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The Future of Physical Gold (Part I)

<a href="">The Future of Physical Gold (Part I - Dialectic Foundations)</a>

Part I in a series about the likely role of gold in the monetary/financial systems of our future (this article is focused on the abstract theoretical foundations of the dynamics in an industrial-financial capitalist economy)

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Interactive CDO map

Hey gang --

Just followed a link from Robb's Global Guerillas blog to this:

It's an interactive map (in the style of the Visual Dictionary, for those who've enjoyed that) diagramming the way CDOs link pretty much all the big banks together.  It really brought home for me that (a) this is a ridiculous way to run a global finance system, and (b) if one big player goes, seems like they all will.

Worth a few minutes (or more)...

Viva -- Sager

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The Playing Field Has Shifted

On Jan. 27th, Davos posted the following story on the Daily Digest:

Fed looks like one more shaky bank

I think this article is quite extraordinary, not least of all because
of where it is coming from.  Jim Juback is the senior markets editor
for MSN Money.  A pretty straight-laced kind of guy.