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The Coming Famine: a comprehensive look at our food future

In August I attended a book launch by Professor Julian Cribb, a scientist and science communicator. His book is "The Coming Famine, the global food crisis and what we can do to avoid it."

Here is a video of the event. (Technical problems delayed its release.)

His book is an excellent compendium of factors threatening the global food supply.

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BBC discussion, food security

Link to an interesting BBC interview with Lester Brown discussing the world food situation:

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Growing our 75% of our own food in our yard in < 1 year

We were able to grow more than enough food to live on in less than a year in our own backyard using permaculture methods.  Most of the plants are self propagating and live on ambient sun and rain.  We live in a working class neighborhood in a small town.  We have water catchment, solar water and 75% power from solar panels.  We have chickens and are putting in a tilapia/catfish pond, fed mostly by rain water.  We are trying to encourage others to do the same.   We made a film.

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Food Crisis

Most of you will probably have read this from the daily digest,  but I would like some ideas of how most of you feel about this.  

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World Plan for the Garden of Eat'n

WORLD PLAN FOR THE GARDEN OF EAT'N    By Jim Miller; 8/29/09    

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Great New Article on Local Farming and Food (Poison, Politics and Profits)

I asked Chris Hedges to look into the rise of local, organic farming and he wrote a great story on it here:

Food Is Power and the Powerful Are Poisoning Us

Posted on Sep 6, 2009

By Chris Hedges


Food Outlook 2009 - Understanding the Risks

How Credit and Circumstances May Combine To Create a World Food Shortage

Executive Summary

  • Global grain stocks at lowest levels in over four decades
  • Shockingly low fertilizer sales suggest possibility of a disappointing yield
  • Food supply and demand are tightly balanced
  • Food distribution networks are cost-efficient but not terribly robust
  • Ways you can increase your food security


Food is something that many of us take for granted, but it is important to recognize that this luxury is a recent development in human history. It is time to give more thought to this critical staple in our lives.

In March of 2008, food commodity prices hit an all-time high. This coincided with a world-wide food crisis, food riots, and even a few instances of national rice hoarding. Many believe that this was triggered by economic conditions (e.g. a flood of cheap money), not a fundamental or structural shortfall in food production. But I hold the view that both were at fault.

Food demand has grown steadily over the years, as has food supply. However, in recent years the excess margin of supply over demand has tightened and even gone negative several times. Reserve stocks are incredibly tight, resting at levels not seen since the early 1970's. 

It is easily conceivable that food deliveries could be disrupted within any country, leading to rapid onset of local food shortages. This report will apprise you of several of the challenges that currently exist regarding world food supplies and the possibility that these challenges could lead to a structural shortfall in global food supplies in 2009 or 2010. It also contains specific actions that could greatly enhance your own food security. » Read more

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Land For Sale

hi  y'all

this was sent to me by a friend who writes an environmental whacko column you know one of the three e's

anyway it raised a question for me or more correctly a slew of questions. as most of you know i am on the board of directors

of the cm site conspiracy theorist org. so one of my first questions has to do with what do we give china in exchange for lending us money you know collateral. do yoiu think this may have come up when hillary was on vacation in the orient.