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The Martenson Brigade


You may not know it, but everyone who posts to this Forum is taking part in the "public" branch of the Martenson Brigade,'s official volunteer organization.

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G10 Debt Distribution

I will appreciate for any comments about this graph (see below).


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Mike Krieger Presents "The Playbook"

This article by Mike Krieger was just posted at zerohedge.  This is very alarming.  This is big picture stuff leading to possible loss of US sovereignty.

Is Krieger on the right track?  Or is he merely an alarmist? 

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still reeling from theECB changing the rules - retroactively

Zero Hedge had a real zinger yesterday - important enough that Dr. Chris is talking about it in a subscriber-only format,. There is nothing that says we cannot talk about it among ourselves, too. An excerpt:

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Money reform

We often wonder what happens during a money reform. What about savings? What about our mortgage or other debt? We do have some examples from the past. I found an article about the German reform from Reichsmark to D-mark.

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Chris Martenson interviewed on Financial Sense Newshour

Chris Martenson was interviewed by Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour.  Here's the description on their website:

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The Debt-Dollar Discipline: Part I

The following is Part I in a two part series of articles on the relatively rapid emergence and collapse of the "debt-dollar discipline" imposed on our global society. It is being done in two installments mainly due to my current time constraints, but also for the sake of shorter length and targeted focus. This part will introduce Michel Foucault's (renowned french philosopher, 1926-1984) analysis of "discipline" and "punish" in the modern state, and apply it to the global debt-dollar reserve system.

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Economists warn that the U.S. is 'running out of bullets' and in danger of financial apocalypse

I post this not to scare everyone, but to wake them up! Time is running out and some of us are warning as many as we can. The second link is a conversation with jim Puplava and John Butler as they discuss the Fed and Government, bankers as they have their backs against the wall. What can be the next step. Jon

New Fed Reserve policy options: The first conversation.