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Issues for urban preppers

My wife and I have made the decision to stay in our big eastern city for the next eight years, and then retire someplace small in New Hampshire.  That said, we expect to go through some rough times during these next eight years, and are prepping with that in mind.  It's not that we wouldn't bug out, it's just that it's going to take something huge to make us do that after having committed to staying.  We think it's more likely we'll weather the storm, than it is we will be forced out before we're ready to go.

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Suburban Prepper Conference

This last weekend I attended the Suburban Prepper Conference in Lexington, SC. I thought I would give you all a report, and share what I learned there. Much of it is covered in other places in our forums; some of it is new. Important new information will be broken out into its own forum topic, or added to existing threads. Much of what they were trying to do we are already doing at CM. I sent a lot of folks here: why reinvent the wheel?

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it's the little things

Lessons from Hurricane Irene.

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4 people needed: 12/10 Worcester MA LDS Cannery visit!!

Our group needs 4 more people THIS SAT 9am in Worcester MA for a visit to the LDS (Mormon) cannery. This is to can dried goods for up to 30 years storage life. Foods available include flour, wheat, beans, dried milk powder, dried apples, dried onions, etc. Time commitment is 9-12, with optional lunch afterwards. Buy as much or as little as you want, or just check out the awesome operation they have here. This will be our 4th visit (none of us are Mormons). Each of us has averaged $150-200 worth of goods on prior visits. Pls respond to wachusett dot transition at gmail dot com.

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Best Source of Dehydrated Eggs / Home-dehydrated Question

Does anyone have a company they recommend for dehydrated eggs for long-term food storage? I was hoping to find dehydrated pastured eggs, but I find this very unlikely.

Is dehydrating cooked eggs oneself safe? Will they last for years?

Thank you for your time,


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A good experience buying LDS / Mormon food

Overview  I had been considering options for long term food storage without reaching any conclusions.  Then Adam Taggart wrote his article, in the What Should I Do?

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Long term food storage problem - corn spoilage?

I've been active in long-term food storage for several years now and have been fairly comfortable with how my family is positioned - the whole gold (and silver), guns, grub and God thing. Additionally we have moved out of the city and are active in gardening, involving our neighbors, establishing new relationships, etc.  But I wanted to share an experience with the CM community to (1) make others aware and (2) seek advice.